Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mohan sees nisha in shop early morning and asks her why is she so early didn’t she sleep last night,nisha says no I didn’t I mean just,nisha gets call from vasu,vasu says nisha kabir has left house in anger and may be has gone to the landlords house so plz go n check u know how kabir reacts in anger,nisha says ok I will and leaves. Nisha reaches virajs house,nisha asks servant did kabir come here and shows his picture,the servant sees kabirs pic and says no he didn’t and nisha leaves,kabir reaches virajs house and sees nisha leaving, and calls her and thinks does nisha still love him is all that I am seeing the truth,nisha goes to kabir and asks why didn’t u come yesterday,kabir says I did come but u were busy,nisha says oh I don’t know what viraj sir

was doing there and how he came and I was waiting for u,kabir says I saw the truth, nisha says kabir its useless talking to u and I am going to shop. Virajs servant informs viraj that nisha was here, viraj gets happy and says I knew she will come to see me,kabir reaches virajs house and says I need to talk to u its very important,viraj says ok speak, kabir says I know u want nisha back and nisha also loves u, viraj says I know that tell me something I don’t know, kabir says I love nisha and want to see her happy even if it is with u,viraj says don’t worry nisha will be happy with me I can give her all the happiness she deserves ,kabir says I can never see nisha upset and unhappy and I want to accept that u will keep nisha happy but what if u hurt her again and leave her as u did begore ,viraj says I wont I am a rajput and always keep my promise and after u leave I will keep her very happy,kabir says I hope u keep ur promise, I can never sees her upset,as long as she is happy I will never return and the day u will hurt her I wont leave u alive, viraj says I wont ,have a good day,kabir says ok nisha is ur from now. Nisha is waiting for kabir,kabir comes home,nisha asks kabir where were u and why didnt u pick my calls,kabir says nisha I am going London, nisha says what,kabir says I am doing what is right, nisha says we can talk abt it kabir, vasu says kabir why are u doing this to her she is ur wife u cant leave her like this, kabir says yes she is my wife but she doesn’t love me and I know nisha will be happy with person she loves and we don’t spoil eachothers life, and mom my dreams are waiting for me, nisha says kabir alteast listen to me come sit,kabir leaves her hand goes to room and locks himself,nisha calls kabir and asks him to open the door but kabir doesn’t and both start crying. Ramesh calls nisha, nisha doesn’t receive his call, ramesh tries again,nisha picks the call,ramesh asks nisha what is it why are u crying, nisha says papa kabir is going, ramesh calls vasu, vasu sees his name on phn and says I knew u will call and picks it,ramesh says vasu I want to meet u,vasu says where, ramesh says the place where we used to meet, vasu says ok see u tomorrow morning. Next morning,nisha sees kabir with packed bags going,nisha says plz don’t go and runs in the room and starts crying.kabir walks to the door and sees viraj, viraj says I need to discuss somethings before u go, kabir says I care just abt nisha and nothing else, viraj say I need to see ur London ticket and divorce papers,kabir says I cant divorce her till we complete one year I hope u understand that, viraj says ok and have a safe flight and viraj leaves.nisha sees kabir and viraj and asks kabir what is it, kabir says I just want to see u happy, nisha says dealing my life with viraj and kabir I am not a show piece that u used now and pass on to others, and now I know why was viraj always so confident and said u will leave ,so from how long are u dealing my life with him, kabir says nisha some things cant be explained, nisha gets angry and says u want to prove urself very good right that u are a good husband and gave ur wifes responsibility to someone else, kabir says nisha the thing is u still love viraj he is ur first love and, nisha says enough kabir first learn what is love and then speak and before u will leave me I leave and I can stay without u and so just go away and I don’t want to see ur face again,nisha leaves and goes out and starts crying thinking abt kabir and says everything was a lie kabir doesn’t care for me and I so hate him and I don’t care abt him let him go.

PRECAP: nisha in front of cousins and says kabir had to leave and so he left and umesh bhaiya why does this happen always with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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