Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sourabh asks nisha to accept the truth that she has fallen in love with kabir,nisha says this is all nonsense,laxmi comes and says nisha lets go,nisha says yes mom,sourabh says accept it,nisha and laxmi leaves,sourabh calls suku and says cousins we need to help nisha and so get a tarot reader and then see what prank we will play on nisha.
Leela says thanku to vimla and virendra for taking care of summit,vimla and virendra says its fine ok and leaves,summit comes and leela says god these people but forget it the good news is I brought fake jewelries ,summit says that’s it and now kabir will be out and gangwal and sons is now mine.
Suku and cousins reach nishas house with future teller,the reader asks do u want reading here,sourabh says yes but the thing

is the one who is to be done with doesn’t believe it,the reader says don’t worry I will manage,sourabh says the plan is nisha is in love with kabir but she isn’t accepting it so we will take help of the reader,nisha comes and asks what are u all doing here and this aunty,aman says actually she is future teller she had predicted mine very well and so why don’t u try,nisha says sorry mam I don’t believe all this,the reader says don’t deny before trying,nisha says dolly di first, the future reader says ok and dolly gives her hands, the reader says some one is troubling u a lot but don’t u worry soon someone will bring back ur happiness,nisha says u are wrong dolly di and jiju are very happy together,the reader says the man who will bring back love will always be with u he loves travelling,dolly says stop enough,jwala says for a minute I thought she was talking abt sourabh n not jiju.
nisha says I am going,the reader says come give a try and then u can prove me wrong,nisha thinks I need to know the truth and I will also get a chance to prove her wrong,nisha says I am ready and gives her hands.the reader says losen up nisha relax and see ur life as a film close ur eye and watch ur life,nisha closes her life and memorises each and every moment,reader asks what do u see,nisha says too many people and crowd,reader says now answer me,have u met ur soulmate, do u like talking to him,being with him,nisha says yes,slowly the crowd is dispersing,reader says good now who do u see,nisha says my house,reader says this is a good sign u like ur house and so u will meet ur mate here,nisha says but no one is here,reader says this house is ur heart find ur mate,search nisha and find him,go ahead,nisha sees a man in her balcony,reader says go ahead see who he is tell me,the man turns its kabir,nisha opens her eyes,dolly says nisha tells na,aman says yes yes tell us,suku jwala insist as well,nisha says I saw no one,sourabh says I know who it is,dolly says sourabh we all know,suku says yes just we want to hear from her,all say yes u saw him,nisha says I saw no one why are u doing this,reader says nisha tell truth,nisha says u all are wrong and drinks a glass of water,suku goes to nisha and says nisha,nisha says suku plz I saw no one,plz I want to go shop bye,and nisha leaves.
Sumit and leela reach the jwellery storage place,sumit says now we will exchange the jwellery sharp at 9 this watchman will go for tea,the watchman goes,summit and leela go to door,and open it with a card robbed from kabirs wallet,kabir enters the corridor,leela and summit begin exchanging the jwellery,kabir comes outside the door and calls guard,summit hears the voice and says mom go hide this key,leelas saree is stuck in drawer,summit drops his keys,leela gets paniced and says summit my saree now we are dead, summit says u stay here with this bag I will come soon,sumit from other door comes out and says kabir hi,kabir asks how come u here,summit says just asking bye so thought shd meet u.kabir says ok let me go check jwellery.

Precap:summit and kabir in the room leela is hiding,sumit says I am not feeling good lets have tea this room is smelling bad,kabir says not smelling bad its perfume.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. papia

    can someon give me he TRP point of NAUC of lst week?and guess wht’!!:i am first who saw the update.Yahooo 🙂

  2. Indhu

    oh!! shocking news is Dolly will leave Summit after she gets to know the truth of him and sourabh will be her pair… wow seems interesting but Sourabh used to call Dolly as Di.. 😛

    • சுசி

      This seems to be interesting na …..nd fr kind information he call dolly as dolly nt dolly di

  3. Annie

    Nice episode… and as usual hate that donkey summit….I think dolly will divorce summit and marry saurav…. lets c what happens…….

  4. रिचा

    Nd susi my dr early bird its not u woke up early its just u nvr slpt at nght bcw u slpt d whole day -_- >_< :O nd u cant fool me like dis susi dr

  5. சுசி

    Oyee richu my name will be in Tamil …….k dr…. Nd yesterday hr raining dr with thundering nd lightning dr so my mother scold me to nt use the phone……. So I can’t able to msg u dr ………so don’t take it as wrong k va nd sweet morning my dr frndzzzz

  6. சுசி

    Today I going watch a movie in theatre so I can’t able msg u till aftn so I meet u @ evening byee dr☺☺☺☺☺

  7. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Ok susi dr njoy ur movie dr nd mrng काजू डीअर कैसै हो आप ? और आपकी पढाई कैसी चल रही है?

  8. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Ok bi nd keep my smilies 2 :-C 🙂 😉 😀 🙂 :O :-* § bi frnds tc nd hv a gudday (nt those buiscuits) haha ok bi

  9. blossom

    Purane and comments check [email protected]

  10. சுசி

    Had ur breakfast [email protected]

  11. kanisha

    hi every one …. vaise susi di u know that I was thinking that where r u then read that cmnt of urs and then I come to know that u change ur name in Tamil……

    • kanisha

      yaa Richa so u r √…… bcoz here also my bed is shaking itself…. .. my mom told that “kya ho gaya?? kahi earthquake toh nahi hai.” but I did not believe it….. really u r right…..

  12. ലിയ

    iam trying to say gud mrng from a lot before kaju but due 2 network problem my gud mrng loaded at gud afternoon:/.

  13. Divyanka

    hi frnds koi mujhe help kare ga k konsa video editor+maker acha h plz zrur btana m kb se dhondh rahi hu mujhe nai mil raha plz.

  14. kanisha

    hey guys its true news that earthquaaaaakeeee aayaa thaaaa omg !!! I’m so shocked … it means that my maa was telling write …. in Nepal, toh hadd hi kar di. … really I’m so scared ..bcoz in news they r telling that bhookamp(earthquake) first aa Sacta hai…. really I’m so scared… 🙁

  15. kanisha

    earthquaaaaakeeee aayaa thaaaa omg !!! I’m
    so shocked … it means that my maa was
    telling write …. in Nepal, toh hadd hi kar di. …
    really I’m so scared ..bcoz in news they r
    telling that bhookamp(earthquake) first aa
    Sacta hai…. really I’m so scared…

  16. kanisha

    u know that in my home my bed was shaking itself ….. and windows….. but that time I didn’t believe… my mom told then also but when I saw the news then I realized that it was true , real….

  17. kanisha

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  18. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    OMG more than 13 dead in india nd 150+ in nepal pls pray 4 d departed souls May they RIP

      • சுசி

        We really pray fr [email protected]

  19. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    PLS PRAY FRNDS MAY God grant lntrnal strenth nd peace 2 their families 2 cope vp wth d loss

  20. kanisha

    r u here susi di and devga di?
    u know that(just now saw in news Chanel) in Nepal till now 449 people have died…

    • kanisha

      plzzzz god save them… plz guys and my all friends also to niraj ( no dushmani) pray for all

  21. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Nd mini v know kutty =** in hindi bt it means lil sis in tamil

  22. சுசி

    In Tamil Kutti means choti… I said little [email protected]

  23. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    A REQUEST:pls frnds whosoevr reading this pls pls pray 4 the departed souls nd their families who r in great pain aftr this apidemic may their souls R.I.P .(pls pray )

  24. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    A PRAYER :
    OM Shanti Shanti…….


  26. Ricky

    ya Allah reham farma apne bando par agar tu humse naraz h tou humse razi hoja mere Parwardigar hamaray gunah maaf farma aur har musibat se nijaat dila(Ameen)

  27. kanisha

    no no I’m not Muslim …. and I don’t know the meaning of it…. I study in Christian school so when we pray our morning prayer so after after prayer we say aameen…. so said it… …. now we shud not think obt religions … we just have to pray for them who r suffering by this earthquake….no care of which religion it is…..
    just pray -_-…

  28. kanisha

    u know that in my home my windows were shaking …. khidkiyaan hill Rahin thii .. I was so scared

  29. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Bt relief is 1st NDRF team 4m india arrivd in kathmandu wth relief mat nd doc

  30. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv


  31. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Pls ppl hlp them in ny way u cn evn ur prayrs cn do miracles nd MAY D DEPARTED SOULES R.I.P

  32. OK byeee ….. Frnds …. I will come later …… And keep praying… Praying ….. And praying ….
    For those soles to rest in peace ….

  33. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Yeah rani earthquake nd pls pray yr 4 d departed souls nd d death rate 2 slw down in nepal nd peace 2 b restored pls pray rani

  34. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    EARTHQUAKE dscusn susi dr nd its hrible dr 788+ in nepal nd 38 + in ind nd read prev cmnts dr

  35. சுசி

    I call my frndzzz in different ways like machi, darlu ,dr,nd so many names ….. I didn’t say anything to u calling me as piddi

  36. Hats off to ndrf ….
    96 ndrf personals on board and more to be deployed…
    And 5 tones of rescue materials sent ..
    OMG death raises to b 876

  37. சுசி


  38. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Su wt prblm sol dvu asking if nt prsnl mail me i vl try 2 hlp u dr

  39. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    NEPAL 1000+ DEAD ND 180 bodies alone 4m dharhara twr nd ind 37+ dead nd 447 alone dead in kathmandu 🙁 hey bhagwan reham karo nd pls keep praying

      • சுசி

        Hey I m [email protected]

  40. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Su dr these r jst primary results much more 2 go bt i hope d death toll cms to a fulstop here

  41. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Hope othr cuntries cm 2 d rescue soon nd ndrf nd rescue wrkrz do ur bst nd mre nws is bsnl lwrd cl rates 4 nepal cls 4 3 days nd ndrf 2 brng back 100+ indians back 4m nepal

  42. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    .Add::-P sng hm tere bin ab reh nhi skte tere bina kya vajood mera…… Nd pls keep praying nd it ws jst a lig moment cmnt nd by m gng 2 watch nauc

    • சுசி

      One only nibir…Jo nd u….
      Precaps :nisha says to jwala I m in love and all the cousins r happy nd they give group hug with nisha

  43. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Sry dr reportr experiencing nt prb i ws hr long back
    NWS UPDATE : 1457-1500 ppl dead in nepal nd stil counting railway mins ind giv (i forgot) ltre of watr btles 2 nepal relief fund (he bhagwan reham karo)

  44. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Ok dr 1st 15 min sumit nd mum ki hide nd seek nautanki thi so brng tha nd sry nt prb

  45. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Net nai chl rha h theek reportr kse de apko nauc spoiler ki treat

  46. रिचा(ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Ok aaj k epi se saurabh ka 1 sher:arz kia h retier hote h to milti h pension reteir hote h to milti h pensn jo hona h vo hoga so y take tnsn

  47. SS

    oh thanks susi thanku aaj ke sirf itna hi kal aur learn karvana ok tab tak ke gud n8 nd sweet dream dr teacher 😉

  48. சுசி

    K dr I m feeling so tired dr so I shud leave now gud night nd swt dreamzzz ss nd my dr frndzzz byee???☺☺☺??

  49. papia

    guys,plz i need help.Today at 12 pm onwards in Bangladesh i experienced the first earthquake of my life.I was damn scared.after tht i am feeling headache,vomiting,stomachache,dizzyness,pressure,fast hart beat and many other things.i am feeling like it is going to happend again and the house is moving again.Wht can i do?plz help.i have exm tomorrow.Plzzzz 🙁

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