Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha wakes kabir, the door opens, dolly asks are u both fine,kabir says ur order is ready, everyone is surprised,dolly says wow all dupattas readys,leela says to sumit how could just these two do it sumit says how am I supposed to know that,everyone wishes kabir happy birthday,kabir thanks everyone,kabir takes elders blessings,kabir takes leelas blessings as well,ramesh says lets go down,laxmi asks kabir nisha are u ok,nisha says relax,laxmi wishes kabir and says u to get ready and have breakfast.
Ramesh says rukhma make everything kabirs favorite for lunch,viraj calls ramesh and says he needs to meet him right now,ramesh says ok.dolly aman see nisha is blushing alone,aman says look at her she is so lost looks like something really happened on terrace,dolly asks

nisha what all happened yesterday night,nisha says oh yesterday night it was night,dolly says nisha plz tell,nisha says relax nothing happened,dolly asks did u propose him,nisha says I will today,aman says u really did nothing yesterday,dolly says ok ok fine go get ready and we will start with bday party arrangements,nisha leaves,dolly says wow how exciting all will be.
Sourabh says kabir I need to talk to u its very important,here is ur contract I found it outside sumits room,and chill I know the truth,kabir says but how did it come here and I will find that and u concentrate on ur order I will keep eye on sumit.leela is trying jwellery nisha sees that and asks aunty I was here to say sorry,leela says its ok,nisha says did u buy new necklace,leela says oh this no its old sumits dad had gifted me n u go get ready for the party go go. Vimla calls nisha to have breakfast with kabir,nisha asks where is mom,vimla says she is off to school u have food come,kabir is thinking abt the kiss and looks at nisha,nisha is looking at him as well,vimla sees them and asks why aren’t u guys eating,kabir says to himself kabir don’t don’t do this don’t forget abt London focus,vimla says ok u guys eat I will come back.vimla leaves,dolly and aman come, kabir says u have I will come back later,nisha says are stop have food kabir says no no bye.
Dolly says we know everything nisha and u have to propose kabir today no options,and how fun nisha will propose how romantics.sourabh goes to kabir and says thanku,and asks how did sumit get this diary ,kabir says we cant doubt him,kabir says we will keep the page and keep the diary back where u found and then we will know who exactly got it,sumit leaves without looking at the dairy and then comesback and picks the dairy,and says how did this dairy come here and takes it inside his room,kabir says it was in my cupboard but how did he get it,sourabh says u go to shop and I will see what all sumit is doing,kabir says ok keep this swipe card of warehouse.
Kabirs bday gift comes,nisha sees dollys hand is injured,and asks her what is it,dolly says oh it was while doing something,nisha says u are lying did sumit jiju do something.nisha says how dare he do that I will talk to him,dolly says nisha says plz not today and I want to fight this alone and now the answer to this is my own identity my own job my own business and then sumit will realize his fault but u plz don’t tell anyone abt this.
Sourabh is following sumit,sumit meets viraj ,viraj says sumit I think u aren’t giving the contract purposely, sumit says no actually I didn’t keep the diary home and kept it in bank so after the holidays I will give u,viraj says ok,sourabh says god did sumit tell viraj sir abt the truth.viraj goes to meet ramesh,viraj says thanku for coming,I am here with a wedding proposal for nisha,ramesh says are u out of ur mind and did u forget that nisha is married to kabir,viraj says its not a marriage but a 3 month contract and both are lying to u all and abt kabir after 3 months he will go away.

Precap:ramesh says viraj u are lying this is bcoz ur jealous of my daughter and her happiness,viraj says u will believe me once I show u the proof.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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