Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dolly sees summit screwing her job, sumit looks at her, dolly asks him why did he do so ,sumit says bcoz I don’t want u to do job,dolly says u can do anything and me that’s it I am going to call them back,sumit tries to raise hand and then says ur so selfish dolly and now if u do anything against my wish I will screw ur life and sumit leaves,dolly starts crying, and says I am selfish,dolly gets a call from sourabh, he tells her that he is going to delhi and needs help of some members from delhi and so send their numbers,dolly starts crying, sourabh asks dolly why is she crying,but dolly doesn’t answer and keeps crying.
Viraj is taking treatment from doctor and nisha is there with them,viraj discontinues the treatment and says enough,nisha says doctor

u continue he wont stop now,viraj says nisha listen,nisha says sir plz follow the treatment,viraj starts with treatment.kabir is in talks with the landlords for the factory project, sumit joins him,kabir introduces him to the owners,kabir says let me go through the papers,kabir says papers are ok,and signs the papers.the owner looks at sumit (the owner and sumit have joined hands). Kabir gives them check,kabir is thinking abt nisha and so says u talk with sumit I will see u later and leaves.owner hugs sumit and gives him the papers and says here are virajs land papers, sumit say soon kabir and viraj ur life will be a hell.
Doctor says nisha plz be there till the treatment is going,nisha says ok I will,doctor leaves,nisha asks sir do u need anything to eat, viraj asks what can u do,nisha says how abt bread and jam,viraj laughs and says bread and jam how can u eat that,nisha thinks abt kabir who always appreciated her for making bread and jam,nisha says I shd leave now,viraj says sorry for all that happening in few days,nisha says plz get ur life back sir,viraj says I will surely since u are saying and one more think are u and kabir happy together,nisha nods yes,viraj says u may lie but ur eyes are telling the truth u aren’t happy and showing all the pain ur in,nisha says eyes always cheat u they show u something and see something and leaves.viraj says I have seen that u love me and once ur fake marriage ends I will be back in ur life.
Nisha walking and says I am very happy with kabir and just wishing that kabir always stays with me forever,nisha sees kabir sleeping in car and walks to him smiling,kabir wakes and runs to gola wala ,nisha comes and says make it two,kabir acts as if he isn’t waiting for her,nisha smiles,kabir says really I wasn’t waiting for u I was here for gola and then remembered that virajs house is here so,nisha says really do u remember u said u will wait for me if u were my husband,kabir says ok ok have gola,kabir and nisha leave,kabir asks nisha why is she smiling so much,nisha says nothing and says stop stop see pani puri, and both go to have pani puri.nisha starts shouting for water,kabir gets her icecream but her ice cream falls down, kabir denise to share his ice cream,kabir gives his ice cream to nisha and smiles looking how she eats it,nisha shares ice cream with kabir and both her having fun.
Laxmi and ramesh are in nishas house,ramesh says I still cant believe that nisha is married, but this house is very well organized,laxmi says we have to find out how are they but I am not liking that we are here without there permission,ramesh says we will surprise them.sumit with papers goes to virajs place and gives him the papers, viraj asks did he doubt u,sumit says no not at all,now u help nisha and I will handle kabir,viraj says thanku for helping me,sumit says to himself poor viraj u have no idea that u and kabir are now under my plan.
Ramesh hides behind sofa,kabir and nisha come home,kabir says my body is aching,laxmi comes out and nisha and kabir go to their room,ramesh says lets see them come,laxmi says what they didn’t see u,eamesh says no come. Nisha shouts kabir get up let me do the bed,kabir says oh yes the deal is final now,nisha says good congrats.ramesh and laxmi see nisha making partition in bed,kabir sees them at door.

PRECAP:nisha says plz think before doing anything,kabir says nisha I have decided that we will tell ur parents the truth and in return I am ready to go through any punishment.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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