Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir is waiting for shekhawat,the goons come near him and snatch his bag,kabir tries fighting them and resists from giving the bag,the goons start hiting and torturing kabir and snatch his bag,kabir gets up pushes them and runs with the bag,but the goons get him and hit him with rod,viraj comes there gets off his car and sees kabir been beaten,and turns around and walks off,kabir is being beaten,kabir asks them to return the bag and starts beating the goons,one of the goons hit kabir with rod on his head.
Dadaji asks ramesh is he going to start new classes,ramesh says I am still thinking,nisha comes tensed and asks is kabir here,dadaji says he must be with shekhawat,nisha says I tried both but its not reachageble and its 4 hours now and no news from him,ramesh

says he must be busy wait for him he will be here, dadi says u go wait home he may be there,ramesh says come me and ur mom shall come with u,nisha says ok,dadaji says nisha call me when he comes back.
Kabir is abt to being stabbed but viraj comes and stops the goons,viraj and kabir start hiting the goons,the goons run away,kabir picks the bag and thanks viraj, viraj says I didn’t help u but just an guy who was helpless and about u I am not interested in u,kabir says whatever still thanku,viraj leaves.summit gets call from goons and they tell him they couldn’t do as per the plans bcoz viraj singh came to help kabir and both hit us badly.summit says kabir this time u got saved but I wont leave u.dolly comes and says summit I know u are upset and tensed and so plz get a job so that we can leave this house,summit says shutup don’t eat my head,dolly says summit I am being calm plz don’t raise ur voice see summit this isn’t a good thing plz listen,summit says u wont do any job,dolly says then u want me to sit like u idle,summit abt to raise hand,sourabh comes and says summit stop and asks dolly is she fine,summit says don’t u have manners,sourabh says u don’t teach me and dare u hurt dolly again,dolly says sourabh u leave I will manage,sourabh leaves and so does summit.
Nisha is tensed for kabir and says I am going to find him,laxmi says where will u go, ramesh says I will come with u wait,kabir comes home all banded,hurt and in pain ,nisha is shocked to see him like this.summit calls leela,leela scolds him for failure and says u are a fool,summit says viraj saved him or else today my plan would be successful, leela says summit do one thing start creating misunderstandings between viraj and kabir,tell kabir that this was done by viraj and then we will be in profit,summit says I will do as u say,kabir will make jwellery and I will exchange them with fake ones and kabir will be caught,leela say good but take care u shdnt be in picture.
Nisha is scared and crying and asks kabir what happened,kabir says I am fine look I am front of u and tells nisha what happened and says viraj saved my life,nisha says u will be fine listen to me nothing can happen to u,kabir says calm nisha,I am worried about why does anyone wants to hit me,ramesh says this hasn’t happened yet but our business is risky and ur safe that’s good,kabir says even money is safe,nisha helps kabir get into room,ramesh says take care of him we shall leave now,laxmi asks ramesh what is it,ramesh says I am scared for nisha,why does viraj always fall into nishas life,laxmi says now lets leave,ramesh says laxmi u stay with nisha,nisha says no u go dadaji must be tensed I will manage,ramesh says ok I am taking money along with me and call if u need help.nisha is thinking abt kabir being saved by viraj.

PRECAP:summit says to kabir that don’t trust viraj may be he may influence ur marriage and on other hand tells viraj that kabir told everyone that u(viraj) attacked him(kabir).

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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