Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha gets off the train and is upset on not seeing kabir, vasu finds kabir and hugs him and says how could u go without telling ur mom, kabir says just, vasu says ok fine did u inform London school, kabir says yes, vasu sees nisha and turns kabirs face and says I am with u,kabir says I don’t know how will I stay without nisha, vasu says if nisha loved u she wouldn’t let u go,kabir says u are right and mom u plz take care of nisha I still love her and cant see her in pain, vasu says I will, vasu says ok the train is abt to leave I will go now,kabir says ok u go and takes vasus blessings,nisha falls down and sees kabir and starts shouting his name but due to noise kabir doesn’t hear it,ramesh suku and sourabh go to nisha and see her all broken,nisha says papa

kabir left me,vasu thinks see ramesh how ur daughter is in pain this is what I went through.
Nisha and ramesh reach home,vasu stops him and says I am here for nisha, she is my daughter in law and she will stay with me, ramesh says what are u saying ur son left my daughter, vasu says ramesh kabir went to study and didn’t leave her why don’t u understand nisha will come with me,nisha says stop it u two this all is bcoz of u two, me n kabir were so happy until u two met,ramesh says nisha I never, nisha says I know that papa but I will go with mom to my house,what if kabir has left me, I will go there its my n kabirs house , I have kabirs memories there plz,vasu says come nisha lets go.
Nisha and vasu reach home, nisha looks at the house and is in tears,vasu takes nisha to her room and says I will leave now and goes.nisha closes the door and starts crying and is missing kabir and time spent with him. She goes to the cupboard and sees kabirs jacket. Vasu sees nisha through window and says nisha u n kabir will never be together and I brought u her to separate u two forever.nisha looks at jacket and says thanku kabir u atleast left me one thing of urs and I know u will come back for us, and I will never let u go away.
Nisha feels something and runs out and calls kabir and opens the door and goes out calling kabirs name and then looks at jacket and starts crying and stands by a column crying for kabir. Kabir comes from otherside and stands there and says nisha I couldn’t stay away and says I love u , I just want to see u happy and when I see that I will go away,nisha goes other side and sees no one,and walks ahead,kabir comes out and looks at nisha .
Vasu in gangwal house and sees laxmi and ramesh together and says ramesh I thought u will come alone,laxmi asks what does that mean, vasu says here are the papers I couldn’t stop kabir so I am returning them to u,ramesh takes the papers,vasu says I shall leave now and goes.
Nisha wakes up next morning and looks at kabirs jacket and calls him, but kabir doesn’t answer.virendra in front of gangwals I told u not to believe kabir,ramesh says kabir will surely come back and I still trust him, virendra says vasu was a big problem and we wont have bigger one,roopan says I worry who will marry my daughters, mohan says enough of it roopan,leela says roopan ji what can we do on it and this people have given nisha a lot of freedom, ramesh says u plz keep quite leelaji I need no suggestion of urs,virendra says ramesh don’t cross the lines, ramesh gets angry and leaves.sourabh looks at dolly.
Nisha sees roses in front of door and calls kabir and says kabir I know u are here come out fast don’t trouble me, viraj comes and says good morning nisha and this is for u I did this for our new start and with a hope that we will have special moments and forget all the pain u had and I always told u kabir will leave u but I promise I wont leave u,kabir is ur past forget him,look at me I am ur present and I will keep u very happy and so can I take u to dinner.
Nisha says oh grt u will never understand and I will come with u but remember I don’t love u and all this ur doing this for ur happiness, do come in evening I will be ready.

PRECAP: viraj says nisha u are looking very beautiful but this mangalsutra, nisha says this is my identity and will always stay with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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