Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ramesh goes to nisha Tiffin, but guard doesn’t allow him, nisha comes n says he is my dad plz let me in, guard says be fast viraj sir doesn’t allow anyone, nisha says dad plz be hurry or else, ramesh says I just wanted to see u work but see take this Tiffin sit here some one is eager to talk to u, n gives call to dadi n cousins all are excited n congratulate nisha, nisha says its just a job, dadi says im very happy, roopan talks to nisha n says u did a great job, n says find a grt guy for u from the academy, nisha says im here to work aunty, roopan says how boring, nisha says bye now, ramesh says ok I will be waiting for u downstairs when u finish we will leave together, nisha gets a message ffrom dadaji congratulating her for a job, nisha gets very excited.


n vijendra go to dollys place, dolly opens the door n says wat is this ur 10 mins late, vimla hugs her n says how are u, dolly says I missed u a lot come in, dolly says wat will u have, vimla n vijendra say we are here for u n not for dinner so sit talk to us, summit says no u have to have dinner, leela says u have to have dinner or dolly will get upset wat to do, dolly says I will arrange dinner u guys talk to eachother, vimla gives gifts to summits family, leela looks at jwellery n says these are so old fashioned, summits dad says no these are very pretty leela, dolly says leela mom u take my new jwellery I will use these, summit offers snacks, vimla asks leela to join them, leela says actually these aren’t homemade or else I would have it, dolly says have these pokada I made them, vimla says leela plz have this its homemade, leela says no I cant dollys food is spicy like her tongue.
Ramesh goes home excited with nisha n laxmi, all very excitedly welcome nisha, ramesh gives sweets to all, dadi shares sweets with nisha, roopan says ya ramesh u must be very happy now ur daughter wont poke her nose in others matter, nisha says how will I stop im ur niece afterall, suku comes n says oh my fav sweets, nisha says no sweets first go on with ur promise, suku says ok I will not use ur salary , not look at girls from ur office nisha says ok have it, bunty says its party time lets go out for dinner, dadi says good idea, rukhma offers drinks to all except roopan, roopan says rukhma sorry plz forgive me, rukhma says here it is aunty , I have forgiven u, roopan says good now plz go n press my saree. All have a grest time n go to get ready for the party, nisha asks suku very is umesh, suku says he isn’t receiving call.
Umesh calls nisha n asks her to come out immediately. Dolly goes to leela n says mom why did u keep insulting me in front of my parents, leela on top of her voice starts scolding dolly, dolly says plz don’t tell anything abt my family, leela says in that case close ur ears, keeps spoiling my mood n leaves.leela goes to dollys parents n says I have to attend a party so allow us, vimla says we will take a leave as well or else we will be late, summit says let me drop u out.
Nisha goes out finds umesh n aman, aman is all with fever, umesh says we have to take her in , nisha says that’s a tough task dadaji will be home soon n all are getting ready for a party but first lets take her in n do something of her fever, nisha says aman don’t worry we cousins will never let u alone just trust us n umesh, nisha helps umesh n aman get inside the house, nisha says all are busy getting ready so be quick, while taking aman in someone from behind holds umesh.

Dadi finds something fishy n asks nisha wat is the reason Im not finding u cousins excited for party as u always be.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Missd viraj n nisha moments!

    1. me too missed it. in weekend spoilers nisha is in love with viraj but viraj still in doubt to express his feelings. hope he will express.

      1. Same yar thats a great missing today

      2. wow…… nishu will fight for Laksh acadamy against Priyanka as a riffle shouter? and wins that.. then Viraj Love will get stronger to express..

  2. Wow!ishq wala love hogaya humari nisha ko!

  3. Hey but in spoilers it is written that Viraj character is not yet completely revealed….someone predicted that Viraj was the guy who midbehaved with nisha..
    Hope that’s not true…. Fingers crossed

    1. Oh.. this will bring some drama again.. But viraj if u have done that on friends saying or else… u have done a big mistake , that’s Y ur mom might have left u.. years before…

  4. todays episode

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