Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir is in pain, nisha gets him bread n jam,kabir says wow my favourite,nisha says how did viraj sir reach there,kabir says the thing is why is it happening with me,nisha says god knows u just take care since we are married u are always getting injured may be I am bad luck,kabir says mad ur lucky for me I got to dance school bcoz of u,nisha helps kabir in banding, nisha asks kabir how did this happened, kabir tells her the whole story,kabir goes out,nisha looks at him and smiles and remembers her vacation with kabir, she picks kabir clothes n keeps it in cupboard and then thinks abt their marriage,kabir comes back and is talking on phone and marks some dates,nisha asks what are u doing,kabir says days for my dance school to London and my dream will be true and starts

dancing but nisha is in tears,kabir asks aren’t u happy,nisha says of course I am happy.
Summit goes to virajs house,summit asks how is he,viraj asks how do u know,summit says kabir told me I hope ur right and I think kabir did this and I am worried abt nisha and u know what I saw feelings for u in nisha today god knows how is she managing, u saved kabir but kabir told that u sent goons and then saved to show that u are trying to impress but I didn’t believe,viraj says I wont leave kabir,summit says don’t worry I didn’t let him tell lie and stopped him and said viraj cant do this and u know how supported me its nisha, I am really worried for her and dadaji has also given her jwellery factory work poor girl how will she manage kabir and factory,but still I hope u take care of urself and I shall leave now.
Nisha is thinking abt kabirs deadline to dance school,kabir sees her lost and asks her what is she looking at,nisha says u will go away,kabir u really will go away,kabir says yes I have to go for that course, nisha says and what abt that kid,kabir says I cant waste my whole life around it,nisha gets a call and asks is viraj there,we called bcoz his phn is off and viraj has appointment with doctor,nisha says I will inform him,kabir asks what is it,nisha tells kabir that viraj may be injured,kabir says u go tell him go,nisha says u come,kabir says don’t be fool go help him,nisha says how are u so understanding,kabir says enough of praising I shd go now.
Nisha goes to virajs house,viraj asks nisha u here,oh must be for yesterday thing,but the reason for saving kabir is just u,I cant see u worried,nisha says sir doctor had called on landline for appointment,viraj says I am fine don’t worry,nisha sees viraj is in pain and helps him,viraj says u came for such little thing,nisha says I am here bcoz u had helped me get my confidence back, the truth is none of us are bad its just that we were in wrong timing,and plz forget the past and we both can live in peace and get ur life back and plz go to doctor bcoz u know I am very stubborn and wont let u be as it is ,u can call me if u are in need,so thanku,bye.viraj says to himself I know nisha u love me,and viraj removes his fake bandage and calls doctor and says thanku for ur help.
Ramesh says babuji kabir is fine,mohan asks how did he get attacked,dadaji says he shd be careful,kabir comes and say sorry dadu,dadaji says I don’t want ur sorry,I want u to be a little responsible, and take care of urself, suku comes and says shekhawat is missing,summit shows a newspaper add and says see this add we can use this place, now we don’t have shekhawat, nisha says what abt shekhawat and dadaji,kabir says the deadline,summit says right and kabir u talk it will be a good deal,suku says that’s grt and nisha come with me lets discuss abt designs.summit says kabir I am finding this fishy, how did viraj land there and so I want u to be little away from viraj god knows he is doing this to impress nisha,we shdnt take risk,after all nisha can get involved and hurt u see so plz take care.

PRECAP;dolly tells sourabh that she has been selected in first round and sent to second,sourabh says that’s grt.summit receives dollys call and the interviewer says that dollys interview is postponed, summit says dolly has got other job plz don’t call again,dolly hears summit saying this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Ritz

    Nisha is love with kabir wo….. and we all know that nisha will be upset when k leaves and kabir can not see his cute wifey unhappy so he will stay
    love u nisha love u kabir love nibir

    • Nice episode especially the first part with kabir n nisha love them so much
      We can see nisha is in love with kabir but she not ready to accept it
      But we all r waiting for that day when they two of them will accept n say i love you to one another
      Stupid viraj is such a big lies and he was talking about nisha when she wrote those email n with the fake name that how she betrayed him n lie to him so what he doing right now what he think doing all that nisha will go back to him no way we all can see nisha love kabir right

      • Sorry but it will never happen .. Can’t u see after kabir and nishu marriage and currently the trip is nauc in 1st place ….. But wen iiraj was there I think it was somewer aroound 20 ….
        And guys accept the truth nibir ki shaadi ho gayi hey …… Be practical …. Don’t b silly to break one marriage nd go back to one who insulted ur love a number of times. …..

  2. Nice epi specially NIBIR scenes ..
    This summit idiot he is becoming too much … I am sure kabir will not believe summit abt iiraj. …. Or may b he will believe as he himself saw iiraj torturing nisha … May b


  3. Max

    Sun’s rays got gleamed in me.
    As your image is fixed in me
    Your rays burn me
    It even toils me
    I will afford all the pain
    Because I am your eccentric lover’!!
    Like that yellow sunflower
    Always turns in your side forever!!
    GM guyz. hve a nice day

  4. Susi

    Oyee richu WHR r u ……..I don’t want any other support to manage …….. Nd I never fear of u dr;-) 😉 😉 😉 😉

  5. ¤~¤रिचा¤~¤

    Susi dr c u aftr 1 week ok nd max suprb poem nd c u 2 aftr 1 week as i hv sm wrk

  6. nika

    50:50 because viraj smd summit no actually dumbith
    Nibir was cute and nidha was cring seeing the calender and she now only thinks about kabir

  7. ¤~¤रिचा¤~¤

    Sm wrk susi dr bt i sure return as soon its ovr ok nd i vont b able 2 read ur cmnts4 me so jst mail me if smething 4 me

  8. Sakshi

    wat a imaginatin max> 😀 way of describing sun & sunflower relationship was awsum- max’s fan

  9. NAZ

    Nisha Should be with Viraz…she is forgetting her first love soooo sooon,and that to without any reason… if viraz has no work, what is he doing here then!¡!¡!¡
    hope viru and ms.nisha reunite…

  10. sanjana deva

    viraj is unfit for nisha……nisha mentioned kabir as caring, protective and trust which is a basic quality that a boy friend should have….in which viraj has already lost…..but still nisha waited for him but he never changed…..when she was ready for a new life he came to spoil it and this is not a thing that a true love should do….pracitcally what viraj is doing is wrong…

  11. kanisha

    I don’t know … some one mail me that name was shrilaxmi… … plz request to those , who have my email id. that is:- don’t give my email id to any one plzzzz…… plzzzzzzplzzzz…..

  12. SS

    koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  13. nika

    Sorry guys my net wasn’t responding for a while so u know liya in kyy there is person who shares my real name and even nickname (lachu)

      • liya

        [email protected] di

  14. Susi


  15. liya ki bhoot

    hello frnds and their bhoots.liya told me that hr is somany bhoots and i’ll get many bhoot frnds but iam not seeing any bhoot.

  16. nika

    I kniw i am pisswd off my granny just took the dough balls that i didn’t complete and those cracked of amd she made a complete mess secind time i made it again i am kindda ms.perfect so i am short tempered i anyone makes mistake

  17. shree

    Gals will be back later I made a mess in colour will finish this sketch n catch u guyz till then signing off bye

    • amyra

      is that a spoiler??!!! sadly no!!!there is no extra news at all!!! it is already known that summit will keep planning against gangwals…nisha will keep falling more for kabir…n viraj will keep creating scenes in an effort to make nisha understand his love for her… -_- there is nothing new!! n hey…don’t u guys feel that the concept of each epi is being very repetitive?? i mean…wahi summit-nisha-kabir-viraj…the end…every day??!! :/

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