Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sourabh offers nisha coffee, nisha says I don’t want , this people have made fun on the name of interview, sourabh says so u gave up, nisha says I never give up, sourabh says don’t forget this was the job for which ur parents fought with the whole family, so don’t give up see this the form of employees get it signed by viraj sir, nisha says but he has fired me already no worries I will say sorry for the morning thing.
Nisha goes to virajs house, sham singh says miss nisha sir isn’t here, nisha says im here for the sign on employment form, sham singh says this isn’t the way to get job, nisha says plz allow me in I will say sorry for the morning scene, plz dadaji, sham singh says why did u call me dadaji, nisha says u remind of my dadaji so, sham

singh says only viraj sir calls me by this name, nisha says see plz let me in, sham singh says viraj sir never allows anyone in his house he will get upset on u, sham singh gets a call n nisha slowly goes inside, sham singh thinks nisha has left n so locks the door n leaves.
Nisha says shit Im stuck inside, wat shd I do now let me text mom, nisha texts laxmi she will be late n then calls sourabh n says she is stuck in virajs house, sourabh says leave the house immediately by any way bcoz viraj sir doesn’t like uninvited guests , nisha says ok I will do something, nisha trying to leave sees food n eats little nisha finds it spicy n instead of water drinks vodka.
Ramesh says laxmi don’t worry sourabh is with nisha n he will take care of her, vijendra says see she isn’t home yet not yet joined n nisha already started her nonsense acts, vimla comes n says vijendra plz come in I have to talk something important, laxmi says yes vijendra go in I will call nisha n talk to her.
Nisha head starts aching, sourabh calls nisha, nisha says sourabh im feeling giddy I drank vodka by mistake, sourabh says u mad, nisha says bye now I have to find way out, nisha by mistake dashses with a box, n letters fall out of it, those letters of are viraj to his mom requsting her to come back, nisha reads those letters n finds every letter just requests his mom to come back, nisha says sir is so alne since his childhood, nisha lifts those letters n keep them back n says how difficult it must be for viraj sir to be without his mom, nisha picks one of the letter lying by her mobile, she says sorry god but let me read it, the letter says I want to be the best riffle shooter n when I do so will u come back, nisha sees viraj n hides behind the table, viraj goes upstairs, but due to vodka nisha falls asleep behind the table.
Priyanka goes to gayatri picks her wallet n takes all the money, gayatri says how dare u touch my wallet n that to for ur stupid parties, pariyanka says plz live my life my way n all this I have learned from u how to cheat others just for money, gayatri says how dare u talk to ur mom like this, priyanka says first learn to be a mother n don’t forget u were the one who made my love away from me first my dad n then ayushman, gaytri says listen priyank asyushman wasn’t good for u n ur dad never could afford us, priyanka says enough im late for my party, gayatri says viraj wants u to be here tomorrow morning for riffle shooting practice, priyanka says I wont arrive.
Sourabh calls nisha but she doesn’t receives it, sourabh goes to virajs house, he dares n knocks the door, viraj opens the door, sourabh says good evening sir, viraj says wat are u doing here sourabh don’t u know I don’t meet anyone after nine, sourabh says sir actually tomorrow who all will practice , viraj says just priyanka, sourabh says ok, viraj says go home now bcoz personal life is very important as well .

Viraj sees the vodka glass n realizes someone is in his house he shouts who dare enter my house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I gues we might get to see some viraj moments in tmws epi!

  2. Tanaya thnx fr d update

  3. What is this nonsense? Showing cheating and acting unprofessional behavior to get job. Present good moral for young generation and become inspirational.
    Also this time hiding and cheating to get what you want will make TRP down

  4. Pls update at sme tym nd mke viraj too fall in luvvvvv with nisha,

  5. i tink more intersting tack of niraj is coming.

  6. Its kinda getting boaring atm Nisha is being stupid

  7. omg . i just want fast update plssssssssssssss make it fast u wieredosssssssssssss. idiotsssssssssssssssssss

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