Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj says to nisha may be u are for some other job I want someone who has that spark , may be next time always remember nothing stuff, nisha says sir can I drop, viraj says I love loneliness bye miss nisha. Nisha says I find something in his eyes that really impress n inspires me.
Nisha in tears goes home, viraj removes a coin n tosses it n says if she comes tomorrow its good n if she doesn’t not bad as well. Laxmi says is this time to come home, laxmi sees nisha upset n asks wats wrong, nisha says nothing sleepy n tired, laxmi says ohk first have food, nisha says no I would like to sleep im not hungry, laxmi says ohk then change n go to sleep n leaves.
Ramesh gets a call saying vimla n vijendra have reached delhi, ramesh says u take care of urself

. ramesh sees nisha sleeping, n wakes her up, nisha says viraj sir im not sleeping see, ramesh says wake up nisha ur home n not in office, u will be late go get ready, nisha says im going nowhere, ramesh says wat abt job, nisha says I got rejected last night when viraj came to leave me he said I have no spark, ramesh says he came to leave u , nisha says let me sleep, ramesh says get up n go fight for ur job, nisha says but sir said I don’t have , ramesh says u have to bring that spark so get up n go get ur job, laxmi says nisha heres ur tea have it n go try again, ramesh says to try is in ur hand so don’t give up, we have our place in this world n we have to find it it isn’t served to us readily. Ramesh laxmi wish nisha best luck n leave.nisha with full enthusiasm gets ready collects all her documents n finds her employment letter is missing n finds virajs letter , nisha reads the letter, it says that incident has changed not just mine but my sis life as well , today the academy is in danger, n I felt like im getting away from paa, I wish u where here so that u could hug me n take me out of my pain n help me, I wish atleast someone would be there for me, im feeling very lonely.
Dolly goes to leela, leela says come dolly come in why are u standing there come, will u have green tea, dolly says why did u give my parents time to meet, they can see me anytime, leela says we have a party to attend, dolly says ya I know but I can join the party later why did u ask them not to come for dinner, leela says I didn’t say something like that, dolly says u did jwala had messaged me, leela says ok I did bcoz I didn’t want to show them how miserable their daughter is, dolly says see mom we have to understand n respect eachothers space, leela says respect u, summit comes n says dolly just come along with me n takes her away, leela says gos knows wat this girl has done to my son he didn’t even look at me.
Nisha goes to academy, sourabh says welcome to the academy, nisha says I got job how, sourabh says wat how u didn’t get job where is the form, nisha says its with viraj sir n he said im not suitable for this job, sourabh says then why are u here today, gayatri comes n says oh dear sourabh she must be here bcoz she is pain , how sad it is no she couldn’t sign the employment form but nisha before u leave have sandwiches a treat from me, nisha says sure mam, gayatri says u must have realized how difficult its to please viraj but u are late, viraj says whose late aunty I see no one is late here, walks towards nisha n says aunty go through presentations for today n mr manager u go through equipment list, so miss nisha, nisha just stares at viraj , viraj says nisha, miss nisha, sourabh pushes her, nisha says yes sir, good morning sir , u know im here for the job I wont give up, I want this job n I will keep trying till u see the spark u want in me. Viraj says miss nisha plz raise ur hands, nisha does so, he places his bag on it, removes form n says aunty here it is nishas appointment letter, n aunrag(to sourabh) give her the uniform.

Nisha is asked to call priyank, priyanka is at virajs place, nisha goes there n asks priyanka to be there at the practice place, priyanka says I wont I have my leg injured.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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