Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, summit tells kabir not to trust viraj and beware of viraj, kabir says no I don’t believe all this, summit says I know its hard to believe but don’t u know love is a very tricky thing and makes u do anything so as its said everything is fair in love n war, kabir says summit this all sounds filmy so,summit says don’t take it as joke,kabir says its nonsense and abt nisha I will take care of her and now lets do some work,summit says to himself just buy virajs land kabir and then u see what I do.
Dolly sees sourabh and asks him why is he here, sourabh says I am thinking of handloom and want to discuss it with dadaji and what abt u,dolly says I had applied for librarian and so interview,sourabh says dolly but u job why are u alright, dolly says I am very tensed

abt summit and starts crying,sourabh asks did he hit u again,what is it u can share with me,see dolly life has its ups and down don’t cry be a sport, dolly says sourabh thanku for the support, sourabh says ur my friend its fine, dolly says summit lost his job and he isn’t finding a new job and moreover we are staying here and so I am finding job so that we can shift,sourabh says u don’t be tensed all will be fine,dolly gets a call congratulating her on her success in first round and promoted to next, sourabh congratulates her and dolly shows him her file and both have a chat, dolly shows her certificates to sourabh but sourabh is busy looking at her,dolly says let me share the news and see u later.
Nisha gets a call from jwala and nisha says jwala I am coming bye,nisha goes to kabir and says I am going home to help jwala,kabir says ok go bye.virendra asks kabir to deliver a file to a address, kabir thinks I will act bad and says uncle I have lot of work and cant do this plz let me work,suku says I will do it uncle don’t bother him,ramesh sees this and doesn’t like it.ramesh goes to kabir and says have the injury reached ur brains ur being too rude these days whats the matter,kabir says I have to call,ramesh says do make ur calls but don’t forget to respect elders,kabir thinks I feel bad doing this but have to do it and leaves.ramesh says this isn’t normal but fishy.
Kabir sees nisha cooking and looks at roti and says u burned it,kabir says what abt project,nisha says I helped her and its done and so now cooking but see my rotis they are so bad,kabir gives her a bowl and says see how round ur rotis will be,nisha says I am impressed kabir,kabir says I know.both cook together some food.
Kabir and nisha at dining table,nisha serves food to kabir,kabir eats it very very fast and gulps all the food,nisha asks how was the food,kabir says nice it was,nisha gets a call from virajs doctor asking for help to ask viraj to take proper treatment,nisha says I will call u back,nisha tells kabir abt it,kabir says ok go,nisha says I cant I don’t know what to do now,kabir says if u want to go just go,nisha says I feel I shd go bcoz he helped me and then I am married so,kabir says as if we agree to this marriage go nisha,nisha says what if u where my husband in real,kabir says still the decision will be urs,nisha says what abt family,kabir says we will manage,now have food and go,nisha takes food,kabir says don’t eat this eat ketchup and roti,nisha tries her sabji and says yuk its bad and says poor kabir takes care of me so much I just hope u stay with me all the time.
Ramesh and laxmi together,ramesh says pack bags we are going to honeymoon,laxmi says what are u doing,ramesh shares a plan with her.and says just pack now and we have to do it.dolly and summit having food,dolly says summit what do u think of my job, summit says u cant handle one house and want to be a librarian, rukhma comes and call dolly,dolly goes with her,dollys phn rings summit picks it up and the call says dollys interview is postponed,summit says no thanks she doesn’t need this job anymore,dolly sees summit doing this.

PRECAP; viraj says to nisha u can hide the truth from whole world but not me,ur eyes speak all the truth,nisha says don’t trust them,they show something and see something else.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


      • aa

        Is Tanaya a paid employee who needs to update by a certain time? Even if you are upset about slightly late updates, you can say it without being so rude.

      • sweetie

        I have just stated a fact which everybody know is right. It’s a complaint which Tanaya should look into. If she’s not able to do her job on time there are others willing to do it.

    • niraj lover

      Niraj is the best always. I love them because viraj is suitable for nisha. Because he helps nisha every time. Why all of them compliments that stupid. He just ruining nisha’s life. . Kabir is stupid junk. I need niraj to be together. I need Zara Zara bgm. It will done when niraj comes together. I love them because their love means a lot. If nisha & that stupid comes together it’s a bad idea of the script.



  2. Nice episode n precap but i think maybe this summit will bring kabir n nisha together with this plan and he himself will not it and that will be so good because if kabir believe what he saying then kabir will be more protective about nisha

  3. ci

    kabhir is cuta.but not suitable for nisha.i know their chemistry is chemistry is not’s something like unpredictable.

    • niraj lover

      Exactly what I think. He is not at all matured. Viraj is very poor. He deserves everything in his life. But he doesn’t get that. First his mom relatives nisha’s fake aarti then nisha and now dadaji. Viraj is only person who deserves nisha.

      • Viraj dont deserve nisha he look like if he is a 50 year old man old tasteless n boring guy if his love was true then he would give nisha a chance to explain herself when that email matter was out but no he keep on insult her n her love for him so if she fall for kabir we wouldnt mind because only he deserve nisha

  4. Guys, I would like you to be in Tanaya’s shoes! I Tanaya does decide to leave them I would like one of you to update this show every day for 2 weeks and then I’ll ask you how hard it is !!


    Wow!Kabir is so caring.i dont thing nisha will let him go back.she loves Kabir. Kabir is her true love .Hey guys i thing in the upcoming weeks family will know about summits intentions and Dolly will give him divorce.Then sourabh will marry dolly bcz he loves her in this epi maine dekha ki woh dolly ki batton mein kho gaya just like kabir ki baton mein nisha khothi hai.I think Nibir will stay bcz in a news i saw that viraj knew about kabir being his brother and he sacrifies his love 4 kabir &nisha’s happiness.

  6. papia

    kaisi teri khudgarji
    na dhup chune na chao
    kaisi teri khugarji
    kisi thor tike na pao
    batiya apna kalandar
    kardiya tu sat samundar
    firvi sukha manke andar
    keu rehka
    re kabira man ja
    re fakira ieu na ja
    aja tujhko pukare teri parchaiya

  7. kanisha

    wahh !!! Nisha good …. tum ne aakhir kah hi diya ki Kabir tumhare saath amesha rahe..
    woww !! so lovely….. keepit up nibir….

  8. niraj lover

    In that time viraj loves aarti. We know that’s nisha but viraj doesn’t. According to him his love become always cheats him that time. Nisha want to understand that. She have to convince him. He need some time to digest that. But nisha handle that situation like a child and run away. It result as that trash kabir. Love us apart from age. And one thing viraj is so handsome guy better than kabir.

  9. kanisha

    to niraj lover
    Nisha did that (became Aarti) bcoz she wanted viraj to forget his past( kiara ka dhoka). she did not play a game with viraj okkkkkk….

  10. kanisha

    but this is true that they both(viraj&Kabir)look brothers… and this is also true that for Nisha only Kabir is best… kyunki aajtak Nisha sabko samajhkar unki help karti aayi hai…and now its kabir ‘s turn… and plzz plzzz Nisha for god sake don’t fall again with viraj’s bad plans… OK we all nibir fans are warning u okkk. ….

  11. kanisha

    waise I’m here only but I just comment less now…. and I don’t know about amyra … but I know only this much that is busy in her exams..

    • sweetie

      I meant it good that you’re fine 😉 🙂
      Sorry for late reply. I was busy typing out a long comment 🙂

  12. kanisha

    hey susi di ..plz now no hangouts.. no gmails OK… plzz and plz don’t give my email I’d to any one OK… plz iknow u’ll not but plZZZZZ

  13. sweetie

    Dear Niraj Lover

    First of all I wanna say that I have nothing against you personally. Just that our views are different.

    Viraj might be handsome but looks are the least important when it comes to love and marriage. He has left Nisha broken hearted at a moment when she needed him the most. But Kabir on the other hand has always been there for her. Even when he had a chance to run away and ditch her before the marriage he didn’t. He came back to support her (also I would like to point out that Kabir didn’t love her at this point) 

    Viraj claimed to love Aarthi but when he found out who she was he couldn’t even bother to give her a chance to explain. Is this love?

    In spite of her being a stranger and no love between them Kabir supported her. And even now he continues to care for her. This is love at its purest form.

    Also Nisha didn’t run away like a child. She tried to explain but Viraj wouldn’t listen. He had insulted her and her family at the press conference. There is no reason why Nisha should harbour anymore feelings for a guy who said he loved her by just texting her and her identity didn’t matter. If it didn’t then why the he’ll did he ditch her when he found out that Nisha is aarthi?

    Viraj needs to move on in life. Nisha and Kabir are a happy couple. They will fall in love. They have no place for viraj. 

    And last but not least whatever we say might not make a difference as long as the producers have something in mind. So all we can do is sit back n enjoy the show while it lasts.

  14. kanisha

    yaa u r right sweetie.. but yaar this is true that nibir have place for him(viraj) as Nisha’ jeth and kabir’s big bro….
    And this was the reason for coming late… right??

    • sweetie

      Yes kanisha
      Yeah Viraj can be an elder bro. Then he should also go back to being Nisha’s mentor.
      I meant he has no place in their love life.

  15. papia

    guys,NAUC ki producers ke pas ask kiya gaya tha ki NAUC ki real herro koun hai?unhone bola ki its

    nishu…….. 😀

  16. kusum

    guys no use of arguing because director might have already decided what will should happen next. so stop fighting and arguing and just enjoy the show

  17. kusum

    yes i didn’t tell that ur fighting but i am telling to others how r fighting and arguing and i am sorry sweeti if my words have hurt u

  18. kanisha

    I think u all have made a plan of not talking today…. really yaar what happppppppeeeeeeeeeennnnneeed …????

  19. kanisha

    sacchchhi mai … ab mujhe bohot gussa aa raha hai….. r u all busy today only… now see tomorrow i may be busy … so thats y I wanted to talk to u all…..
    Richa??? susi di?? liya?? @@?? mn?? nika?? and anyone???????? plz some one come na……..

  20. kanisha

    yupppppppiiiiiiiii I made 100 cmnts…. but so so so so so so sosoooooo angry with u all…… bye

  21. kanisha

    I think u all r laughing at me bcoz I’m so stupid , commenting alone with my aatma , bhoot , and this air …

  22. Guyana is a english speak country so we all speak english here if u want you can go google guyana and you will know that i am not lieing

  23. Max

    As sun kisses sea in evening
    World’s best fabric weaving!
    What a beautiful union??
    Like a scientific fusion!
    If you are dark shiny eyes ,
    Let me be your eybrows!
    To cover you from dust!
    If you are a flower,
    Let me be your thorns!
    To protect you from others!
    If you are a tree,
    Let me fall as rain!
    A chance to disslove in you!!
    But you are my queen
    Let me be your lover!
    I will put this world under your slipper!
    Gud evn guyz!

  24. liya

    what happened 2 nibir,nika akka,ss,athira,asma di.richa di,blossom?ohho not getting the names also……

  25. kanisha

    just tell me na guyxzzzz where were u allll??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :-/…

  26. liya

    viraj and lover?hmm if that happen then the serial will change completely.cousins portions are not at all getting value nowadays.if kirti is viraj’s lover then the show can concentrate on cousins bond.

    • susi

      I understand that now cousins portion is less but Kirti nd viraj aiyo !!!!! Liya what happen to u dr if viraj getting any jodi that would be kaira she is the perfect fr viraj but nt kirti

      • liya

        yeah akka.i was sad bcoz cousin’s portions are i told like that.kaira is good 4 viraj.nibir will unite them.

  27. yaa kaira iz dis viraj iz after nisha even though she married someone(kabir).we don’t want 2 see viraj vit nisha.niskbir rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssss……

  28. susi

    Choti bhoot pls I want to go now to make chutney pls give permission fr half an hour I ll back 😀 😀 😀

    • kanisha

      amyra was the 1st one ….I made friendship… there were only me and amyra and then slowly we all became friends .. susi then devga , richa , garimaa …. and now u can see who all r with us …OK bye…

      • kanisha

        to all
        OK bye now just was mossing u all so I cmnt… now bye and guddunight. …. sleep well with a lovely dream…. bye….

  29. liya

    m in 9 and [email protected]

  30. Arey today wonderful NIBIR SCENE. . . . . . . WOW JUST AMZING….. SCENES OF ICECREAM ….. YUM YUM ….
    And I am just dum struck by nishu’s thinking after coming out of iiraj house ……
    She was thinking iiraj sir I am really happy and tht will b permanent if kabir stays with me for ever …. Wow
    But poor idiot iiraj is still thinking tht nisha is acting to b happy … Hahahaha u r wrong iiraj …..

  31. jo

    waiting for 10th result. I saw today eps ,last 15mins. Superb romance. hope that if nibir was always togthr.

  32. Ahcir

    Ok guys try this hope u like it……
    Now acc 2day epi precap nibir gonna tel d truth 2 luxmi nd ramesh so nw kabir is beatn nd out of gangwal house nd rupan nd sumit take advantage of this nd put down nisha in evryones eyes nd she is humiliated nd treated badly nd in angr on hrslf nd fury she runs out of d house nd meanwile kabir feels v bad nd cals his mum nd explains hr evrythng nd she gts teary eyed nd asks kabir dat she vl cm nd sort out evrythng nd KAB ask hr nt 2 trble hrslf nd he vl bring hr bahu back wth ful rspct nd sort out evrythng himslf dis time wth emotions towards nisha wile nisha out of gangwal house nd dada g in angr ordr evryone nobdy wil go aftr nisha or srch for hr ….. .. Hope u like it my imagined story nd nw run horses of ur brain nd complete this story nd dont forgt sumit nd his evil plans for defaming d gangwal family nd take ovr their buisnes

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