Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir breaks down hearing nishas words, kabir remembers his and nishas first day in the house ,their happy moments and says go kabir go u aren’t nishas true love its viraj, kabir remembers vasus words which said that she saw love for viraj in nishas eyes, kabir rights a letter keeps it on the table and leaves.
Vasu in car with ramesh and says oh we loved this place so much ramesh, anyways why did u call me ,ramesh says vasundra plz stop kabir or else nisha will break down, vasu says u blaming me for this, oh ramesh London is kabirs dream he is going by his own, ramesh says I don’t believe I have seen infact kabir told me that he wont leave nisha, vasu says what will u give me in return, ramesh says here is my share in gangwal jwellers its all urs now, just

stop kabir,vasu thinks I am loving it to see u begging and see how I torcher u,vasu says ok I shall talk to kabir, ramesh says plz stop him, vasu says enough ramesh kabir wont leave.
Nisha tells cousins that kabir has left, sourabh says enough of ur fights see kabir will be here finding u, nisha says no he wont he has gone away for ever and wont return. Kabir in car and says I love u nisha and I always wanted to stay with u but anyways I love u nisha. Umesh asks nisha to call kabir and stop him,nisha doesn’t call,suku says ok I will call him,suku calls kabir and says he isn’t picking up calls,umesh says we have to stop kabir,sourabh says suku lets go stop him, nisha says no one will go he doesn’t love me and he has left me.
Nisha says umesh bhaiya if he loved me he wouldn’t deal me with viraj, umesh says may be theres a confusion, dolly says yes nisha, nisha says I saw it by myself and why does this always happen to me. Vasu tells ramesh that kabir wont leave I promise and if now kabir miss behaves just ,ramesh says I will listen to everything just stop him,vasu and ramesh knock the door and see door is open and no one in house vasu reads the letter on table and says ramesh kabir has left and acts as if she is upset and thinks now u will never meet kabir ramesh, ramesh says I will go n stop him,vasu says I will come with u,ramesh says ok.
Kabir calls viraj and says don’t let ur promise down, viraj says don’t worry I will love nisha so much that she wont remember who u are,kabir says that is what I want, viraj says have a good life bye.cousins ask nisha to stop kabir, dolly says nisha why don’t u understand that kabir must be in some situation, nisha says no he left me,dolly says ask ur heart and tell me doesn’t kabir love u, suku says nisha may u have seen kabir and viraj talking but didn’t u see kabir when u were in hosp, sourabh says and how he cared for even for a little thing of urs, umesh says the person who went jail for u how can he not love u,dolly says nisha go nisha stop him he loves u a lot,umesh says its ur last chance,nisha says its too late.
Kabir reaches jaipur station and says nisha I didn’t want to leave u but what will I do staying here when u don’t love me and so I am going away. Suku sourabh and nisha leave to stop kabir,vasu and ramesh reach station and so does nisha, kabir sees nisha and gets off the train and calls nisha,nisha sees kabir and starts crying, and says u were going away and how did u think I will let u go and don’t u understand that I love u and I know u love me too,kabir hugs nisha and says I love u nisha, I love u a lot,nisha says u idiot why were u going,kabir says sorry I would never leave u now,promise.kabir realizes it was a dream.
Ramesh and vasu are finding kabir,nisha reaches station and starts searching kabir,tc stops nisha and doesn’t let her in,sourabh and suku start fighting to divert attention and sign nisha to run,nisha runs away and starts searching for kabir.ramesh is also searching for kabir.kabir is sitting in train.kabir and nisha are both missing eachother.

PRECAP:nisha falls down and sees kabir and calls him and is crying badly but kabir doesn’t hear her voice.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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