Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dolly and jwala are upset and jwala says tat y does this happens only with nishu di and no body asks wat is she going through and dolly says tat u don’t worry everything will be okay but jwala says tat no she is alone she has always fought for us and we never did anything for her and comes saurabh and he says tat u don’t worry everything will be okay and dolly cries tat y always problems happen with nisha and she hugs saurabh and cries saurabh asks her to calm down as in her condition it is not fine to cry and then she leaves and saurabh too
While nisha is seen crying holding kabirs jacket seeing their pics at the same time viraj is calling nisha but she is not receiving it and after some time she sees its viraj sir calling she receives the call and says

tat yes she will meet him and nisha gets ready and viraj comes to meet her and says tat she really looks beautiful and asks y is she still wearing the mangalsutra and nisha says tat this is my identity and I will never remove this and viraj says ok as u wish and asks her to lets leave and they reach restaurant while kabir is there seeing nisha and viraj, nisha feels cold so viraj removes his jacket and offers to nisha but she denies and she wears kabirs jacket.
Leela and roopan come to market and see nisha, leela and roopan go to nisha and give her cold look,roopan says wow nisha u are so modern kabir just went yesterday and u started roaming and on other hand the whole family is upset but u, nisha says enough when u don’t know the truth don’t speak,leela says good kabir went he was a cruel and bad boy and so good he left nisha, nisha wasn’t hapy with him and now, nisha holds leelas hand hard and says shut up and if u utter one more word I wont spare u, leela says ok ok I just care abt my son and leaves with roopan.
A robber snatches nishas jacket and bag and runs, nisha gets into fight with him for jacket,viraj says u will get more money just leave her alone, the thief takes money and runs,viraj says nisha don’t u understand just for a jacket, nisha says its not just a jacket its my kabirs jacket, viraj sees nisha in pain and asks are u ok, nisha says I want to go home, viraj says ok I will drop u,nisha gets a call from laxmi and ramesh and they ask her is she fine and they want to see her,nisha says mom I will come home now don’t worry.
Vasu gets a call from nisha and she tells she will stay with her parents this night, vasu says ok anyways what is left in this house, nisha says there is my kabirs memories, vasu says I totally understand what u are going through and I feel pity for u, nisha says don’t I am strong enough to take care of everything and u don’t feel bad abt it, bcoz relations don’t just break this way.vasu keeps phone and says wow nisha u still think jojo will be back but I am very sorry he will never return and my son must have reached London let me check whether he is online.
Vasu video calls kabir and asks did he reach,kabir says yes I did and I am fine, and mom I will talk to u later, vasu says jojo are u still worried abt nisha, kabir says yes and where is nisha Is she fine, vasu says must be good bcoz she is with her parents and she didn’t even call me since the time u left and see I was telling u she doesn’t love u and I hope u are ok my son, kabir says yes mom I will talk to u later bye, vasu sees mountain retreat hotel logo and says I heard this name somewhere is kabir still lying.
Nisha with cousins, nisha says if kabir cared abt me he would never leave me, sourabh says nisha we all know kabir loves u and he is cares for u, nisha says no he doesn’t he doesn’t love me and I am not missing him, aman says nisha look at urself u are missing him,nisha says no I don’t, dolly says why this jacket nisha throw this away, nisha says yes yes I love him and missing him, happy but u people will never understand he just left me, sourabh says what if he has gone u can go to him,suku says we have gathered pocket money and by this u will go London to kabir,nisha says no I wont kabir doesn’t love me, dolly says nisha he loves u a lot,nisha says then why did he made a deal with viraj.

PRECAP;Nisha says kabir u shdnt have left me and gone.
Kabir in his room says nisha I am in jaipur and will leave when see u happy.
Viraj calls nisha and asks is she fine,nisha says yes I am,viraj says to himself that I hope I am not making a mistake by thinking nisha will be happy with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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