Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, summit tells kabir not to trust viraj and beware of viraj, kabir says no I don’t believe all this, summit says I know its hard to believe but don’t u know love is a very tricky thing and makes u do anything so as its said everything is fair in love n war, kabir says summit this all sounds filmy so,summit says don’t take it as joke,kabir says its nonsense and abt nisha I will take care of her and now lets do some work,summit says to himself just buy virajs land kabir and then u see what I do.
Dolly sees sourabh and asks him why is he here, sourabh says I am thinking of handloom and want to discuss it with dadaji and what abt u,dolly says I had applied for librarian and so interview,sourabh says dolly but u job why are u alright, dolly says I am very tensed

abt summit and starts crying,sourabh asks did he hit u again,what is it u can share with me,see dolly life has its ups and down don’t cry be a sport, dolly says sourabh thanku for the support, sourabh says ur my friend its fine, dolly says summit lost his job and he isn’t finding a new job and moreover we are staying here and so I am finding job so that we can shift,sourabh says u don’t be tensed all will be fine,dolly gets a call congratulating her on her success in first round and promoted to next, sourabh congratulates her and dolly shows him her file and both have a chat, dolly shows her certificates to sourabh but sourabh is busy looking at her,dolly says let me share the news and see u later.
Nisha gets a call from jwala and nisha says jwala I am coming bye,nisha goes to kabir and says I am going home to help jwala,kabir says ok go bye.virendra asks kabir to deliver a file to a address, kabir thinks I will act bad and says uncle I have lot of work and cant do this plz let me work,suku says I will do it uncle don’t bother him,ramesh sees this and doesn’t like it.ramesh goes to kabir and says have the injury reached ur brains ur being too rude these days whats the matter,kabir says I have to call,ramesh says do make ur calls but don’t forget to respect elders,kabir thinks I feel bad doing this but have to do it and leaves.ramesh says this isn’t normal but fishy.
Kabir sees nisha cooking and looks at roti and says u burned it,kabir says what abt project,nisha says I helped her and its done and so now cooking but see my rotis they are so bad,kabir gives her a bowl and says see how round ur rotis will be,nisha says I am impressed kabir,kabir says I know.both cook together some food.
Kabir and nisha at dining table,nisha serves food to kabir,kabir eats it very very fast and gulps all the food,nisha asks how was the food,kabir says nice it was,nisha gets a call from virajs doctor asking for help to ask viraj to take proper treatment,nisha says I will call u back,nisha tells kabir abt it,kabir says ok go,nisha says I cant I don’t know what to do now,kabir says if u want to go just go,nisha says I feel I shd go bcoz he helped me and then I am married so,kabir says as if we agree to this marriage go nisha,nisha says what if u where my husband in real,kabir says still the decision will be urs,nisha says what abt family,kabir says we will manage,now have food and go,nisha takes food,kabir says don’t eat this eat ketchup and roti,nisha tries her sabji and says yuk its bad and says poor kabir takes care of me so much I just hope u stay with me all the time.
Ramesh and laxmi together,ramesh says pack bags we are going to honeymoon,laxmi says what are u doing,ramesh shares a plan with her.and says just pack now and we have to do it.dolly and summit having food,dolly says summit what do u think of my job, summit says u cant handle one house and want to be a librarian, rukhma comes and call dolly,dolly goes with her,dollys phn rings summit picks it up and the call says dollys interview is postponed,summit says no thanks she doesn’t need this job anymore,dolly sees summit doing this.

PRECAP; viraj says to nisha u can hide the truth from whole world but not me,ur eyes speak all the truth,nisha says don’t trust them,they show something and see something else.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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