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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir cancels his admission for this year. Ramesh tells him he can’t really predict him. There has to be something. He asks him what it is. Kabir says there’s nothing like that, papa. Ramesh says if you take me as father, then you will tell me. First you returned factory keys, and now cancelled admission. You might not be my real son, but in last few days, what you have done, even my real son wouldn’t have done all that. I take you as real son and I know there’s something going on. I just want to hear it from you. Tell me. Kabir hugs him and says, I didn’t know a father understands everything just by seeing his son’s face because I don’t have a father. I had no one share, so I was just talking to myself and make myself understand. Ramesh says, not anymore.

Now you have your father. Tell me. Kabir says, I love Nisha, I love her a lot. I used to think going to London was only my dream, but like they say, love changes everything. Nisha’s love changed everything. When I saw Nisha falling from the building, I felt I lost her. Seeing her in hospital, I felt everything finished. That day I realized nothing is greater than Nisha for me. I agree she’s bit crazy, angry, but she’s the one with whom I get happiness. I promise you, I will never leave Nisha. Our marriage will never break. Ramesh is happy. He asks him if he told that to Nisha. Kabir says no.

Basundra is roaming around. She sees Gangwal and Sons sign board and keeps staring at it.

Nisha is in car with Suku. She asks him to stop the car as she wants to eat ice cream. Suku says no because of her health. She says if he doesn’t buy her ice cream, then she won’t take medicine. Suku agrees to her demand and brings it for her. She wanted 2, but he only brings 1. She tries to snatch his from him and both end up flying on Basundra. Suku asks her to run, but she says they made mistake, they should say sorry. They go to Basundra. Nisha says sorry and realises that she got asthma attack. Nisha cleans her face and asks her to relax. Basundra asks her to give her pump from purse, but it falls down and breaks. They take her in car. Nisha calls her friend and asks what to do now. She then tells Suku to bring coffee and she gives her treatment as her friend tells her to. Basundra gets normal. Nisha apologises her. Basundra says it’s not her fault, her day is only bad today. Suku comes back with coffee. He asks her if she’s ok. She says she has made her habit to look fine. She had decided never to return to this city and she was right. All going wrong since she stepped in here and her son is also not picking up her call. Nisha asks where she wants to go. She says hotel, but she got lost. City has changed a lot. Nisha says and so do people. Basundra says people don’t change, changing city makes it difficult for them. She then thanks them and says she will manage it from here. Nisha says no and asks her to go to her home and then she will have her drop. Basundra says no, but Nisha insists her to give them chance to correct their mistake. Basundra says ok. They introduce themselves to each other and leave from there.

Kabir is with Dadaji and all his sons. Dadaji asks him he’s sure about his decision? Kabir tells him he broke his trust, be it about his marriage or factory. Ramesh says it was Sumit’s fault. Kabir says factory was his responsibility and now he can’t take that responsibility. Dadaji says if he has decided then what they can do. Work will go on as it has been. Mohan asks about advertisement in newspaper on factory’s 50 years. Virender says Dadaji said everything will be as before. He used to do before, so he will do it. Kabir tells him not to worry, he already gave an ad. He tells Dadaji lease will also be over, so he should get papers ready to renew. Dadaji says good he reminded. Kabir tells him not to think he’s running away from his responsibilities. He first wants to win their trust, Nisha’s trust, so he can give that place to his marriage which he was unsuccessful in till now. That day, he will take factory keys and responsibility back himself.

Basundra is in Kabir’s house. Nisha asks her if she wants anything. She says she just wants to talk to her son. Nisha tells her to call him and she goes to kitchen. Basundra calls Kabir. Kabir is with Dadaji. He remembers his mom hiding the truth about his brother and doesn’t pick up. She keeps trying. He finally picks it up. She asks him where he has been, at least should have picked up her call. Kabir lies that he was jogging. She asks him he’s in London, right? Kabir says he’s in library. She asks him to go out and talk then. Kabir says he will talk later, he’s upset with her and hangs. Ramesh hears it. Kabir turns and is shocked. Other hand, Nisha asks Basundra if everything is alright. She says yes. Nisha tells her to get fresh. She will bring tea to her. Basundra comes in a room, but fails to see Kabir’s photo.

Kabir and Ramesh are quiet as Dadaji is there. Kabir says Saurav and asks him to come inside. He signs no. Kabir goes and brings him to Dadaji saying one work is left. Virender comes and asks Saurav what he’s doing there. Kabir interrupts, but Virender says he asked Saurav, not him. Dadaji interrupts and tells Kabir not to expect something from them which they can’t give him. Dadi says Kabir is very understanding, at least give him chance to say what he wants. Kabir says Dolly and Saurav had started some work which was going well too. They all know that Sumit had tried to trap Saurav. Virender tells Kabir he’s crossing his limits now. Kabir says whatever is right is right and if he has to cross limits for that, he doesn’t mind. Kabir continues that Dolly is pregnant.. Virender again interrupts and asks him if he’s Dolly’s lawyer or what? Kabir says what if Dolly goes to him and says same thing? She will say she is intelligent, she wants to do something, become independent, then will he try to stop her? Isn’t it parents’ job to help their children to secure their future? Virender tells him not to tell him his responsibility. Dolly’s doesn’t require Saurav’s or anyone’s help as long as her father is still there. Kabir says she doesn’t need beg or empathy from her family, she needs their support so she can do something. Mohan says but why Saurav only? She can do some work in store as well. Kabir says yes, but it’s not her interest. They call her shopping queen, but they didn’t realise that she has good understanding of clothes. It’s her talent. To earn money is one thing, and to get happiness from work is another. Saurav tells Virender that he knows they don’t want Dolly to work with him. He agrees he made mistake and he apologised for that as well. If he still didn’t win their trust, then he’s ready to do business on Dolly’s name. Virender asks and how did you think that we will agree to this nonsense? Dadaji says enough and asks to call Dolly.

Basundra is still calling Kabir, but no answer. She says, run as much as you want. I am your mother and I will catch you in end. She then sees Gangwal and Sons’ 50 years completion ad in newspaper and says, she still hates that name as before. With time, her hatred has just increased.


Update Credit to: Niki

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