Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir says to sumit come lets check setup,leela inside the room is paniced and trying to escape,kabir goes to room door and starts searching for swipe card,sumit drops it down and then says kabir is it this card,kabir says yes it is,both go inside the room,sumit says wow kabir nice setup,sumit starts acting as if he is uneasy and says kabir there is some weird smell here lets go out and have tea,kabir says its perfume smell,sumit says no its some polish,kabir says no its perfume but who must have sprayed it here,leela says to herself shit I shdnt have sprayed perfume,sumit acts as if he has cramped his leg,kabir sees it and sumit signs leela to go out,leela goes out and watchman comes in,sumit says kabir I am fine now,kabir says ok u go home and rest I will manage

here,sumit leaves and says kabir u will soon bear a lot of pain.
Guard gives kabir tea,and says sir good to see this place in work,kabir says from since when u are,guard says 12 yrs,kabir says do u know what was here before,guard says rathore sir,kabir sees nisha out and says I will talk to u later and goes to nisha and says why are u here,nisha says to supervise,kabir says do what are u supposed to do,nisha says what do u mean,kabir says look nisha I know u are not at fault but when we decided to tell the truth why didn’t u tell see I am not liking all this anymore,nisha says see we cant hide the truth but can change it atleast,kabir says nisha plz try understand I have to go London,nisha says ok go go now see I had already told u to runaway but u came back and here is ur card get a ticket and go away.
Dolly is thinking abt future teller,cousins ask her to relax,dolly says reader has tensed me a lot,aman says dolly di calm down smile and all will be fine,aman gets a call from umesh,sourabh goes to dolly and says dolly u know what hear to this after retiring job we get pension so why take tension,dolly doesn’t smile,sourabh says cmon dolly smile and one news and surely u will smile,sourabh calls suku and jwala and says me n dolly have started a handloom business and we got our first order,dolly says sourabh thanku u made me super happy,cousins congratulate dolly and sourabh keeps looking at dolly smile and then says to himself don’t sourabh,dolly asks sourabh when is delievery,dolly says we both will work very hard,suku asks do u have a name,sourabh says I have its dosa,do for dolly and sa for sourabh.
Nisha is at virajs place,she is thinking abt kabir going away from her and then calls dolly and asks are u ok di,dolly says I am fine but why,nisha says the morning thing,dolly says I am fine sourabh thought me to chill,sourabh says to himself control urself sourabh don’t fall for dolly,dolly asks nisha is she ok and says we were worried abt u so and u left,nisha says dolly di I will call back,dolly says u saw kabir right,nisha keeps mum,dolly says nisha say something we all know the truth,nisha says no kabir anymore,dolly says but why ,kabir he loves u cares for u,nisha says u all think but kabir troubles me a lot and may be my fate doesn’t stand for me.
Viraj goes near nisha,and asks are u fine nisha,nisha nods yes,viraj says look at me and then say yes,nisha says I shd leave,viraj says here have ur fav juice,nisha says no thanku,viraj says plz,nisha takes it and sits down,viraj plays sason kon sason song and dims light and says nisha remember we danced on this,viraj starts dancing and asks nisha to join and says I know u are thinking that I am mad but the truth is ur smile makes me mad,nisha smiles,nisha says no thanku sir,viraj says as u wish,u cant dance but see me dancing,nisha starts thinking abt kabir,and imagines that its kabir and not viraj and starts dancing with him,nisha realizes its viraj and steps back and says I am sorry I am really sorry,nisha grabs her things and goes,viraj says after so long I saw u happy and saw the true love in ur eyes and now I know ur happiness lies in me.

PRECAP:jwala sees nisha happy and says when u left u were so upset and now so happy what happened,nisha hugs jwala and says I am in love jwala.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. have a very bad news….came to know that aneri is very ill…n hasn’t come for shooting since two days…n mishkat has been approached for the lead in swaragini…so he may leave the show soon…moreover nauc may go off air very soon….baddest news ever!! 🙁

  3. got this news in the new sbs segment…that chugalkhor aunty part…. 🙁

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