Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, shantis men goes near the garbage,kabir slowly goes behind him,kabir goes to him and asks what are u finding,the man says a small girl,kabir says the one small girl they just now left the resort,shanty and her men go out and kabir removes chandu out of can and hugs her.
Dadi says to dadaji its ur fault bcoz of ur decisions my son felt bad and insulted and so he left and so my son left he isn’t a coward, dadaji says I didn’t take this decisison in anger,dadi says u accept it or not but the truth Is by this decision of urs u made him away from us,why didn’t u get it ramesh has different thinkings than urs and see now my family isn’t together,dadi starts crying and leaves.
Mr khana goes to meet gayatri,gayatri asks him so did u ask dad abt the

money,khanna says he denied, gayatri says god after my divorce my dad has made this nonsense plans he gave me 20 percent and viraj 80%, khanna says now he has made new plans and it is now virajs wife will also get 30% i.e whoever marries viraj will get 30%, khanna leaves gayatri says now viraj will marry the girl I will choose and then I will have 30% of the shares.
Kabir nisha and chandu are hiding,nisha says see chandu I told u nothing will happen,chandu says sorry didi,nisha says wow chandu u spoke why didn’t u speak,chandu says bcoz if I speak those people will hit my mom and if I speak they will hit u also,nisha says don’t worry speak as much as u can don’t worry,chandu says my dadaji is a bad person he brought me and my mom here,I was running with my mom my uncle was helping but and then my dadaji didn’t let me go, my mom is waiting for me I have to go near my mom,nisha says looks like her dadaji is very powerful , chandu says yes everybody is scared of dadaji,nisha says chandu this paper who gave u,chandu says my uncle,nisha says ok then this must be his number see the code its of mount abu,kabir says yes it’s a landline.
Gayatri goes to virajs place,sees viraj cooking and says its so good to see u normal, viraj says im fine no more mourning, gayatri says u know what u should get married and then ur kids will take care of ur property, viraj says no marrying business aunty but I have thought that after me the property will be given to charities,gayatri says what abt academy,viraj says what it will keep going and im like I should attach academy wings so that my academy flies higher and higher.gayatri thinks god if this viraj thinks abt charity and all I will be bankrupt soon.
Kabir says no one will find this place,nisha says chandus uncle said that she has to be on delhi so that she can go along with her mom and he will be here soon, chandu gets excited listening her mamaji(uncle) will be here,nisha says oh chandu I will miss u,chandu says me too,kabir says chandu me too,kabir says chandu tell this nisha not to be sad again,nisha says don’t start again,chandu says stop fighting and sees her uncle and hugs him,nisha says uncle wait have something to eat, uncle says no we are getting late and leaves,nisha says to kabir did u see chandus uncle looked weird,kabir says don’t worry she will be with her mom soon and will be fine,nisha says no lets follow,kabir says oh god ur so irritating.
Chandus uncle takes her to shanty and sits in her car and goes,nisha and kabir see that and run behind the car but cant get them,nisha says see I told u and starts cryigng,kabir hugs her and says nisha don’t worry we will save chandu.

Kabir and nisha disguise and fool shanty and her men and get to chandu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. viraj , thats the spirit.u r normal again

  2. Renuka sulania

    No plzzz…viraj is so boring

  3. Guys trust me nisha and kabir is a perfect couple kabir hug nisha……viraj and nisha there is no chemistry btw them they look disgusting together……..

  4. Nisha is going to propose kabir
    I saw in fb (mishkat’s fb page)
    Wow really excited to watch kanisha as a pair
    Feeling excited…..

  5. I still feel nisha will marry viraj ( reference to tht 30%)

  6. Guys,i saw d promo where kabir n nisha r siting in mandap dressed as bride n groom followed by their nokh jokh n finaly they get married!
    Wow! Kabir n nisha rocks

  7. Yes even i saw it!
    Kabir is betr than viraj n kabir has come insearch of viraj as he is his bro n at d end nisha wil choose kabir over viraj!

  8. natasha and mehak can u plz post the link

  9. I saw d promo on tv!

  10. How do u know that kabir and viraj are bros?
    Is it kanisha? Cuz nisha’ full name is in it? I think it should be something like kabisha or shabir

  11. Nice one viraj, welcome back

  12. Guys here is the link of new promo

  13. Neha,when kabir was making his entry,The spoilers said that viraj brother will soon make an entry n it did.
    Btw viraj mom lives in london n kabir’s mom also lives in london,kabir is in search of someone!
    D day d both bro meets,viraj wil be jelous seeing them!
    Its my view that kabir is d brother of viraj!!

    1. Thanks I get it now 🙂

  14. I agree with u mehak!
    Waiting wen d true bro wil meet n viraj wil get jelous seeing
    Which one do u lyk?

  15. Kabisha goes wel!
    I lyk it!

  16. Ya,kabisha sounds gud to me!
    Even i lyk it!
    Which name u guys lyk!

  17. I share d credit of giving a name to d cute jodi of kabir n nisha with Neha!
    It was Neha who started!
    Thanks Neha

    1. Thank uuuuu:)

  18. thanks for the link sree 🙂

    1. u r welcome.

  19. Finally,these two silly fellws r going to marry.thank u somuch 2 the production team.u save viraj from ths imprudent marriage.send him out of ur shit or find a decent grl from his community. u fools.and kill those two silly fools immediately after marriage

  20. viraj gettng jealus for dumbo,two brothrs fightng for a grl lik dumbo,hahahaaaa……..bad days startd for viru.production show some mercy on my dynamic viru.

  21. At the beging,viraj as mr.perft,nisha as the end viraj as mr.dumbo and nisha as

  22. even i liked the jodi of kabir and nisha and its is pefect jodi

  23. yes kabir and nisha look great together and by the way no hope from viraj as he had rejected nisha and her love for him .kabir is the most perfect for nisha as he was for avni in aur pyar ho gaya

  24. I like Viraj and Nisha….

    I thought Viraj has left to London and was going to manage the academy from London… How come Oh My My is meeting Viraj in the flat again?? Whats happening… Did I miss something ?

  25. hey guys seriously kabir is virajs bro
    can u say me from where did u get it

  26. In my ways kabir is best then viraj

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