Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir sees ramesh and laxmi at the door, nisha sees them too both are surprised, ramesh and laxmi walk in,nisha says oh we two were just fighting u know like and how u two here we got surprised, ramesh says we are surprised,and stop telling lies to us,laxmi says we shdnt have been here like this,nisha says kabir we have to do something,kabir says just start fighting,nisha sshouts kabir look at u have messed the whole room, kabir shouts as if u keep the whole house neat and tidy, both start fighting,ramesh says kids stop this isn’t way to fight learn to adjust,laxmi gets an panic attack,nisha says sorry mom we didn’t meant to hurt u,ramesh says u go out I will come out an talk.ramesh comes out and says u guys haven’t grown up yet think before u speak and about

the way u two are behaving its normal in case u need help we are always there for u.
Kabir says nisha enough I cant do this anymore I cant be bad like this by hurting someone I am sorry I am not liking all this,look at ur mom plz nisha lets tell them the truth,nisha says what do u think they will like that we are in contract marriage how will they handle it, did u see mom seeing us fight she had an attack and when she will learn the truth,kabir says but after three months it will be a greater shock so its final we will tell the truth and after that even if ur family members throw me out I am ok with it.
Dolly and sourabh on terrace, sourabh sharing his business idea with dolly,dolly likes it and says sourabh this is a great deal,sourabh says see I have sample pieces, dolly says oh purple u hated this color so much,sourabh says oh u remember that, dolly says ofcourse we are friends after all and sourabh do u remember ria u can talk to her dad he is in same business,sourabh says grt idea and one more why don’t u be my business partner and u know at lot abt shopping and all,dolly starts crying and says I cant,sourabh says oh I am doing no favour on u plz,dolly says ok business partners and thanks for thinking abt me, sourabh says cmon its fine stop crying.dolly turns and sees leela,dolly says oh mom u here,leela says hi,and this guy looks ur good friend I always see him here,sourabh says yes aunty I am cousins childhood friend and now I shall take ur leave.
Nisha is thinking abt kabirs decisison,kabir comes and says nisha this is the right time and don’t u worry I am with u and always will be and now u go I will come,nisha goes with tea to laxmi, nisha says mom how are u now,laxmi says I am fine,nisha says I always told u too relax,laxmi says nisha tell me the truth whats cooking between u n kabir,nisha says I am sorry bcoz of me u had to,laxmi says don’t change the topic tell me the truth,nisha says mom actually,kabir is standing near the window.nisha says mom relax u get ready and go to school,nisha comes out and looks at kabir ,kabir says why didn’t u speak,ramesh comes and says kabir come lets go,nisha says mom I will stay with mom,kabir says I will join u in a minute,kabir looks at nisha and then leaves.
Sourabh comes to nishas place,laxmi says sourabh come,nisha says hi sourabh,laxmi says I will go school,nisha says I will drop u plz,laxmi says ok I will go change and come,sourabh asks nisha why is she so low,nisha says I am fine plz,sourabh gives her a look,nisha says plz all is fine and is thinking abt kabir leaving her,nisha acts as if she is folding clothes and sourabh keeps looking at her,nisha says what is ur problem,sourabh says mine,nisha says ok actually kabir wants to tell mom dad the truth,sourabh tricks nisha and asks what is the real problem,nisha says he will go away sourabh,sourabh says nisha stop running away from situations,nisha says u never understand,sourabh says accept it that ur in love with kabir and don’t want him to go,nisha face it u cant see kabir going away from u.

PRECAP:leela tells summit that she has brought the fake jwellery,summit says now starts my real plan

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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