Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji praises nisha n allows her to attain the felicitation, dadaji asks where is it,nisha says arjun palace, dadaji says but thats too far, nisha says so im taking summit n dolly along with me, dadaji says why not ramesh n laxmi they will be proud , ramesh comes n says oh no dad me n mohan have very imp work n laxmi has inspection at school. Dadaji says ok, dolly n summit come , summit says don’t worry dadaji i will take care of nisha, n how abt we take kirti n ritesh, dadaji says oh so its all planned see u people can go but make sure u don’t cross ur limits.
Dolly thanks ramesh for helping for permission, ramesh says its ok but i return u guys have to be my audience one evening, dolly says ok its a deal. Roopan says mohan its that palace where we went

after marriage n i wore orange saree, mohan says yes, roopan says so done we are going with kids, kirti says ohk come rites hi will tell u wat to wear, roopan says yes go go, ramesh says good roopan go but wear that saree for sure, roopan says sure i will go n dress n leaves.
Umesh standing alone, suku says done , umesh says wat done, suku says dadaji gave permission, umesh says i will give u my whole salary in return u shd help me meet amanpreet, suku says done.
Roopan gets dressed up in the orange saree, mohan says oh roopan this saree isn’t suiting u , wear the saree i gifted u for diwali, roopan says oh mohan how romantic i will go dress in that wait for me. Dadi gifts nisha a scarf n asks to wear it as a good luck charm, laxmi instructs nisha to take care of herself, ramesh says chill laxmi she will surely take care of herself, laxmi says u wont understand, nisha says oh let us leave or else roopan aunty will come , all cousins except suku leave for the ceremony.
Roopan comes n says oh lets go, rukhma says but the kids left, mohan says thats great, roopan says wat do u mean by that, mohan says now we both will go alone on a ride, romantic ride n leave.suku goes to jwala n says come jwala we will leave come rush, jwala starts laughing n says its holiday don’t worry, jwala says suku u look tensed wats wrong, suku says did u see mom she looks so tensed n has become very protective for nisha suddenly, jwala says oh ur jelous, suku says no thats not the reason its so sudden now, jwala says may be bcoz she didn’t wanted ritesh to be nishas partner, ur just over thinking chill.
Laxmi is lost in nishas thoughts, suku comes n tells her dad is waiting for her, laxmi says i will go by auto, suku says to laxmi mom wats wrong, laxmi says nothing school tension, suku says this clearly isn’t school tension the whole diwali i saw u were tensed n u were trying to tell dad something, laxmi says that was bcoz of drama, suku says no thats not the reason as well, why don’t u trust me, ramesh comes n says im tensed bcoz my scooter keys are missing but wat abt u too why are u too so tensed. Laxmi says take these duplicate keys, ramesh says is everything all right, laxmi says yes, ramesh says come i will drop u school, laxmi says go suku u shd go to shop, suku says tell me whenever u feel like n leaves.laxmi says how will i tell u ,i m worried if u do something wrong n at this moment i don’t find it safe when nisha is trying to get over it.
On picnic, ritesh n kirti are busy in themselves, umesh asks to stop the car n says lookwhos gonna join us, summit says who,amanpreet says its me im gonna join u. Vijendra is finding his file, vimla says it must be in his back, vijendra searches umesh bags n finds a Punjabi dictionary with heart on it.

Amanpreet says nisha do u want to meet him, nisha says yes , amanpreet ok on count of three scream with me, umesh holds amapreets mouth n nisha screams viraaaaaat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Who’s virat I think it’s nishas hero

  2. oh now our new hero ka naam virat good.thank for update.

  3. I m super excited to see nishu n virat 2gether

  4. its not virat. its VIRAJ SINGH RATHOD….. ooooo m sooo super xcited to see nishu n him get together:-))))

  5. super exited to see nishu’s hero…..

  6. sorry excitment main spelling wrong ho geya….

  7. anjalikarayil

    waiting to watch nisha and her new hero

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