Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir hugs nisha and says don’t worry nisha we will find a way,kabir and nisha see that shanty throws chandus uncle out of the jeep,nisha and kabir run to him he says plz save Chandra these people are not good,nisha says first calm down and tell us were u lying to us who are u why did u do this,uncle says shanty and her men are not good people they threatened me that they will kill us so I got scared plz save Chandra,nisha says kabir we have to do something we have to save him,kabir says lets take him to hospital,nisha says he will go bu his own,kabir asks uncle any idea whrer are they going,uncle says to highway. Chandu is crying in jeep she wants to go to her mom,shanty yells at her and says no one will save u,chandu says nisha didi will save me,shanty says

no one will come and if ur nisha didi comes I wont live her alive.

Nisha and chandu try get help but get none,nisha starts loosing her calm,kabir says u stay here and don’t get hyper I will come back,kabir see some rajasthani people in truck and ask them for help,the driver agrees, nisha and kabir get into the truck,nisha prays to god to keep chandu safe,kabir says don’t worry she will be fine I will call chandus uncle and confirm the route. Bunty and suku go to laxmi with food,suku says plz have something,laxmi says I don’t want anything go, laxmi says leave,suku says plz have dad will come back we cant loose hope, bunty says suku don’t shout on mom,laxmi says how could he do this he didn’t even tell me just wrote a letter and left and u two leave me alone, vimla comes suku and bunty leave,vimla says laxmi have something, laxmi says why did ramesh do so, vimla says u trust me right so listen to me ramesh is fine,laxmi says I don’t know what to do nisha is alone,ramesh left what to do,vimla says they are taking time to find the right path and our duty is to help them do so,remember when I was tensed for umesh u and ramesh stood by me and this time im with u and ramesh and by staying hungry u aren’t helping ramesh have food,suku says I cant see this im calling nisha,bunty says don’t do this and runs with phone,suku says I wish nisha is fine. Shantys car is broken down and chandu is sleeping, the car is ready and they leave, shanty and her men see some people asking for help and stop, the guy is kabir and is dressed as rajasthani and says my wife is pregnant we need to go to hospital help,shanty says ok come,nisha and kabir go near the car and sit in it. Chandu wakes up and recognizes nisha ,nisha signs her to keep quite, nisha acts like she is in pain and asks to stop the car, nisha shouts till they stop the car, shanty stops the car,all get out of the car, nisha sleeps down, kabir takes shantis gun and puts in on shanties forehead and says all u come to a side or I will shoot this lady,nisha runs to chandu, nisha sits in the car with chandu. Laxmi gets a call,she picks it especting ramesh and since no one answers she guesses itsramesh and says ramesh how are u,ramesh says how did u guess,laxmi says where are u,ramesh says I thought I can stay alone but how are everyone is babuji fine,laxmi says all are fine,ramesh says im missing ur hands taste, laxmi says im waiting for u,ramesh says take care,laxmi says u too and all where asking for u,ramesh says even babauji, laxmi says yes, ramesh says ur lying,laxmi says no he did u talk to him and laxmi rushes down and asks dadi where is babuji ramesh wants to speak to him,dadi says he is sleeping,ramesh understands dadi is lying and so cuts the phone,laxmi says how long will this go on. Shantis men try to shoot kabir but kabir shoots back, shanty signs her men to distract kabir and stabs kabir on his thigh and takes gun from him, she asks nisha and kabir to go away and says don’t do this again and don’t even think about police, shanty sits in car and starts shooting on kabir and nisha but chandus uncle comes in middle,shanty leaves and chandu shouts plz save me.

PRECAP: Kabir says to nisha I didn’t come here for all this,nisha says then for what to spend ur moms money,kabir says no see this photo I have seen this photo with my mom and she tells me nothing about this and my family and im here to search who is this guy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  8. Love uuuuu KABISHA ! Expecting romance scenes soooooooon <3 this boring viraj let him go his own ways! Let his ego let him be lonely and anyway KABISHA sounds better than NIRAJ

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