Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ramesh gives suku keys and papers of shop and says now shops responsibility is urs, suku says how can I,ramesh says u can,mohan gets a call asking reason for dadajis retirement,mohan says no he isn’t he is just resting, virendra says see ramesh now we three we have to take care in babaujis absence, virendra asks ramesh why did he give papers to suku,ramesh says u all know im a hopeless guy and so im retiring as well and so suku will take my responsibilities,virendra says laxmi tell him see ramesh business and emotions are two different things and how will u handle ur family expenses,ramesh doesn’t answer and so mohan and virendra leave in anger.
Nisha tells kabir abt police and shantii, Kabir says wow chandu ur a star u know even I have followers n looks

to nisha,nisha gives him cold look,kabir says not u my mom,nisha says shut up we have to take care of chandu her life is in danger, kabir says before police see chandu with us we have to run, kabir finds a cycle and says follow me , nisha says we cant rob,kabir says we need it ,nisha says no,kabir goes to owner and says uncle plz take this watch and give ur cycle, the owner agrees.

Suku denise,laxmi says ramesh don’t do this ur running from ur responsibilities how can u do this to suku, ramesh says babuji everytime tries to let me down every time and this retirement is also a way to punish I was never close to him but this decision of his has increased the distances more now and so now I will do what I wish to and leaves,laxmi starts crying.
Kabir is tried riding the cycle, nisha says chandu im hungry are u ,chandu nods yes,nisha says lets get a room and then have food,kabir says good idea,nisha says what,kabir says don’t forget about my bag n camera,nisha says still no one room,kabir says jokes apart its for safety lets be together, nisha says as if u can scare them, kabir says oh common if u leave alone they can doubt on us so we have to act as husband wife for sake of chandu,nisha says that’s true, kabir says good girl.
Kabir says we are mr and mrs Sharma and we need a room, manager says cute daughter, assistant says sir this girl looks young and this child,manager says how come this child urs, nisha says I was married at young age any problem give me keys fast, chandu puts kabirs hand in nishas ,kabir says see our daughter loves her lets go to room or else mummy will get more angry common.
Shanty and her men are finding chandu. Kabir says chandu common smile and now along with nisha it’s a challenge to make u smile as well,nisha says that isn’t ur cup of tea, kabir starts acting funny but chandu doesn’t smile , kabir grabs a broom and acts like harry potter but falls down, nisha and chandu smile, kabir looks at them but nisha hides chandu, kabir says this is cheating but anyways janu I will win, nisha says dare u call me janu, laxmi calls nisha,nisha asks laxmi is granny ok and how are all at gangwal house,laxmi says all are fine u take care of urself,nisha says mom ur sounding low,laxmi says just little weakness but u take care of urself and do call me every day, nisha says ok I will bye now.
Nisha takes chandu and says lets go to our room, kabir starts dancing on entering the room,nisha says stop this nonsense,kabir jumps on bed and says how comfortable is this bed,nisha says u fool and goes to washroom,kabir says this aunty is liitle out of track, kabir picks a rose from table and starts dancing ,nisha gets a extra bed,kabir says janu how will u sleep on ground, how sweet of u,nisha says keep this out there, nisha says no janu u will sleep out go,kabir says to waiter see this,waiter says forgive him madam,nisha says don’t trust him on valentines he forgot to wish me, waiter says sir no one can save u now,kabir says so u are sharp anyways let me take wallet its there on table, kabir takes his wallet but something falls off his wallet,it’s a picture.

Nisha seeing a shadow gets scared, and hides with jar in her hand,when the shadow enters the room nisha hits that person

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks fr d update
    nisha n kabir rocks

  2. now that’s what i wanted to read,thanks .:)

  3. Thankz for the update.

  4. Kabir is so interesting!waiting for viraj:-|

  5. thanks 4 the update 🙂

  6. nice episode…Kabir nisha luv u both

  7. Renuka sulania

    Plllzzzz…..kabir n nisha… best couple……….i hope nisha also love kabir…….not viraj……

  8. Renuka sulania

    Viraj is so boring……. Plllzzz nisha n kabirrr……

  9. Kabir n nisha u guys rocks
    Love u both

  10. Nice epi nisha and kavir are superb.but viraj come back soon.

  11. Nice episode…….

  12. Kabir u r 2 gud,, serial become more interesting…

  13. Kabir n Nisha……….best couple

  14. I love u Raj (miskhat verma) a.k.a Kabir NAUC
    I hope u and nisha will be a pair and I hate viraj

  15. Kabir and nisha looks so gud together but only as friend…as a couple niraj is the best…

  16. I would like to know who fcked this serial.. the moment they were showing stupid things like Viraj paper dancing.. nisha and cousins participating in talent show crap I was wondering why its going out of track and fast farwarding into something.. then only realized they wanted to just end viraj’s track.. looks like Nisha’s Dad’s character also wants to leave.. so it appears some nutcase wanted to fck this serial and that has scrwd up the best serial that could have happened! Now that Kabir kiddo looks good but not too good.. and don’t think such baby faces and crappy romance is what we like.. so I stopped watching this crappy thing since the day the decided to reveal Aarthi so soon and introduced crappy shitty dance thing that every serial does these days.. today tried to watch it was happy… some characters seem to be exiting.. also making nisha the centre of the serial is also a bad decision and ruins other characters always… they all should leave actually… lol the way they gave more footage to other two senior actors these days just because it got messed up is hilarious… so stupid creative and production team.. bad ego has ruined their chances to make a memorable serial.. crappy!

  17. The dir makes Nisha overract and it was tolerable when there was a good story line.. but now I just hate people overacting when there is nothing… all other chars dramatically seem to have got more screen presence than how much they used to get before.. every time I changed channel yday and accidentally switched to star plus I only saw the two elder brothers and I was like ROFL.. good.. am happy you got to go and beg them to act more because you eagerly messed it up… wow…

  18. it can only be watched by some nutcase imaginative teens or some jobless folks who can probably take never ending romance scenes and never get bored.. I mean seriously… do you think that mysterious over acting of fear blah blah and romance where there is no base can run the show and make us watch it.. good, many good guys seem to be exiting… I guess they realized the fate of this serial is sinking I guess…

  19. I never imagined this will happen to this serial so soon.. atlease other serials which had solid track got messed up after this has become overnight kumkum bhagya.. you got to have no story and just gol gol ghumate raho type 😀

  20. Oh my god rihana,u r too good in expressing ur views.i totally agree with each and every word.i also feel the same.nothing left in it.i became a fan of ur analasys.

  21. Sory,Analysis

  22. Where is todays update

  23. Rihanna,aapke comments me bhi baat hai.

  24. Wow rihanna,really they ruined the show.Finally i got someone who thinks like me about this show.u explained the flaws in convincing way.I like it.but i mis viraj aka taher. i hope i wil see u in other serial soon bro.good luck.

  25. Finally Viraj is back in nauc…thank u so much…we missed u alot taher…

  26. Thanks guys! all of you! For liking my comments. Lets fight for best quality stuff.. we are not born to watch stupid thing forever and die 😀 hehehe if serials show stupid things, I decided to go out and take a walk and observe people or talk to someone or just walk 😀

    Hope India sees amazing content and meaningful tracks in all it’s serials.. I love my life so much that I hate to watch ugly serials 😀

  27. But most of the nauc fans accustomed to watch the show what the production shows.They wil start abuse who tries to point out the flaws.not al

  28. Thank u viru,u cameback.i hope watcging ths show nowonwards makes some sense

  29. I expected this serial to go this way:

    So upto the point Viraj decide to take Nisha for shooting training everything was fine.

    Then, Nisha tries to shoot and fails because of Shekar’s trick. Then Viraj being a very experienced shooter sees Nisha falling down due to jerk and he would try to shoot. Or else suppose Nisha challenges the judges and asks one of them too shoot. They would try and realize there is some conspiracy. So finally they would give better gun to Nisha and make her shoot. So finally Viraj gets funding to school.

    Then Viraj would wonder who has done this. So Shekar would have got exposed. Then Shekar would save Buaji hoping that she would take revenge. Then Viraj goes ahead with training and some day Nisha would participate in some regional level and get some limelight.

    Then on the other hand Nisha and Viraj keep exchanging the emails. Viraj just likes Aarthi as friend but does not yet like her completely. So in someone like Viraj’s life there can not be such thing where he does not know about a girl who entered to his home or kept mailing him. So they could have introduced many journalist characters which would interview Viraj and Nisha for their initial regional level success.

    Then Viraj would always curiously search for Aarthi. So somehow Buaji would notice that Viraj is always curious to know about a journalist called Aarthi. So she would try to hire a new girl entry who would pretend like a journo and try to talk to Viraj smartly as if she is Aarthi. So Nisha would get jealous but Viraj would get confused.

    Then Viraj and Aarthi continue interaction. Whereas media would start covering Nisha and Viraj as student and coach. They would have shown some track where Nisha would prepare for national level or international level. In all this they could have introduced lot of other tracks.

    Like when Nisha gets regional fame Keerthis mother gets jealous. So Nisha smartly tries to get a job for Keerthi in advertising or somewhere as she is not little popular and has contacts. Then she would get suketu to join to some musicals and try to introduce him as a singer. They could have shown suketu and keerthi’s struggles in film industry as actors and singers and their failures and how nisha and viraj would smartly help them. Like whenever keerthi is getting cheated by some scamsters or suketu’s album not being a hit etc.

    So in all this someday Viraj would fall in love with Aarthi and decides to send a gift to her. So he would send it. Then someday Viraj would discover the letter Nisha has. He would get offended and that would be the national level competition day. But Nisha wins and makes him feel proud as media covers him as a hero-coach who made girl shooting star. So he would forgive Nisha after he gets to know how she was drunk and got that letter from his home and he would laugh.

    Then Nisha would prepare for international level competition. In between they could have shown lot of story about other cousins. Then finally one day he viraj would fall in love with Aarthi. He would trace his IP and realize its Nisha and realizes he likes that Nisha is Aarthi. Now Viraj knows its Nisha so he would smartly plan and make her to come forward and propose to him. But now Nisha would think he is her coach and not to think that way. Someone would fill Nisha’s ears that as because of him she became a national star he wants to think of her as his trophy girl friend. So Nisha would also falter and reject Viraj. He would get angry and start going around with other girls. But she would realize her true love for him and come back. Finally she would win olympics silver or gold or atleast participate.

    Even Viraj’s mother who was by some conspiracy went to London would come back and discover Viraj has a love interest that’s Aarthi and Aartthi is Nisha. So she should have played a smart cupid and spoiled Bua’s attempts to separte Niraj!

    After all the fight etc etc they would say oh man.. come on.. lets stop all this and get married.

    So this track could have gone for a two years guys.. this is just for timepass I wrote.. but they could made it interesting by keepting Aarthi a mystery forever.

  30. This guy viraj,rly very handsome.

  31. Sorry for all the typing and grammar mistakes.. good night..

  32. Rihanna,ur story is so better than the original.they started the serial with no goal. middle virajs entry ,shooting goal etc…. again they came to their original track dragging with comedy….

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