Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vimla asks vijendra to call leela, vijendra says u shd talk to leela, vimla says ok n calls leela, vimla asks leela how is she doing, leela says well, vimla says I had packed diwali sweets but dolly n summit forgot it here, leela says I know I keep telling dolly how careless she is, leela says I have to go noida tomorrow, vimla says ohk I shall call u tomorrow, vijendra says vimla we have to go to leelas place I didn’t sound leelas tone good.
Nisha wakes up, she looks at her phone n finds lot of calls n messages from sourabh, nisha realizes she was at virajs place from last 2 hours, nisha listens drum sound, viraj is practicing drumming, nisha slowly looks at nisha, nisha phone starts ringing, nisha picks it up, laxmi says nisha are u dancing in some wedding,

nisha says oh no mom im in office viraj sir is playing drum for us, laxmi says nisha I hope u aren’t lying, nisha says im not sourabh is with me don’t worry I will reach home safely.
Viraj stops playing drums at starts exercising with dumbbells, viraj splashes water on his face n walks towards the table behind which nisha is hiding.
Vijendra says vimla why didn’t u tell me abt dolly befor, umesh comes n says dad I want to talk to u, vijendra says yes, vimla says u forgot shaving kit get it, vijendra says ohk I will get it, vimla says umesh not now do u know dolly isn’t happy at her inlwas place, umesh says wat abt me dolly has u people with her but me n aman are alone, vimla says not now plz later, umesh leaves in anger but vijendra listens to this.
Viraj looks at the vodka glass, n realizes some is at his place, viraj turns n nisha runs n hides at different place viraj realizes someone is hiding but before he could follow, door bells rings n viraj goes to open the door.
Vijendra says wat are u talking to umesh, vimla realizes vijendra didn’t listen anything, vimla says nothing lets go n check ur travelling kit, vijendra says wat do u mean by my, u aren’t coming, vimla says yes u go talk to dolly I will manage here, umesh is alone here, vijendra says ok.
Lights go off , viraj starts checking with his mobile light but bell rings again, viraj goes to door, nisha says oh god I have to somehow save myself, viraj sees no one there n nisha slowly goes upstairs, viraj finds switch n puts light on, viraj sees gayatri at door, viraj says oh aunty its u, gayatri says im here for u I brought u hot chocolate u don’t go to sleep without it I know that, viraj says u didn’t have to do this , sham singh takes care of me very well, gayatri says I know but still,n hows ur hand , viraj says u know I don’t like talking abt it, gayatri says I know but u have to talk abt it dear then only u will get over it, viraj says I will never forget this pain after all this the hand why I won so many medals.
Nisha is looking at viraj n gayatri from upstairs, gayatri says viraj now a days u talking lot of pressure, viraj asks aunty I hope priyanka is ready for tomorrow, gayatri says ofcourse she is, u know dear om here to talk to u abt , viraj says in that case u could have called me at ur place n u didn’t have to bring this hot chocolate as well, gayatri says u always miss understand me, by the way u know I met Mr.Bajaj, viraj says the one who was caught in land scam n wanted to marry u, gayatri says yes he did want to marry me, n abt land scam he got cleared n during the party he threw for same purpose I met him n he offered an deal n it is he wants to build a seven star hotel in this academy place anyways the academy isn’t doing well financially, viraj says see academy is not for financial purpose but it was my paas dream, gayatri says I told him the same thing but then I realized ur paas mistake, he was a good man but same emotional like u n did so many mistake n may be so ur mom, viraj says enough, n opens the door n says I will talk to u tomorrow, gayatri says sure dear u sleep well n leaves.
Viraj says so is there someone here yet or left, looks like im thinking a lot due to being alone since long years.

Nisha trying to leave, viraj pulls her n drags her n pushes her on sofa.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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