Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadi gets a call from dadaji, dadi asks how long will it take, dadaji says he needs to wait for some more time,n says he met some friends here n so will be attending a meditation camp, n asks dadi to come n join as well, dadi says meditation is not my cup of tea, dadaji says ok ok hows everyone there, dadi sees umesh upset n says to dadaji its all ok here , dadaji says u aren’t sounding well whats wrong, dadi says no its all right here u take care of urself n i will talk to u later.dadi calls umesh n asks him wats wrong. Nisha to viraj says sorry actually n tries to sit, viraj says miss who asked u to sit, nisha says sorry sir last night i was with aman n so couldn’t sleep at all, viraj says im least interested in u n ur boyfriend, nisha says oh no sir aman

means amanpreet she is my frined n last night her father met with an aciident n is no more now, sir u know when u returned from ur illness u first saw ur fathers portrait in the academy, nisha says sir for a girl father is very important n amn loved her dad a lot last night she just cried n cried, viraj says stop, i can understand just go get fresh n then i shall conduct ur interview, n yes when some one at fault even if me i don’t hesitateto punish n so this cabin thing n u sleeping is ur first n last mistake, nisha says i will take care of it n leaves. Gayatri says ridiculous why are u entertaining her. Dadi gets shocked when she hears abt amanpreets dad, dadi asks umesh how is amanpreet, umesh says i couldn’t meet her in person but spoke to her on phone n nisha was with her all night n she said aman isn’t doing well she is disturbed a lot, umesh says dadi u don’t get tensed, dadi says its the truth of life though bitter, umesh says i don’t know wat to do now, i cant n don’t want to leave amanpreet, mom wont accept her n dad he doesn’t even know abt it, dadi says wat does ur heart say umesh says i don’t know wat to do, i don’t want to upset anyone how will i deal with it everyone things im a wrong person, dadi says its not a person but situation which keeps changing, do wat ur heart says, see umesh if u have decided to be with aman stick to it, i know known of us will like this decision of urs, but rejecting it at the cost of ur happiness, its a no, umesh says but dadi will u be with me, dadi says as always dear i will be with u, n now go have some rest. Roopan asks umesh how are u , umesh nods, roopan asks will u have some tea, umesh says no thanku, roopan asks is ur health ok, umesh looks at roopan, roopan asks so umesh did u get my bangles, umesh just walks off from there, roopan says wat did i ask that hurt him weird . Dolly says to summit plz listen to me, summit says i don’t have time for ur nonsense little problems im getting late n leaves. Dolly gives laxmi a call , laxmi asks dolly how is she, dolly says good, laxmi says u don’t sound u n i heard last night on call leela was saying something to u wat is the matter, dolly starts crying n says i cant stay here any more, laxmi saks why wats wrong dolly says summits mom keeps ordering me n trears me like a maid, vimla snatches phone from laxmi n listens to wat dolly says.dolly says i just asked to hire a maid, but summits mom said she wont do so n scolded me a lot, so i got angry n said i want a separate kitchen on that she hold my hand very hard n said she wont let me separate the family, dolly says u know aunty no one ever spoke to me in this tone n when i tried telling summit he said he wont speak on such nonsense things, vimla says n u didn’t feel like telling these things to ur mom, dolly says mom u . Viraj is talking to investors on Bluetooth, nisha gets frsh n enters the cabin n things viraj is talking to her in such sweet manner, viraj says so before u take one step do u believe in our dreams, nisha says yes sir i do, viraj says ok so take a pen n paper n chalk out all the names of girls who u think deserve to be with us, nisha says ok i will n says so kirti can be at reception n suku can do all the running here n there work n u know sir umesh bhaiya, viraj turns n gets surprised seeing nisha, n nisha says umesh bhaiya makes yummm sandwiches , viraj asks who these people are, nisha says my cousins, viraj says n u, nisha says sir im nisha, viraj says oh nisha, nisha says yes nisha u know sir i love ur sense of humour, viraj says wat are u here for, nisha says interview , viraj says sorry i keeping forgetting due to work thing, n offers his hand for file, but nisha shakes his hand, viraj says archana ur file, nisha says ok here it is, viraj says miss standup, hold these two files mobile papers n few more things, nisha drops them n says i have two hands sir, viraj says u aren’t appointed since u couldn’t use ur two hands properly.viraj says but u have 30 seconds, i like to judge people with their work so start answering, job experience nisha says no, viraj – graduation, nisha says 2nd division, viraj says so u want this job bcoz of ur less percentage, nisha says sorry sir but in 15000 u get nothing now, viraj says leave but i think i shdnt appoint money oriented people, nisha says i know my life has no aim, but i thought u were inspirational n so i thought working with u would help me find aim but i was wrong, viraj says leave ur rejected . Nisha leaves, viraj smiles n calls sham singh n says this girl looks interesting but need to see some more, n asks is 15000 not enough now, sham singh says yes sir. Nisha meets sourabh , sourabh asks how was the interview, nisha says ur boss needs to eat almonds he doesn’t remember anything, viraj hears all this n smiles saying this dog girl gets angry as well.

PRECAP: nisha says sourabh u know im at virajs house, sourabh says are u mad if he sses u there he would never appoint u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. dis hero drve me crazy yar.wtng fr upcmng epi of NIRAJ.

  2. Dipsikha Saha

    This show turning up more intererting day by day.

  3. ya dear itz so cute unique luv story.virat s enjoying her childish behaviour.

  4. Hi…..I am new here.
    I am in love with this show only because of Viraj aka Tahir Mithaiwala:)…..he seems a promising actor and the actress playing Nisha is also doing great…. Love them both

  5. wow nisha and viraj combination is just superb.thank for update.

  6. Luvd it

  7. wow its too interesting…
    i was sure about it that viraj would be the hero of nisha…

  8. getting interesting day by day

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