Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir gets into the car and says god this expenses,50 rs for broom,kabir sees nisha upset and says relax todays dinner will be super fab.roopan says mohan u have no idea all property is going to go,mohan says shutup roopan babui give them this opportunity bcoz all of them work in the shop,roopan says mohan,ramesh has income from suku nisha and kabir,and why don’t u understand that kabir we don’t even know abt this kabir and so huge responsibility,mohan says roopan he got this bcoz he saved todays loss.roopan says loss u will soon know what loss is.summit says to dolly,see kabir is new but still dadaji gave him this opportunity and me,dolly says plz summit remember this shop is dadajis and so he is the responsible one so u wont question him and now soon we will

leave once u find the job,and if u don’t find job I will find one now and leaves,summit says god what shd I do now,roopan comes to summit and says I understand summit and I agree with u but what can I do, summit says we have to do something, see like ramesh uncle has suku,dad has umesh but u and mohan uncle do think.

Kabir starts laughing,nisha says why are u laughing, kabir says for the first time im doing responsible job see bought a house,jwala says n ur marriagekabir says that comes in most unresponsible job,nisha says ok ok wheres the key lets unlock the door kabir says ok remove keys from my pocket,nisha looks at jwala and removes keys,kabir opens the door, and says I hope u like it bcoz it’s the best I could arrange.kabir asks nisha and jwala to stop at door and says I will come soon wait,kabir gets rice and says I don’t know what this means but I have seen in movies so u do it as well,and places it in nishas foot,nisha hits it and comes in,kabir says sorry I couldn’t do the clean,nisha says no worries we will clean together,so get going,jwala,kabir,nisha start with cleaning,kabir sleeps on sofa,nisha wakes him up and asks to work,atlast the home is set up, nisha sees jwala with toran,nisha says jwala I liked it and oh this kabir,jwala says kabir jiju didn’t buy this,nisha says kabirs chamchi go in and help, nisha putting toran,viraj comes and helps her,nisha looks at him and gets angry,viraj says I like when u smile u look good,and I like it to see u liked my toran,nisha is abt to remove it,viraj holds her hand and says why this anger nisha,why don’t u accept it that we both cant live without eachother.
Nisha says get out of my house,viraj says this house is mine and im ur new landlord now,kabir comes and says nisha oh big brother so big problem,viraj says don’t worry, kabir says we don’t need ur house we will leave, nisha says we wont,viraj says see nisha,kabir says u see big bro we are married now and its our honeymoon time and u will get rent on time,viraj says the thing is this house has 2 rooms and u have only one so the other is mine,kabir says sure enter whenever u want but in house and not my and my wifes life,and nisha u don’t worry lets go.
Kabir says nisha forget abt viraj now and concentrate on halwa,nisha says oh yes,kabir and nisha take help of umeshs book and start halwa preparation,kabir sees nisha is a very funny cook,and says nisha its not done this way,nisha shows him knife and says be quite,kabir says concentrate on halwa,kabir by mistake opens other page and then both start with wrong receipe,she adds rice to ingredients, nisha says what abt sugar,kabir says this is obvious so may be he hasn’t written,kabir dashes nisha and both fall,kabir is over nisha.

Precap:nisha and kabir cooking and the door bell rings.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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