Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, leela says sumit delete that recording,sumit says ok I will and leaves.dolly says kabir u have just this one chance to prove urself innocent but where will be nishas phone,kabir says may be in hospital,dolly says I will come with u,kabir says no dolly u have already helped me a lot just like nisha u truly her real sister,she always stood with me and see today she needs me but I am not with her, dolly says don’t worry kabir all will be fine.
sumit goes to hospital and sees virendra and ramesh there and says I think u both should go home and rest I will stay here and dadaji is also tensed and when he will see u he will be fine,ramesh says ok,virendra and ramesh leave,sumit goes to nishas room and kabir enters hospital dressed as a ward boy,sumit says oh nisha

see look at urself u messed with me but u could do nothing to me aand the proof that is ur phone I will destroy it.
Suku and laxmi reach hospital, sumit finds the phone,he takes it, laxmi asks doctor when will nisha be conscious,doc says we got report and we need blood donor and nishas blood is very rare I spoke to blood bank and when we get blood we will have a better hope for nisha.
Nurse enters nishas room and phone falls of sumits hand and nurse asks sumit what is he doing here,sumit says just being with nisha,nurse says plz go out, laxmi sees sumit and asks u here ,sumit says ramesh uncle and dad went home to freshen up and chachi u go take rest,laxmi says no I wont I will stay here, laxmi and suku wait outside the room,kabir goes to nisha room and remembers that nisha said that his bday will be the best bday and how she always scolded him,kabir removes his mask and walks to nisha and says wake up nisha plz get up scold me see call me a fool and why aren’t u talking always u irritated me and now why are u quite get up nisha I am missing u a lot, I cant see u like this plz nisha and come lets go have bread jam and nisha I always thought that London but now I cant go bcoz of u see nisha get up orelse I will and kabir starts crying.
Kabirs phone ring,dolly asks kabir did he get phone,kabir says I am searching ,dolly asks how is nisha,kabir says she is better I will call u later,kabir says nisha I promise u I wont let sumit go and prove myself innocent, kabir starts searching phone,laxmi says I want to go to nisha and enters the room,kabir hides below the bed,suku starts crying and says god plz help my sister.
Laxmi sits near nisha and says nishu open ur eyes see look at ur mom she is so tensed so say laxmi relax me,by mistake some papers fall down and while picking the papers laxmi sees kabir,kabir sees nishas mobile near the bed on floor and picks it up.laxmi gets up as police enters,she asks them what is it,police says just a check up and says see if u have any problem do call me I am waiting out and leaves,kabir comes out and looks at laxmi and says mom even u think I did this to nisha,laxmi says I trust nisha and she believes u a lot and here is emergency exit go kabir prove urself innocent,kabir looks at nisha and takes laxmis blessings and leaves,kabir goes out and hears the recording,kabir says sumit ur game is over,sumit comes and snatches the phone and says oh look I have it,kabir says sumit u wont be spared now,sumit says don’t worry kabir u know that nisha isn’t well and so think abt nisha first,and anyways u want to go right,kabir and sumit get into fight.
Kabir hits sumit and says this is all for what u have done till now and tell the truth sumit,sumit says u want me to get caught but remember u will be saved but nisha wont,see this message by dolly which reads nisha needs blood and save her bcoz my and nishas blood is same,so kabir I can give blood and I am only one who can save nisha bcoz this blood grp is rare and u know nishas health is worsening ,kabir calls dolly and asks is this true,dolly says yes.
Sumit says I will save nisha and u have to take all the blames on u and surrender urself and call dolly and say I am innocent and I will give blood.

PRECAP;doc says we need blood soon,sumit says kabir its ur decision save nisha or save urself.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Lucky

    Yippee.. Kabir ne nisha ko i lv u bola. Bt she should have heard it na. Then how interesting it would be!

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