Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir sees ramesh and laxmi at the door, nisha sees them too both are surprised, ramesh and laxmi walk in,nisha says oh we two were just fighting u know like and how u two here we got surprised, ramesh says we are surprised,and stop telling lies to us,laxmi says we shdnt have been here like this,nisha says kabir we have to do something,kabir says just start fighting,nisha sshouts kabir look at u have messed the whole room, kabir shouts as if u keep the whole house neat and tidy, both start fighting,ramesh says kids stop this isn’t way to fight learn to adjust,laxmi gets an panic attack,nisha says sorry mom we didn’t meant to hurt u,ramesh says u go out I will come out an talk.ramesh comes out and says u guys haven’t grown up yet think before u speak and about

the way u two are behaving its normal in case u need help we are always there for u.
Kabir says nisha enough I cant do this anymore I cant be bad like this by hurting someone I am sorry I am not liking all this,look at ur mom plz nisha lets tell them the truth,nisha says what do u think they will like that we are in contract marriage how will they handle it, did u see mom seeing us fight she had an attack and when she will learn the truth,kabir says but after three months it will be a greater shock so its final we will tell the truth and after that even if ur family members throw me out I am ok with it.
Dolly and sourabh on terrace, sourabh sharing his business idea with dolly,dolly likes it and says sourabh this is a great deal,sourabh says see I have sample pieces, dolly says oh purple u hated this color so much,sourabh says oh u remember that, dolly says ofcourse we are friends after all and sourabh do u remember ria u can talk to her dad he is in same business,sourabh says grt idea and one more why don’t u be my business partner and u know at lot abt shopping and all,dolly starts crying and says I cant,sourabh says oh I am doing no favour on u plz,dolly says ok business partners and thanks for thinking abt me, sourabh says cmon its fine stop crying.dolly turns and sees leela,dolly says oh mom u here,leela says hi,and this guy looks ur good friend I always see him here,sourabh says yes aunty I am cousins childhood friend and now I shall take ur leave.
Nisha is thinking abt kabirs decisison,kabir comes and says nisha this is the right time and don’t u worry I am with u and always will be and now u go I will come,nisha goes with tea to laxmi, nisha says mom how are u now,laxmi says I am fine,nisha says I always told u too relax,laxmi says nisha tell me the truth whats cooking between u n kabir,nisha says I am sorry bcoz of me u had to,laxmi says don’t change the topic tell me the truth,nisha says mom actually,kabir is standing near the window.nisha says mom relax u get ready and go to school,nisha comes out and looks at kabir ,kabir says why didn’t u speak,ramesh comes and says kabir come lets go,nisha says mom I will stay with mom,kabir says I will join u in a minute,kabir looks at nisha and then leaves.
Sourabh comes to nishas place,laxmi says sourabh come,nisha says hi sourabh,laxmi says I will go school,nisha says I will drop u plz,laxmi says ok I will go change and come,sourabh asks nisha why is she so low,nisha says I am fine plz,sourabh gives her a look,nisha says plz all is fine and is thinking abt kabir leaving her,nisha acts as if she is folding clothes and sourabh keeps looking at her,nisha says what is ur problem,sourabh says mine,nisha says ok actually kabir wants to tell mom dad the truth,sourabh tricks nisha and asks what is the real problem,nisha says he will go away sourabh,sourabh says nisha stop running away from situations,nisha says u never understand,sourabh says accept it that ur in love with kabir and don’t want him to go,nisha face it u cant see kabir going away from u.

PRECAP:leela tells summit that she has brought the fake jwellery,summit says now starts my real plan

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Hate the precap
    Come on writer get that summit n viraj out of this show they are not needed anymore especially viraj he had this time with nisha but he himself blow it this two clowns present only a spoil nisha n kabir scences together this viraj a play too highly about himself because he have plenty moneys n property so he think he can do whatever he feel like doing look like he forget that money can’t buy love just wish nisha find out about he n summit plans

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    Suprabhat doston susi 😉 wr r u my early bird r u stil sleeping? Nd kaju devu sl(lachu) niku liya riya ? Nd max no mrng poem 2day m waiting……

  3. amyra

    oye ppl i got a new spoiler…it is in nisha hasn’t yet fully realised her love for kabir…she has just slowly started liking him…kabir has also started developing strong feelings for nisha which will soon be seen..but he is curbing it because of his LSD dreams…meanwhile,viraj will be asking nisha to dance with him during one of the physio sessions as he feels she still loves him n would do anything for him ot get well…she agrees..and when she starts dancing she thinks about kabir..and we will get to c a super romantic dance between nisha and kabir on the song “hum tum” (i know it should have been reality.. 🙁 its just her imagination 🙁 ) but after she comes out of her trance…she will realise her love fully for kabir!! 😀 exciting right??!!

    • kanisha

      how r u amyra di.??? so happy to see u ..i mean so happy to see ur comment … and u always come with a NAuC news… aise hi comment fete rahna…. by the way guddumorning…… :-)))))))

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    • kanisha

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  9. rosy

    when I was in 11th(Nov.) from that time I’m in love but not realizing it… and now this gap after exams … I’m missing him so much…

  10. rosy

    during winters in games period or any other I was just thinking about him. (but not during studies) and if he absents then u know that I just used to become tensed that y he hadn’t come yet…

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    but u know that my big problem is that he is Christian and in my family ladkiyan ko toh ladko ko dost banana bhi achha nahi lagta.

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    Maine na toh abhi tak usse apni ffeling batai hain kyunki u know that in my mob. ek single ladke ka mob no. bhi nahi hai… mere cousins and papa ka chhod kar..

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    he is my classmate… mai toh isse baat bhi nahi karti… bas jab kabhi usse dekhti hoon toh tab hi iski bazar bhi miljati hai .

  14. rosy

    u know that happy news is that he loves aalu-paratha. …. jab bhi mai school aalu paratha lejaati hoon toh vo pakka khata hai….. waise aalu paratha toh mammi hi banati hai….

  15. Stylish

    yes rosy lekin agar apki family m boys se frndshp waghaira krna allow nai h tou prblm ho jaye gi na ap k liye

  16. nika

    See i have been love with someone or talked to boys informally so i think i can’t help u much 🙂

    • Susi

      U know that I don’t Hindi more so I slowly reading nd understanding the meaning yrr ….waise she is talking abt hr love …..u saying that I too like allu partha…..that yum yum…..

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    Ys wen it cms 2 food i cant stop watevr d situatn may b nd sply if 1 of my fav food item yum yum nd thodi comedy b zaroori h na all serious dr@ susi

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    oh!!! my god … its so sad. …. guys I saw in SBS that Nisha was dancing (romantic dance) with viraj when Kabir left her…. and vitaj is happy that nisha has come back to him…. but the happy news is that Nisha was dancing with him by imagining him(viraj) as Kabir…. it means Nisha is completely in love with Kabir……

  19. rosy

    I want to say to all that love is not from one sided…. its from both sided…… vo jab bhi mujhse baate karta hai toh or dusri girls ki tarah nahi…. I’m sure that he tooo love me ….. OK bye friends now ….. now may be I’ll not come ….
    one day I went to school for any work…. and I saw him I was so happy to see him….. now bye forever…… 🙂

  20. sana

    Hi evryone
    guyz whts gng on in shw??
    Kabir nisha realized their feelings fr each othr?? Last tym i askd abt ropm n summit…wht abt tht????

    • Hi sana …. Nisha realized tht she can’t b happy if kabir leaves ….. But still did not realize tht it is love …. Kabir also realized but not showing it out as he very much want to fulfill his dreams LSD ….

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    I’m so so so happpppppyyyyyy :-). ….. bcoz in every test in coaching my teacher taarif kar rahe hain … and on bday day all blessed me ….. and today also…. so happy ….
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    Nice meeting u 🙂

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    As Sun reaches the west,
    Its my painful quest!
    My heart meets with an arrest!
    A day of mine with you is gone,
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    Our days are ending with a departure!
    Its an unbearable torture!
    Lets enjoy all our time!
    I dedicate you all of mine!
    Please don’t leave me,
    If so, don’t say bye to me!
    I love you a lot!
    Such words hurts me lot!
    GuD EvN guyz

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  37. nibir

    Suhani and Yuvraaj get a big relief after Soumya & Yuvraaj’s marriage has been cancelled by Dadi after she finds Krishna giving Soumya support and also close to her. Krishna comes with Soumya by carrying her in his arms to Birla’s family home. Soumya felt dizziness and unconscious and thus Krishna helped her. However, Yuvraaj’s Dadi gets agitated to see the sight of Krishna with Soumya. She is in shock and doesn’t take Soumya’s words when she wakes up. Dadi goes on to confront Soumya by demeaning her character and has doubts on her. She then cancels her marriage with Yuvraaj. Soumya’s dreams of marrying Yuvraaj are shattered, and even she is told to leave the home. Krishna also gets scolding from Dadi, and he is also in fix about Soumya because of his engagement. Dadi also makes taunt at Soumya’s mom, and she thinks Soumya will flee with Krishna yet again. Thus, now Suhani and Yuvraaj’s efforts bore fruit and their love story can move ahead.

    Ishani is going through hard times and coping with her mom Falguni’s loss. Shikhar is providing her emotional support and also helping her in the investigation. Ishani has moved on in her relationship with RV since she wants to see him with Ritika, and isn’t aware of all the plotting going on in Ritika’s mind as well her actions. While Ishani succeeded in evading RV’s eyes until now but later on he gets some doubts on whether she is alive. Ishani and RV are following their respective journey with their separation but their chance meeting can happen at one point on their way. Ishani reminsces about RV and her marriage with him, and later she finds RV around her. Will RV’s doubts on Ishani being alive come to forefront as reality with their meetup ?

    Sadda Haq:
    The new mentor Abhay Singh Ranawat [ASR] is giving hard times to the dream team and even to FITE college staff. He gets drunk and gives challenges to the Dream Team – Sanyukta, Randhir & others who aren’t able to cope what he wants to convey. Randhir gets his signature for the competition but remains upset. Only Sanyukta gives her support to ASR since she believes he is a genius who needs some time to get adjusted. But she faces backlash from Randhir, Parth, Vidushi who keep the believe to remove him as their mentor. ASR continues to remain drunk and his actions are making even Sanyukta rethink on taking her support back and switch the sides. Will the dream team realize ASR’s potential with help from Sanyukta ?

    Click here for full post on Sadda Haq

    Jamai Raja:
    DD got bailed out from Rajveer’s murder charge thanks to Sid and Kritika withdrawing her case. Sid had reminded Kritika about Rajveer’s criminal activities, and he vowed to take care of her for whole life after she withdraws the case. Kritika wants to inflict trouble for Sid by taking away his Roshni with her torture. Later on, Sid decides to compromise on his relationship with Roshni by informing her that he is going to separate with her. He took that decision presumably due to his family pressure coming from her sister Kritika. Roshni moments earlier tear apart the divorce papers but he reminds that the need to be separated from now onwards. Roshni gets dejected with Sid’s heartening decision. Later on, Sid is angry with himself and unable to cope with the separation.

    Click here for full post on Jamai Raja

    Naksh celebrates his birthday with the Singhania family, and greets his grandparents and Bhabhi Maa. He does Aarti with Tulsi plant and misses parents Akshara & Naitik. Meanwhile, Akshara also does the prayers in her Maheshwari’s home and misses Naksh dearly too since she knows he is staying in Singhania’s family home. The mother in her pushes her to meet Naksh on his birthday and gets in tears but she is stopped by Naitik. Naksh going to be the bridge that will bring Akshara back to her in-laws’ family home and gradually resolving the differences to usher a full family re-union. Bhabhi Maa loves Naksh much, and she would be listening to his earnest request to allow his parents to stay in her home.

    Click here for full post on YRKKH

    Ahem decides to stay in Modi’s family home instead of going to Mumbai which he was earlier planning. Gopi’s prayers finally got answered and gets relieved to see Ahem not going to Mumbai. He hugs Kokila on that note after realizing that he was doing wrong to take Kokila away to Mumbai. Mansi comes to see Ahem shifting towards Gopi, and confronts her to stay away from him. She is angry with Gopi since Ahem’s plans of not going to Mumbai has hurt her.

    While Ragini was believing that things will be fine with her Dadi about her parents reunion. But that’s not the case since Sharmishta is still troubled with Dadi cooking a sweet dish with lizard in it. Swara finds her mom eating the sweets and fails to stop the Dadi who finds her coming to know of her actions.

    Romance is in the air… for Manik and Nandini after their eventful fusion concert performance. Manik had promised earlier to have a performance with her without becoming a hindrance for Dhruv, and he succeeded on it. Dhruv and Manik’s friendship is back and moreover Fab 5 & Navya are happy. Pandit ji’s ploy to harm Manik because of his obsession with Nandini is getting unfolded. The mysterious guy who helped Manik and Dhruv from goons – Harshad who even helped Mukti is going to be unfolded next. Dhruv and Aaliya are seen to break the ice between them. Will they succeed in doing so after Dhruv realization about Manik’s past sacrifices, and his renewed friendship ?

    Nisha realizes her love for Kabir and can’t see him leaving her. Nisha & Kabir’s Nok Jhok goes on. Later on, Nisha’s love for Kabir makes her to think about him to be present everywhere. She dances with Viraj thinking him as Kabir in a kind of dream sequence. She awaits for Kabir reciprocating to her love and yearns to be with him forever.

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    Ok bi gn 4m my side 4 2day nd i need 2 meditate seriously nd my mind need PEACÉÉÈÊË

  39. nibir


    Bhalla family asks Raman to confess his feelings to Ishita as soon as possible as his first marriage anniversary also passed and there is no way that he can delay more. Raman asks for some time and the kids push him to take Ishita for dinner today itself. Raman plans a dinner date for Ishita to confess his love and propose her. He holds her hand and talks romantically to prepare his mind to set in the mood. He asks the waiter to put the diamond ring in the glass. Ishita drinks many wine glasses and does not get the ring in the glass. He checks both the glasses and gets confused on not getting the ring. He thinks Ishita has swallowed the ring and starts worrying.

    Click here for the full post on YHM

    KumKum Bhagya:

    Tanu tries to stick to Abhi and he makes her leave from his room, saying she does not have entry in his room, and in his life. Abhi is getting away from her and she seeks an answer from him. She asks does he not love her now. She hugs him and he realizes that he did not get any love feelings to him. He was told by Purab that if Abhi realizes love with Tanu then he loves her, else if he feels love with Pragya and his heart rings then it means he loves Pragya. Tanu lies a lot to Abhi and even of her pregnancy, but even then Abhi has made her leave. What will Tanu do now?

    Click here for the full post on KB


    Chakor and Bhagya have become friends recently. Bhagya follows her wherever she goes, after the 18 years loneliness she has spent in the temple. Chakor asks Bhagya not to come after her and wants to get Papita/payaya for her, thinking she likes it. Chakor does not understand Bhagya’s words when she said Kamal Narayan is her Pita/father. She hears Bhaiya ji telling Bhagya to shift her in any other temple and gets worried. She takes Bhagya with her, and Tejaswini misses to see her.

    Click here for the full post on Udaan


    Neha continues to create troubles for Radha and throws a challenge in making sure that Radha will go back to Mumbai, and prepares to act on her shrewd plan. Radha has some worries but accepts Neha’s challenge. Later on, she tries to come close to LD when she gets an opportunity during Puja (prayers) at home. But, LD tries to keep distance from her although he still cares for her and have love but doesn’t show it in open. LD’s mom Sadhna is trying to bridge the gaps between LD & Radha, and wants them to come close by resolving their differences. For time being, LD continues to get angry with Radha while she keeps patience in going through his oubursts because of her love and keeps hope in getting him back.


    Radhika runs away from her engagement with Saral and Dada ji gives the news happily to Dilip and everyone. Dilip searches for Radhika and calls her. Saral and his family gets angry and insult Radhika for running away. On the other hand, Bony dupes Samaira and gives a wrong tag line, which makes Piyali fume on Samaira. Samaira quits her job in Bird song and leaves on a journey to find herself and her true calling, just like Radhika. Actor Aham Sharma, portraying Arjun, will be going to meet Radhika and Samaira at their Ad agency in the track ahead. Samaira meets Arjun and unwilling spends some time with him, and gets a new sense in her life.

    Click here for the full post on Manmarzian

    Shastri Sisters:

    Neil sees Devyaani with the pendrive and asks her to return it to him as all data is confidential for his fashion website now. Devyaani argues with him as its her hardwork in the website. She returns the data and leaves. Later on, she tells Sareens that she got the job. Neil gets stunned seeing Devyaani’s real talent and thinks how did she manage to get a good job so soon.

    Click here for the full post on SS


    Sooraj books a hotel for the birthday event and it gets hit and saves Ved’s respect. Sandhya and Sooraj get shattered knowing Ved is ashamed of Sooraj’s profession. Sooraj also gets worried being unable to give home expenses to Bhabho regularly, since Ved’s high fees and wishes came his way. He asks Bhabho to give him some days time to give money and she agrees knowing he is not able to focus on his shop being tensed for Vansh. Sandhya sends the video of Sooraj’s cooking skills to the channel head and hopes to have some good news from them which can change Sooraj’s future.

    Click here for the full post on DABH


    Soumya asks Yuvraaj to take her for shopping and he angrily tells her that its not their first marriage to do it so grand. He scolds Soumya to make her recall Krishna’s love. Soumya insists and Dadi asks Yuvraaj to take her for shopping. Yuvraaj takes Suhani along and the trio go for the wedding shopping. Soumya buys costly clothes while Suhani does not care for money and costly things. Later on, the mehendi function starts and Soumya chooses the best designs. She writes Krishna’s name on her hand and is stunned knowing she still loves Krishna. Dadi sees this and scolds Soumya.

    Click here for the full post on SSEL

    Qubool Hai:

    Fake Sanam’s mother has made her entry in the show. Fake Sanam does not get happy seeing her and dislikes her. There will be double evil twists in the show now as her mum is also a negative minded person. Fake Sanam asks her mum to leave from her life, and her mum refuses. The duo then joins hands to tackle Aahil. Sanam [Jannat] hides herself under the carpet of leaves, and even escapes the fire which were burning the leaves. She was chased by goons which were sent by fake Misbah. Jannat was tricked by fake Misbah who earlier caught her on the pretext that she is Indian and brought fake police officers. Will Shaad manage to find her in that jungle ?


    Shlok gets angry seeing Indrajeet getting close to Astha. Indrajeet plans to make Shlok follow them to the farmhouse and shows his proximity with Astha. Shlok sees him kissing her hand and then getting intimate. Astha feels she should not stop Indrajeet’s feelings as he got her to calm her stress and also her worries about the cheapster Shlok. Shlok can’t bear seeing Indrajeet taking advantage of Astha’s lost memory and breaks open to enter their bedroom.

    Click here for the full post on IPKKND2

    Dream Girl:

    Ayesha and Karan troubled Laxmi by making her take auditions of the aspiring actresses, so that she can see her dreams breaking. The plan backfires as Laxmi shows her talent in the auditions, while advising the girls and giving tips on how to emote well. She sends the audition video CD to Manav for his review. Ayesha gets worried as Manav asks Ayesha to get Laxmi in the Next Dream Girl contest. Ayesha gets tensed as the CD reaches Manav. Manav says the girl who wins the contest will be cast opposite Samar as his heroine in his next film.

    Tere Sheher Mein:

    While Gajanand has spoken the truth about Rishi Mathur, and how he has married Sneha to get his property, the bitterness ion his heart did not go. Sneha clears Rishi’s name and says he is mistaken about Rishi’s truth. She tells her dad that she will not hear a word against her dead husband and protects Rishi’s respect in her daughter’s eyes. Amaya argues with Gajanand and questions his love for Sneha. Gajanand shares his pain of making his alive daughter dead in his heart and mind, blaming Rishi for his broken relations. Sneha asks Gajanand not to misjudge Rishi and praises Rishi. Sneha asks her dad to get the facts right, else she will forget her parents to support the truth.


    Nisha yearns to stay with Kabir forever and she realized those feelings but haven’t realized love fully for him yet. Kabir & Nisha’s Nok Jhok continue to go on, and he takes pro-active approach on their relationship. He wants to share the truth to Nisha’s family on how they are living in a marriage built along the lines of a contract. While, Nisha’s parents already get some sense that her marriage has superficial shades but for Nisha it would be difficult to share the truth. Kabir also developed feelings for Nisha but curbs it, next in their new found situation, Will Nisha & Kabir going to re-think together while keeping the truth in mind for the sake of their mutual happiness ? On another front, Sumeet’s ploy in countering both Kabir & Viraj with deceit is getting succeeded, and even retorting to hurt Dolly with his abusive actions. Additionally, Viraj’s forceful love is not going to pay dividends since Sumeet is double-crossing him. How Dolly find support to deal with her difficult situation ?


    With DNA report clearing all the misunderstanding between Neil & Ragini, paves the way for Ragini asking forgiveness to Neil for not trusting him, and going ahead for divorce. Suhani acts as the catalyst in re-uniting Neil-Ragini who are her parents. Neil also knows Ragini is not married, and all such events spoil Nivedita’s plans, and Pam’s efforts. Pam will try to influence her brother, and also trouble Ragini since she hates her. Will Neil give an unequivocal answer to Pam & Nivedita regarding his renewed relationship with Ragini ? What about Suhani’s integration also with Ragini’s family ? Also, Suhani’s biological dad Ronnie is going to be portrayed by actor Rushad Rana, and his impending entry on the show leads to the twist ahead.

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    Nd d finale 4 2 day….
    AANDHON ME KANA RAJA nd andher nagri chaupat raja taka sir bhaji tka sir kha ja

  45. रिचा

    Thnku 4 reading @ liya kutty nd u knw i ws jst shelling out my frustatn of d fight trough these cmnts

  46. रिचा

    Oh devu u thnk so ok dr i vl nt cmnt rude dr nd sry dr i ws a little frustated nd u knw dat sme of these rude cmnts r nt mine sm1 using my name dr nd i nvr said kill u kani dat ws sm1 else dr

    • OK OK OK I understood … But I think now onwards v must have one code … V will decide tht code through mail …. I will mail u .. Ok

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.