Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mohan tells babuji all arrangements are done,dadaji says remember as in dollys wedding everyone will give nisha 51000 in shagun,mohan says, and one more abt ramesh, ramesh says I will also give, dadaji says ok if u think u can manage this amount it is ok.
Nisha with kabir,kabir says nisha viraj doesn’t even know what has he lost by denying u,nisha says u speak good but remember that we are acting, and so get ready to act as my fake husband,kabir says yes yes im very good at u,kabir says ok,nisha says ok go then and says so viraj is out of my life now.
Kaira passing by gayatris office hears a guy saying that he had leaked the messages and wants the money now or else he will tell viraj the truth,gayatri sees kaira at the door and stops her.ramesh finishes

his music class and laxmi comes and asks ramesh how will u manage,ramesh says come here with me will show u how and shows her a box of gold coins and says I have saved these for nisha,laxmi says we will manage right,ramesh says yes we will, nisha comes and asks what are u guys upto, ramesh says ur mom always in tension take care of her and leaves, nisha asks laxmi what happened, laxmi says its not belivable ur getting married so got emotional,nisha hugs laxmi.’
Nisha is getting ready, vimla comes and says its my daughters sangeet and look she is looking so beautiful. The lady so called kabirs mami comes with a mama, ramesh and laxmi welcomes them , the lady comes wering a goggle and says why is it so dark,laxmi says ur wearing,mami says oh oh sorry,kabir sees this and says oh god.
Everyone welcomes kabirs mama and mami, kabir enters and hugs mama and mami and says so good to see u, dadaji says go get tea,mama gets up and says which tea masal,sadha,green,mami says sit down acyually he started his career as a waiter but now we have our restaurant and so he behaves like this.
Dadi says laxmi go get nisha,nisha comes and takes blessings from everyone, dadai says ok begin with the mehndi ceremony,sourabh comes and surprises nisha,nisha gets happy seeing him,nisha says sourabh actually, sourabh says dolly suku told me relax, sourabh meets kabir and says hi im nishas boyfriend, kabir says oh u can relax now the headache will be mine soon,aman says lets start with dancing and as usual nisha wont dance,kabir says why, dolly saysu have no idea if u have seen her few days back u wouldn’t believe,suku says she was one who was always there for her cousins,dolly says my fav,kirti says would always fight for me,dolly says she would run away from all girly things,bunty says even ward off all the guys,dolly says and now u see she is getting married but she will still not dance.
umesh says nisha we are very happy that u have kabir and kabir never leave her alone,dolly says enough don’t trouble her anymore,nisha will u have water,nisha nods yes,kabir goes to dolly and asks nisha never danced, dolly says nisha never had interest in dance and girly things but once she had danced to save virajs academy,kabir says no one ever asked her to dance,dolly says guys use to run away from her and do u know I have trust in u and know u will take care of her.
Kirti performs on chitiyan kalaiya, summit joins her, dolly pulls summit back,suku bunty and umesh join kirti, kirti finishes her performance, sourabh says all the elders u have to join as well, kabir says before that and says these lines for nisha”teri nazar ki chandani ni apna banaliya aau sath nibhaye jindagi”,nisha says what are u saying,kabir says u wont dance,nisha says no, kabir picks her and takes her to the center and starts dance with her on subhan allah( avery romantic performace). Kabir gets on his knees for nisha,nisha looks at him and is lost in hi, all clap for them,kabir says thanku everyone.
Kaira is sitting alone,viraj comes and says what is it are u fine,kaira says no im fine,kaira is thinking abt gayatri who asked her not to open her mouth in front of viraj,viraj asks kaira why is she upset and can share her problem with him

PRECAP: kabir abt to apply sindoor in nishas forehead, viraj enters and says stop miss nisha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. daisy

    hate d writers…wth!!! agar niraj ko saath hi krna tha den y did dey bring kabir??? nw its noting btwn nisha n kabir bt wen both ll live under d same roof den???? jai ho writer ki…. did u get training from ekta maam???

  2. Oh man good episode but this precap damid!!!!
    This viraj wen Nisha asked him he’ll tell no n now luk at him……
    Now Nisha shud b strong n keep up her Self respect!! N say NO 2 Viraj!!
    Wish Kabir n Nisha get married !!!
    coz Kabir values others feelings whereas Viraj though a Gud character sumtyms/ most of the tyms hurts Nisha’s feelings!!!!

  3. t

    The one thing kibir fan don’t understands is nisha and kabir they dont have feeling for themselves but viraj and nisha love themselves truthly pls writer make nisha and viraj together

    • devga

      oh ho v understand tht they dont hav feelings but NIBIR IS MADE FOR EACH OTHER…………… and mind it they r married already though it was drama it was with full riti rivaz……….

  4. Those who are saying that Nisha and Kabir don’t have any feelings it is wrong.Because CARE IS ANOTHER FORM OF LOVE ❤.Kabir care so much for Nisha.That is enough.And Soon they will feel their love.Viraj When Nisha said to believe her then u were showing attitude ( not attitude I mean if he listened her when she was about to say d truth) now after hearing the truth u r saying that u love her.TRUST,BELIEVE IS THE BASE OF LOVE.IF U DON’T HAVE IT THEN IT IS NOT A LOVE.ITS JUST A BURDEN FOR U,NO hard feelings for Viraj but saying just my point of view.

  5. inchara

    Oh my God…nisha ws looking so so so Beautiful….
    And kabir …u r just AWSUM…So sweet….
    So romantic….
    U guys r ultimate….Best couple in the world….made for eachother…
    Lvu u both:*

  6. Sweety

    I still prefer nibir….. Nisha and kabir look so gud which each other…. Viraj looks like a father to nisha

  7. Susi

    Omgggggg wowwww. wht a romance …….. Wht a dance ……. Wht a performance ……. I love u so so much nibir………..kabir and nisha looking so so cute .,… 🙂 🙂 we want nibir nibir nibir nibirrrrrrrr……

  8. Thank you devga, anjali, niku for ur wish
    And pls join me in ur group I’m also from TN Chennai Madipakkam
    And nibir fans just relax nisha is going to marry kabir and in the three months gap they will fall in love with each other for sure.

      • kanisha

        hello amyra…. did u forget me???? I think Tamils ki lotri lag gai hai thatsy only Tamils are here…… thank god that i know some English otherwise how would i talk to u……

      • amyra

        not at all kanisha…i’ll never forget u….u were d first one here whom i made frnds wid right??!!! 😉 😀

    • devga

      mo ashrutha dont make it formal saying thank u ……….omg enjoying knwing many frm TN …….. great welcome to all TN frnds…… ya evn THE NIBIR FANS r increasing……….

  9. kusum

    Today’s episode was awesome specially nibir’s romantic performance. Plz nisha marry kabir plzzzzzzz

  10. stuti

    wow awesome episode specially their dance was so romantic…but i dint like the precap n hope tht nisha marries kabir at least viraj should understan how it feels when some one rejects u…nisha luved viraj so much but wht did he do he dint even trust her….
    nisha pls be strong n marry kabir

  11. pallavi

    pls nisha ki shadi kabir se ho not viraj pls pls pls i luv the jodi of nisha and kabir they both luk a beautiful couple pls

  12. neenu

    plz marry kabir nisha this viraj …changes his decisions every time I don’t lik him..kabir soo cute .lovlyy

  13. amyra

    ohk now…this is simply going out of hand….. >_< !!!
    first viraj insults nisha at the press conference in front of d whole family and media…(and believes on his stupid buaji rather)…then he insults her at the card shop even though nisha shamelessly went up to him and asked him again to think about their "so called love"..(if i would have been in her place..i would have kicked viraj out of my life after the press conference itself.. -_- ) and ppl still want that viraj with nisha…how ridiculous that!!! :/ if viraj actually loved her..he should have accepted it t the shop itself….but he showed his so called "bade gharane wala" attitude….he dint trust nisha when it was required the most and they say this is TRUE LOVE!!! but if u don't know…true love is made by mutual trust…and moreover…nisha is not a commodity…so that u can defame her whenever u feel so..and then express ur repentance for it and expect her to come back!!and writers..if indeed this is a youth show…mind u today's youths arn't like this and they know whom to look back at and give a chance to and whom not to…and mind u..this viraj SURELY DOESN'T DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE. and for god's sake don't u understand that nisha is ALREADY MARRIED to kabir!!! :/ o.O !! this marriage is just to make it firm…full stop!! now if she ends marrying viraj…first thing…there will be no sense in the story as it will be lyk shes already married a guy and now will marry another..are u nuts???!!! and second thing…kabir is faar better than viraj!!writers please go get a life.. -_-

  14. stuti

    u r correct amyra….firstly viraj insulted her n belived his buaji n dint even trust her n now suddenly he realised his mistake…acctually he dont deserve nisha…

    • devga

      amyra one suggestion …… u plz start a page and v all wil support u………… i cant as i am not expert in this page creation………. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz if u start a page inform us ………

  15. panna

    Man the precap is a big disappointment . Finally looks like both nisha and kabir are developing feeling for each other yay:-D

  16. Guys tellme one thing if nisha marries kabir and how will the story continue coz if there is a serial there would be a villain but here.
    Imagine if viraj became villan for nibir…..OMG

    • amyra

      viraj should become d villain!!! mayb lyk in these 3 months..both nisha-and kabir will develop feelings for each other but won’t profess it…but unknowingly would keep supporting each other…viraj will jealous..will become a drunkard..buaji aur aag lagaengi…n finally when the truth comes out that both viraj and kabir r siblings…viraj will feel super bad…but will finally understand and will move away frm nisha…and in the end…nisha-kabir will profess each others love and would fly back to dubai… 🙂 #wildimagination !!! 😛 😉

  17. stuti

    ya ashrutha but viraj is a positve role so viraj cannot be a will..I think tht buaji will try to creat misunderstanding between kabir n viraj..

  18. DOLLY

    the whole serial went well until that viraj scene came. actually Kaira is a nice girl but that gayatri is making her bad. Kaira deserves viraj. plss viraj leave OUR NIBIR/KANISHA/NIKA ALONE! #wewantnibir

    • kanisha

      yahh u r very correctt …. but one thing that gayatri did good is “niraj ka alag karna…..”
      plzzzz Nisha in ur marige wen viraj comes start insulting him and take ur badla from viraj…….

  19. What does viraj think about himself!? First when nisha tried to tell the truth he refused to accept it and he insulted her inspite of knowing that his oh my my buaji is bad he trusted her and not nisha later when he gets to know that nisha nisha was not the one who leaked the emails he comes and tries to crash her wedding! He should know that she has gotten over him completely! He definitely needs to sort out his priorities and get out of nisha’s life for good!

  20. kanisha

    hello guya !!!!!!! what’s going on?????
    now i’m free free free coz my exams r over…. so exited…. yaarrrrr I just totallyyyyy loved dis episode but this precap ne pura maza hi kirkira jar diya…….:-/…… :-P……

    • garima

      ohhhh wow yarrr kyaaa episode aayaa hai … kash mai nisha ki jagah par hoti toh mujhe kabir ke saath dance Marne ka mauca milta …… par chhodo … mere naseeb tum kaise aaooge..
      ooo kabiire i love u … and then nibiirre

  21. urmi

    hi amyra! so happy to talk to u and all nibir fans n our grp ….. i’m really sorrrrryyyy nibir fans…:-( as I’ve not in fb so i can’t write ny thing there …. so srrryyy…. i wish i could but ……….

  22. Vidhya

    Frndz i knw all want kabir and nisha jodi bt still nw i lik viraj becoz always our first true luv never get away frm our heart bt viraj hve to feel fr his mistake nt trusting nisha

  23. kanisha

    I don’t know what will happen but nibir shud be the future….. and they both shud fall in love with each other……. (-_-)……

  24. Vidhya

    Guys i m tamil and my +2 board xamz r gng and ashrutha i too lik ajith bt i m die heart fan of “thalapathy vijay” becoz i luv him mre thn myself

  25. kanisha

    u know that (from chennai express) Nisha is minamma, kabir is rahul and viraj is thangabali ……
    Nice na?????

  26. I hve question fr nibir fans ‘before the entry of kabir bt after the press confrence hw many of them expected tat niraj shld reunite? say frm ur heart

    • amyra

      i never wanted viraj-nisha to be together right frm d beginning… 😛 i was desperately waiting for the day when viraj will be replaced by sum one better… 😉 srry if that was rude… 😛

    • devga

      to b frank and honest …….. wen the promo of nauc came…. i felt gud by knwing nisha as brave …… but i hated it seeing viraj and believe me coz of him i dint c nauc …… but as soon as i saw CUTE KABIR’S PROMO i started seeing nauc…… thts y i dont knw wat happened in tht press conference and all ……………. and also dont want to knw wat happened

  27. Thank u guys….swathi and sruthy.supporting me.and I am too from Tamil Nadu.I am a fan of Heartthrob SURIYA and SHIVA KARTHIGAYEN.

    • devga

      ohh wooow muskan ……….. i am heartthrob fan of one and only best SIVAKARTHIKEYAN………. and sorry to tell u but plz the correct spelling if his is this,……. so correct it next time dear………..

  28. I’m just crazy about Surya he is a ever green romantic hero that varanam ayiram train scene OMG no words and no one can do that
    And ajith he is the example of human being I love both of them more than my life

  29. tajun

    its soo contradicting
    in facebook ppl are like we want niraj to be together !!
    and here u guys are like we want nibir to be together!!
    but actually its kabir who deserves nisha!

  30. stuti

    yar when is the repeat telecal of nisha aur uske cousins show pls tell na because i missed the show yesterday


  32. kanisha

    oh!!! susi don’t take me wrong… I was just saying that in our friend group only i’m the one who is not Tamilian…..

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