Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj s playing his drums and door bell rings,viraj opens the door and sees a lady its kaira,viraj says kiara what are u doing here.
Nisha says to kabir uncle has reached hospital,kabir says I don’t know what all is this happening,I wasn’t here for all this,nisha says then for what to spend ur moms money,kabir says no look at this pic im here to find this guy, my mom never tells me abt my family and this pic and so im here to find this pics reality and who my family is,but all this is like movie guns kidnap,nisha says see kabir, kabir starts getting hiccups, to stop hiccups nisha slaps him,kabir starts crying and says why did u hit so hard , nisha starts laughing,kabir says see I won ur laughing,nisha says chandu is like u even she has just her mom with

her today when u will help her,someone will help u as well, kabir says I won one challenge and now its chandu I will save her and after that u ur way and me mine,nisha says agreed and shakes hand with kabir.
Viraj says sorry kiara I wasn’t expecting u,what is it why are u here,kaira says nothing Im fine, viraj says kiara plz tell me aren’t u happy with ur life,kiara says I was happy but I always thought u had to repay for my happiness and so do u now. Kiara says viraj I saw that in press conference and im sorry for that,viraj says its ok leave all that hows urhusbad,kiara says we broke up, viraj says but u loved eachother,kiara says even I thought so,viraj says do u need any help, kiara says ur so nice u always help me and now im here to help u, im not here to share my pain but thanku ,ur a true friend of mine,by not marrying u I made a big mistake,viraj says love just happens we don’t have control over it,kiara says viraj u don’t have control over ur house look its mess,where is dadaji, im here for u I know ur feeling lonely and so im here to help the person who always helped me,and trust me I will never let u alone and now get fresh and I shall make u ur favourite soup,viraj says thanku kiara.
Nisha and kabir are walking and trying to find help,kabir says lets get to highway and then we will get help, nisha says u have no better plan fool,kabir says im fool and what abt u if u had plans why did u let go ur loved one why,nisha feels bad and starts walking,kabir pulls her and hugs her and says im so so sorry I didn’t want to hurt u I was worried for chandu and so this happened,nisha says im fine,kabir says sorry lets think,nisha says chandu said her dadaji is a mla and so we should track chandus dadaji and then we can find her,kabir says superb idea,nisha calls her friend pooja and says I need Haryana mlas number,pooja says ok I will find,nisha says good his name is S.K.CHOUTALA, pooja finds his number and gives it to nisha,nisha notes it down.
Shanti along with chandu takes her to a house and says chandu now in few time ur dadaji will be here and then I shall get my money, shanty takes her inside the guest house. Nisha says kabir this is the last chance so do well,kabir says don’t doubt me even I care for chandu,kabir calls mla,kabir speaks in harvyani and asks the servant where is chautala, the servant says we are not to tell where mla is,kabir confuses the servant and finds where is mla.nisha says why where u talking like this,kabir says we got the address now lets go.
Nisha and kabir are in a car going to guest house,nisha calls laxmi,laxmi trying to pick the call stumbles and before she could answer it nisha cuts it.ramesh is in darga. Laxmi sees her cell and starts crying since she is missing her family.

Nisha and kabir are in wedding outfit,nisha says ti kabir its ur fault, kabir says theres only one way to get out of this situation its getting married and applies sindur in nishas forehead.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks fr d superfast update!
    I luv u kabir n nisha

  2. Renuka sulania

    Thanks…..n superb nisha wed kabir…..

  3. Oh god,pls save me

  4. Omg.. kabir nd nisha.. perfect Jodi

  5. kabir and nisha so cute

  6. Shabir (kabir&nisha) will succeed in saving chandu but will be in trouble as the goons will try to chase them.Thus to get rid of those goons shabir will entrt a hall where a wedding will be taking place.As they both have disguised themselves in a Rajasthani look,people will assume that they are there to get married. Thus to protect themselves they will get married to each other with all rituals. However both will deny for their alliance and go back to jaipur.Somehow their families will come to know about their marriage and convince them to live like husband and wife.

  7. Thank u fr update

  8. I don’t like Kabir at all. Viraj and Nisha look perfecto!
    Kabir buddha dikhta hai mere jaise lol. Daant bahar…no he’s not and should not be paired with Nisha…puhhhlease ..

  9. I like u nisha and kabir ,….both r looking superb ……..I like this jodi …awesome

  10. Who is kaira?? btw nisha and kabir looks perfect …but ik that in the end viraj is going to marry nisha ♥♥ ..i guess this serial is based on a novel ★and viraj and nisha also looks awesome ♥♡♥♡♡ LOVE THIS SERIAL

  11. I just want nisha should marry viraj but not kabir and I like niraj but not shabir I will pray 2 god about niraj only

  12. Viraj has rejected nisha to nisha ko kabir ko choose krna chahiye
    And I think kabir must be viraj younger brother because uske pas jo pic he vo kisi royal personality ki he….

  13. This girl kaira is beautiful and pretty and in womans dress.good to see someone with viraj not perfect but this show is copying qubool hai ,not only story ,actors also.taher ,leave this show,dont u realiz this is gong to be a dustbin,atleast follow karan singh and just leave

  14. viraj,its better u die than lve or marry nisha,taher pls leave the show and save me fm watchng ths wonderful story and fabulous actors

  15. Virak,not only rejecting nisha,he should have kiled her.make kanisha pair,he doesnt deserve a secondhand girl,even kaira is better than dumbo though she is also sh

  16. BREAKING NEWS-According to new track of the show there is a confusion arised on the viewers that who is the leading actorof nauc?viraj or kabir.On this question taher replied that “leading actor is still viraj and so much confusions are arising due to current track in viewers but take it light and enjoy”.And Aneri also replied that “nisha loves viraj only.and marriage between kabir and nisha was an accident.Now nisha will be jealous because of kaira and viraj because of kabir”.So Niraj fans keep calm.Our niraj will be forever…

  17. And aneri added that “nisha and viraj still love each other as it is always noticed and wo pyaar hi kya jis mein takraar na ho”

  18. Wow super. Nisha aur kabir ka pair superb. But i like niraj only.. As they said viraj mom is alive and kabir is his younger brother. Don’t show nisha jealous show as viraj jealous seeing nisha and kabir pair… Plz show like that. I love this show.. Waiting for new track.

  19. omg when will he accept nisha

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