Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, the attendant tells shanty abt chandu,shanty gets angry at her men and says u fools couldn’t even search a girl.
Laxmi wakes up and calls ramesh,on ramesh not answering laxmi starts searching him.aman and umesh are sitting with dadi,dadi says umesh don’t tell nisha about what s happening here,laxmi comes worried and asks umesh where is ramesh,dadi says don’t worry must be here somewhere u go get ready.laxmi in her eoom sees there aren’t rameshs clothes,she calls ramesh and sees his phone is in room,son laxmi finds the letter on table,laxmi reads it,the letter says laxmi im leaving and this decision is for myself I haven’t ran away but wanted some time alone I do love u but u plz understand that I wanted sometime for myself and so I left,on reading

the letter laxmi starts crying.

Nisha and kabir are finding whose number is it,they ask chandu but she doesn’t answer, nisha finds out that it is landline number,kabir says I think its address,nisha says are u mad,kabir says lets toss, nisha wins toss,nisha asks chandu is she hungry,chandu nods yes,kabir says nisha u order for me as well I will be back, nisha asks where are u going,kabir says I need to go to washroom its urgent.
Ramesh is walking along with his luggage he sees a darga and goes to seek blessings, ramesh starts singing along with the priest there.nisha orders breakfast. Shanties men searching for chandu land at the resort,the man sees chandu at the restaurant, he goes to call shanty to inform about it.
Laxmi tells everyone in house about ramesh, virendra calls all rameshs friend and so does mohan to find ramesh,virendra says babuji ramesh is nowhere, umesh goes to suku and says dad I didn’t find ramesh uncle and now I will go along with suku to all bus stops,mohan says where did he go always troubles, dadi says when ramesh was small he use to hide and trouble virendra,vimla says why now,dadi says ramesh isn’t a kid, he needs some time alone don’t worry we need to give him time, dadaji says its always happening ramesh runs away from situations, laxmi walks off, dadi goes behind her.
Nisha says chandu and kabir fast finish eat,kabir and chandu find sandwiches spicy, nsha gives water to only chandu and says I will go pay the bill and u kabir take careof her and finish off it soon.shanti raevhes the resort. Manager says to nisha ur leaving so soon, nisha says what to do u charge to stay here. Shanti asks her men to find the room chandu is staying in.
Kabir and chandu see shanties men asking for chandu,shanty forcefully enters the resort,chandu and kabir hide,chandu shows kabir shanti and hugs him,kabir says tell me what is it don’t get scared, kabir says chandu tell who is this lady and why is she behind u,chandu says bhaiya this lady is the one who is behind me plz save nisha didi orelse they will kill nisha didi.kabir sees nisha at reception and signs her to go away,nisha doesn’t understand and starts walking towards them, kabir sees shanty is behind nisha so he hides chandu in a garbage can and runs to nisha, and pulls her, and hides behind the trees.
Shanty and her men are searching chandu everywhere, her men about to find nisha and kabir but shanti calls him and says lets search somewhere else, kabir sees that one of shantis men is going to the can chandu is hiding in.

Shanti finds chandu and takes her along with them and nisha and kabir try to stop them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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