Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha calls laxmi n tells her that she has been appointed in lakshya academy, nisha asks laxmi to inform ramesh as well abt it n thanks laxmi for motivating her. Cousins after knowing abt nishas job get excited n ask sourabh to send nishas pic in uniform, sourabh asks nisha to pose but nisha is busy looking at viraj, sourabh asks her to focus, an employee asks nisha to meet viraj, nisha goes to viraj, nisha says sir can I ask something, viraj says sure but don’t ask to raise salary I did a research n 15000 is enough, nisha says sir I want to talk abt the job u said im not the correct , viraj says I said u shd decide whether ur the right person, n u have proved it by coming today, so ur first job is get priyanka n other two girls in 5 minutes run, nisha rushes

she finds ekta n anjali at the place but priyanka missing she finds priyanka is in virajs house n so runs n goes to call priyanka, priyanka says she wont come she is injured, nisha realizes priyanka is acting n nisha decides she wont fail in her first task n so says ok n calls viraj n says sir priyanka is in pain injured n is just crying n crying, viraj says I will come n see by myself, viraj comes n priyanka acts as if she is in lot of pain, viraj looks at it n says don’t worry I will apply spray n u will be ok bcoz I don’t want u to miss state level pracctice, priyanka says no spray wont work, nisha says sir allow me I will apply the spray, while applying spray nisha screams oh god lizard, priyanka gets scared n stands, viraj looks at priyanka, nisha says sir actually the pain was in her mind n so it was a shock treatment , viraj says ok priyanka get ready n come down immediately n sorry past two years due to my health problems I couldn’t look after u but now I wont let u go through any pain n always take care of u, viraj nisha leave, priyanka says I have to do something abt this girl.
Viraj in meeting with priyanka anjali n ekta says 2 years before u 3 had won lot of medals for this academy n undoubtedly ur the best ones , but I heard after my accident u three have quit ur practice I don’t know why n now don’t want to know as well but now in 2 months n the best among u will represent the academy so do u girls have that still in u, nisha says yes sir n nothing stuff, priyanka n gals starts laughing on nisha, viraj looks at nisha n says miss nisha these3 will practice from tomorrow so make the arrangements, nisha says yes sir, viraj says I hope u haven’t forgotten ur skills, priyanka says don’t worry we wont let u down, once we have learnt n that to from u we will never forget it, nisha says sir is that so once we learn to aim we don’t forget it, priyanka looks at nisha n says, u just don’t learn u got to practice hard, viraj says absolutely correct, nisha u need to practice on skills every person isn’t as talented as arjun, nisha says n how abt eklavya he was as good as arjun, viraj says point noted miss nisha, viraj leaving the cabin says miss nisha its ur first day u can go early but from tomorrow be sharp at time, nisha says ok sir, viraj leaves.
Ekta says gals I got concert tickets shall we go, priyanka says fun sure, nisha says but tomorrow we have practice, priyanka says I heard that n leaves.nisha says she is so like gayatri. Guard calls nisha n tells someone is waiting for u.
Summit tries to calm dolly, dolly says why didn’t u ask ur mom why she behaved with my parents this way, summit says dolly I will talk to mom, dolly says no need u people go attend ur parties I can take care of my parents n leaves.
Umesh goes at amans place n finds her all broken n upset, umesh goes to her n says see aman I brought u hot tasty food, aman doesn’t reacts n doesn’t even look at umesh, umesh says see I know its hars time but im with u we all will manage things but first have food see I have all ur fav dishes, aman denise n starts crying n hugs umesh,umesh says don’t cry all will be ok, aman says wat ok, can u bring me back my dad, im all alone now, now my uncle is here n he is here asking me to do wat he wants me to do, umesh says im here for u, aman says u aren’t u couldn’t even talk to ur parents, umesh says I will its just that dolly is in pain n so, aman says I love u n trust u but im scared I don’t want to leave u, amans uncle comes n says u people wont be together now, now im amans inchrage n I will decide wat to do,amans uncle says just get out n pushes umesh out of house n says aman we are leaving right now .

Nisha helps umesh bring amanpreet to gangwal house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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