Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir is getting ready,suku comes and says ur going to meet dadaji right,kabir says yes, summit says in this house when the son in law goes to meet dadaji he has to wear safari even I wore ,kabir says ok I will be down soon. Kabir comes down in safari suit all start laughing nisha says are u mad kabir what are u wearing this,kabir says even summit had worn this its ritual of this family don’t u know,dadi asks who told u, kabir says summit and suku, dadaji says ok fine come sit here and while sitting kabirs pant tears off and all start laughing again. Dadaji says kabir we don’t know what u do or who ur relatives are,nisha says dadaji his from dubai , kabir says im from dubai and stay with my mom my dad expired long back and im actually here to find my relatives

we originally are from jaipur and my mom never told me abt them so I m here to find them, dadaji says ok so after marriage nisha will go with u to dubai,kabir says no actually I wish to stay here will u guys plz help me to find a house on rent, virendra says yes we shall but how will u earn here, kabir says I used to conduct dance classes and so will do the same thing here,virendra says good father in law will sing and son will dance great pair.
Dadaji says ok give ur moms number, kabir says why talk to her im here right and my phone is dead and mom is gone to badrinath and will tell her u want to talk to her.dadaji says but do tell her I will talk to her ok, dadaji says saroj u where sight weddings are fixed in heaven see the girl is fool and the guy stupid and ramesh talk to panditji and send the kids to select the card,ramesh says ok babuji and all leave,nisha says kabir what will we do now where to get ur mom from.
Kabir says we will bring fake mom or else u talk nisha in fake voice, nisha says ur fool dadaji will kill us,kabir says what will I do then,nisha says call ur mom,kabir says oh how intelligent im here my mom doesn’t know that according to her im in London and im here for that photo plz nisha,nisha says ok,kabir says I knew u will say yes now take this and read this in fake voice,nisha says kabir dadaji if he knows abt this he will kill us, a lady comes and asks an address, nisha tells her, the lady slowly tries to rob kabirs wallet but kabir catches her, she says sorry beta im going through a bad phase so had to do this plz forgive me im like ur mom right,kabir says yes right see aunty I will give u 2000 rs u have to talk to singham as my mom,the lady asks who is singham, kabir says her dadaji,the lady says ok.kabir calls dadaji and gives phone to the lady she says hello im mrs vasundhara kabirs mom,dadaji says oh so good to hear from u kabir must have told u everything,the lady says yes he did and we shd go by what kids have decided,dadaji says good good so when shall we see u, she says im sorry it wont be possible for me to come im in badrinath, dadaji says what u wont be here for ur only sons wedding, she says I cant do anything but will send kabirs mama and mami bye now guruji is calling me.
Kabir says what did u do why did u bring this uncle and aunty,the lady says what will I do that old man said so had to do something to handle the situation and now its ur problem give me my money,kabir says no u wont u will be my mami now and find an uncle as well and then u shall get the money, the lady says ok but I need extra money kabir says done here is my number do call me.
Nisha and kabir along with cousins go for card selection they select a card,and kaira comes and says oh nisha what are u doing here,suku says buying vegetables don’t u see, kabir says actually we are getting married,kaira says congratulations and and points at a card and says to the salesman to give the card it’s the same nisha has selected, the salesman says I cant nisha mam has selected it,kaira says don’t u know ur saying no to viraj rathores wife,nisha says here take it, kaira says no thanku I shall go see some other shop and need no help from u,nisha says treat it as ur wedding gift, saleman ask when are u getting married, nisha says 23 march and kaira says 25 march.
Viraj comes and says no its 23 march,umesh says guys we shd leave them alone and cousins leave and viraj says don’t need this card,kabir says but we want this card bcoz some people cant realize the beauty of jweles, by mistake viraj hand hits a glass and water falls and viraj says sorry u will be paid for this unlike somethings which cannot be repaid.nisha pulls viraj and says can u forget everything for a second don’t u realize u still love me and are hurting urself,viraj says oh u are smart,nisha says why cant we give ourselves one more chance,viraj says how desperate u look to come to me but let me tell u have fallen into my eyes and now u also have a company to spoil peoples life and play with their emotions ,viraj holds kairas hand and says lets go,nisha says all the best,viraj says wish even I could say that and leaves.

PRECAP:Nisha says im not like a kite that whoever has it is the owner and u care abt urself and hope ur ready as a fake son in law,kabir says ofcourse and leaves,nisha says no viraj is completely out of my life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. If there is one shameless girl who has no self respect, it is Nisha Gangwal. She pleads , begs and goes weak in her knees at the sight of Viraj, who is rejecting her. All the respect we had for her independent nature and for standing up for what is right is lost. I can’t tolerate anyone so helpless. She cannot see the sweet and affable Kapil, who can’t see Nisha in pain.

    • ashmitha kulatunga

      yeah totally agree with u saniya!! she shouldnt have do that!!how shameless she is

    • nisha bs apne pyar ko ek aur moka dena chahhti thii isme sameless kya he,badme pachtane se acha avi ek moka deke dekhna.

    • devga

      YA U R RIGHT …….. SHAMELESS CRAP……. i saw this show for hr determination …….. but now shame on nisha……

  2. Wow…today is my first board exam (tamil-1) seriously I done really well but I get little bit nervous befor seeing my question paper so I just thought about NIBIR and I done my examination well
    Wow what a power u both are having(Kabir &Nisha) just awesome

  3. ritu

    kanisha u said in malayam was wrong spell it correctly otherwise its gives anothereaning..hey guys join me to i am from chennai..

    • kanisha

      sorry yarrr …. 🙁 while writing i was also thinking that in spelling it might be wrong…..
      I just only know my name properly in writing in Malayalam…..

  4. pooja

    if really nisha chooses viraj ,i stop watch this serial….kabir is correct main lead not viraj…….put him as a antagonist…he will suit for that.

  5. nika

    hello amyra kanisha susi garima yesterday i was studing so couldn’t spend lots time. today my exams are over……yipeee…….. amyra can you give me ur fb name i will send you friend request you will know real name there

  6. Yeah y did Nisha do tat…..?
    Guys read the spoilers punch!!!Viraj will tel his luv 2 Nisha it seems like…
    Hope Nisha and Kabir get married n liv hapy!!!!
    Viraj is also nice not bad……
    Let’s c d director’s twist!!!
    Wait n watch!

  7. nika

    did nisha go mad why is she behind that viraj he neglects her criticises her but still she likes not fair. pls nika or nibir have some feelings for eachother u guys look mindblowing with together

  8. kanisha

    hi nika …. now u r very hpyy that ur exams r over ……. i was just studying for my last exam (which is on 21st) so thought to check the update …. i’m very happy that 1st time i’ve commented at night…..[ :->…………] from Saturday i will also be free free free……
    by the u will also come in 11th?????????…….

  9. kanisha

    thanku so much ….. plz read 1 of my comment in previous update .. in that i wished u all the best…

  10. Nisha what wrong with you can’t u see kabir cares for you they two of you made for each other so stop thinking about that stubborn viraj and stop be helpless he dont deserved you he question your love for him he betrayed you and he listen to the wrong peoples and go against you

  11. DOLLY

    hi guys.. the serial was going well until that viraj came :(… kabir is the reason for me to watch nauc, before his arrival I used to rarely watch or read about nauc.. imagine nibir got 1000+ likes on Facebook in one month!! amyra ,kanisha etc hwz ur exams going??

  12. ruchi

    OMG it was not a dream sequence or anything nisha was looking so helpless and pleading to viraj she should not have forgotten that viraj is marrying kaira and hates her………… in that scene it felt it wasn’t nisha at all the strong nisha known to us,

  13. stuti

    hey good morning guys…
    yar viraj is goining to creat trouble in the marrige hope tht nibir gets united soon….very exicited for nibirs marriage…

  14. amyra

    hi nibir fans….srry…was a bit busy wid my exam prep….please guys keep voting for nisha-kabir jodi…write to startv,call them(i’d posted their mail id and phone no. in the previous written updates) please support them like their fan pages and show ur support…it should always be nibir not niraj!!! 😀 cum on guys!! vote here at see the results…niraj can’t be this ahead… 🙁 😉

  15. amyra

    and kanisha and all other ppl who r done wid their exams can please write mails, call them like their pages,vote for nibir in polls and show ur full support…. 🙂 others having their exams may first concentrate on their exams and then get to this work..(me too…1 last exam to go…on monday i’ll be free… 🙂 )till then…all nibir fans plzz do whateva u can to make d nibir jodi win…they have garnered so much support in just 1 month….increasing it further is no big deal!!! 😀 😉

    • devga

      pk amyra mee too left with one more exm…….. then i willl b mad to vote for nibir wer evr i can……….. alll the best

  16. garima

    Hello nika and am-isha !! mujhe toh ye epi bilkul achha nahi laga . ×× . ab toh bas tab hi achha lagta hai jab sirf nibir ek doosre ke saath hote hai . yaar director ne ek achhi bhali bindaas ladki ke character ko barbaad karke rakh diya only because of viraj . Maine kabir ki vajah se hi is serial ko dekhna shuru kiya tha aur agar nisha viraj ke pass gai toh sacchi lag rahi hoon isse dekhna chhod doongi . ye serial ab lagta hi nahi hai ki cousins ka hai……..

  17. Susi

    Hi guys today episode is nice …… But u nishu already married to kabir then y r u confusing …. Kabir is always Taking care of u …. But viraj is always hurting u 🙁 then y can’t u understand kabir feelingss…. .. 🙁

  18. nika

    guys saw the new promo it is just amazing the wu of it is

    it starts with nibir sitting in the mandap and kabir will be about put the sindoor that time viraj will come. nisha goes from mandap to viraj he holds her hand say i love u. nisha tells he is too late and proceeds again to the mandap to we d kabir. akir suspense hai ki kya hoga nisha ko jab use pata chalta ki kabir aur viraj bhai hei

  19. niraj

    oh wow i’m so happy that viraj is going to tell his truth to nisha in front of everyone that he loves Nisha …. plz nishu leave kabir u have jst destroyed his life …. what’s going on in ur mind nishu ….?.?.?.?.

  20. pooooo

    I think now i shud stop watching this show bcz nisha again is going back to viraj n viraj is also going to propose nisha in her marriage…. so bad …. so so bad..……

    • devga

      no no this should not happen ……… hey nisha if u go back to him (viraj ur hubby’s big bro.) ………. then i dont knw wat i wil do with …… just listen and realise ur feelings for KABIR…….. he is BEST FOR NISHA………

  21. DOLLY

    I saw it just now the link is posted on nibir official fan page or check on you tube.finally nisha is moving on…

  22. rit

    Nisha plz marry kabir he is perfect for u and for the sake of ur own self respect stop running after viraj

  23. amira

    I want niraj , I want niraj ……..………………………………………………………………………………

  24. richa

    i see somany of u guya r from the south here plzzz post the translations of what u say in tamil 🙂 so atleast i can understand

  25. suchi

    So susi unga dist name pls nanum intha clg poganum bt pogala 1yr vitla tha iruthen nw cmng aug jnt pananum

  26. suchi

    K richa ,i ask susi’s dist n me also wnt to study clg 1st yr bt 1yr i dint go to clg nw cuming aug gng to jnt yr

  27. DOLLY

    Nisha plz don’t forget u r MARRIED to kabir n this marriage is just to make it official.. viraj how can u get married to nisha now? Kabir n nisha r meant for each other.. Viraj u should have thought twice before hurting nisha. NIBIR best!!

  28. Sooraj

    if I was in kabir’s place then “I would have accepted nisha then n there when I got married to her”
    nibir kanisha rocksssssssssssssss……….

  29. Just Imagine

    kabir(India team) , nisha(world cup) , viraj(foreign team) , NAUC(our country India).
    India team have to win world cup for our country…..
    it means :- kabir u have to win nisha against viraj for nauc ……….

  30. garima

    oh!!!! mai bahut khush hoon kyunki Maine bhi abhi nauc ka new promo dekha jisme nibir mandap mai baithe thee aur viraj aaya nisha uthkar uske paas gai fir viraj ne uska hand pakda aur kaha “I love u” (to nisha) lekin nisha boli ki an bahut der ho chuki hai ……aur fir nibir ek doosre se shaadi kar lete hain…
    oh mai ab chahti hoon ki ab in dono ko ek doosre se love ho jaaye bas…..

      • nisa( garima's eng. translation)

        it starts with nibir sitting in the mandap and
        kabir will be about put the sindoor that time
        viraj will come. nisha goes from mandap to
        viraj he holds her hand say i love u. nisha tells
        he is too late and proceeds again to the
        mandap to we d kabir. akir suspense hai ki
        kya hoga nisha ko jab use pata chalta ki kabir
        aur viraj bhai hei

  31. aa

    huhuhihihaha….. what is this nisha ?.again u went to viraj… I told u that he will definitely hurt u and see the result …. it means I was correct…. so nisha u just listen to ur fans not viraj ok……

  32. ashmitha kulatunga

    guys have u got the news that they r going to bring a new grl for viraj!!yeppee finally nibir gonna stay forever

  33. future

    i’m so exited that when nibir will love each other then how much cuteness will be there.. they will tell each other wify n hubby …. omg am so so so exited for that …….

  34. amyra

    but guys i saw in the sbs sections ki writers have already given a hint that nisha will marry viraj…..n they were also saying that love will win always..thats y…. ooohhh god…this s#!t can actually not be happening….plzz all guys on fb…plzz write on the official star plus page that we want nibir!!!plzz!!! 🙁

  35. Kabir is soooo cute and really lovable. He and Nisha look lovely together. Leave Viraj out of this. Don’t let him come in between. He ana Nishi danced so well. Don’t let them separate.

  36. Devga

    Guys I can’t bare this tht in previous comment someone said tht nisha will marry viraj ….. No no I can’t …. I really can’t bare it…..
    But I liked tht some one said they r bringing a new face for viraj budda … If this is true then I will b happiest…. Tel me is this true….???????

  37. Getting second thoughts about kabir n nisha married because in the spoiler it state that viraj will try to stop the married i dont want that to happen kabirbn nisha is so perfect together both so cute like the figthing and so then they will call one another wifey n hubby

  38. archana

    viraj just makes mess in her life n kabir makes her life heaven. nisha think about it a good frd can also be a good husband n kabir is perfect. they look cute together n they are perfect for each other

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