Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, jaspal catches aman and ties her mouth with a cloth and pushes her in van and takes her away. Virendra in hospital,ramesh tries to cheer virendra and makes in smile,doctor says that virendra is ok now and will be shifted soon to ward.ramesh calls laxmi and tells everuthig is fine,umesh comes, ramesh says umesh ur dad is fine relax,umesh goes near virendra and says sorry dad I was out,viredndra says this shop is ur dadajis so u have to work hard and vimla where is poonam I want to thank her and umesh tell me one thing very frankly who is this poonam,vimla says why u want all this,virendra says plz umesh tell me im very sure she isn’t a cook she is very nice and educated so tell me the truth,umesh looks at ramesh,ramesh nods yes,umesh says dad I know u will get

upset but I will tell u the truth that girl isn’t poonam but amanpreet and she is the one who im in love with,virendra says u were so scared of me that u didn’t tell me the truth.
Jaspal in van shows aman her would be husband,aman says I will never marry him,jaspal says u have too.dolly says dad we didn’t tell u bcoz u were ill and aman wanted to please u first and then,virndra says vimla why didn’t u tell me,umesh says dad plz forgive me but I love aman a lot,virendra says aman is very nice girlbut I don’t think she can be ur bride,dolly says dad she will adjust plz understand,virendra says dolly we are different in all aspects,umesh says plz dad,virendra says sorry umesh but this is the truth and u have to deal with it.

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Roopan says virendra is right,that Punjabi girl isn’t fit for umesh and even vimla wanted so,vimla says roopan I can give my decision on my own and virendra today ur ok only bcoz of amanpreet,I had given up but she helped me and she proved herself today while she was taking care of u I didn’t see her caste then why now and according to me she is the only girl fit for umesh,nisha says thanku vimla aunty,virendra says ok I will meet her as aman once again.umesh says I will go and call her where is she,nisha says where is aman roopan aunty,roopan says she must be out,umesh says ok I will call her,roopan says I am going home I have lot of work,vimla says I will be back soon.
Aman requests jaspal not to do so,jaspal forces her,aman has kept her phone on,viraj gets her location,but jaspal comes to know about it,viraj takes a bike and goes according to the location.vimla stops roopan and asks where is aman,roopan says I don’t know and why are u worried,her uncle will take care of her,vimla says what u called her uncle how could u roopan I told u not to do so,nisha says what is it roopan aunty tell me the truth,vimla says nisha we are sorry and made a big mistake.viraj reaches the location and calls aman but her phone is switched off,viraj says I have to save aman,vimla tells nisha all that happened.
Nisha says roopan aunty tell me where is aman plz, roopan says in a gurudwara,nisha says call jaspal and ask him which place,roopan calls jaspal but he doesn’t tell the location,nisha says plz tell roopan aunty what all u know,roopan says I don’t know anything except that he is staying in some gharana guest house.nisha goes on her bike to find aman,umesh calls aman but her phone is switched off,ramesh comes and asks what happened,umesh says aman,vimla comes and says umesh amans uncle has taken her away with him go save her,ramesh says umesh I will come with u,virendra says ramesh make sure aman is safe I want to see her here all ok.
Viraj reaches gharana lodge,he asks there about jaspal singh,the guard there says I don’t know abt all this but one sardar was staying here but has left in the morning,nisha reaches gharana lodge and sees viraj,viraj says I guess u know what happened,but they aren’t here,nisha says where should we find now I know they are to some gurudwar,viraj says I know one close here come lets go,nisha says I will follow u,viraj says nisha don’t be fool come with me,n remember that first love is not bad but when u don’t get it and behaviour after that is sometimes bad so come with me.

Jaspal takes aman to a gurdwara,aman tries to resist but jaspal forces her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. sree

    ss,aman ki shaadi zaroor hongi lekin umesh ke saath.aaj meine ek video dekha jis mein dadaji aman ko accept kar rahe hai aur ashirvad de rahe hai..

  2. bp

    Today’s SBS segment of Nauc awsum…3rd person is gonna come soon…Arjun also coming in news to get this role…love triangle going to start very soon…very excited…

  3. SS

    am not sure but musheje lagata hai ki ye arjun nisha ka friend banke aayegaa ………………..or sayad tabi hamare viru ko jealous feel un dono ko dekh ke ……….wow yaar am waiting for tomorrows episode ……….love u niraj

  4. sree

    Yaad hai jab nisha apna bag viraj ke cabin mein bhool gayi thi shayad tab viraj nisha ki phome me wo mails dekha hoga.aur jab viraj bag lekar aaya tha tab uske face ka expression ajeeb sa tha.wo nisha ko ghur raha tha…

  5. sree

    aur friday ke episode mein viraj ek gift sham singh ko dekar wo addres mein pahuchane ko kah raha tha…lekin viraj ko toh arti ka pata nahi maloom…issliye mujhe laga ki viraj ko arti ka sach pata hai…

  6. sree

    SS,mujhe nahi pata ki viraj ne phone dekha ya nahi mein bas predict kar rahi hun really hope ki viraj ne phone dekha…

  7. sree

    Viraj toh arti se pyar karta hai toh nisha ko kisi aur ke saath dekhkar kyu jealous ho raha hai… viraj ek saath do logom se toh pyar nahi karega…so i think that viraj knows the truth…

  8. SS

    sree agar koi kisise pyar karta hai or usiko kisi or ke saath dekhta hai to jealous feel to hota hi hai na kyun

  9. sree

    Haan SS…viraj nisha ko kisi aur ke saath dekhkar jealous ho raha hai…isska matlab wo nisha se pyaar karta Hai…

  10. SS

    guyz maine precap dekha usme nisha ne viraj ke saare message parh liye jo viraj ni aarti( nisha ) ko likhe tha and nisha ko sab kuch pata chal gaya hai ……………….guyz am so exited for tomorrow’s episode

  11. sree

    in todays episode,it shows that viraj and nirha going to gurudyara in bike and saving aman…her chachaji gets arrested…and aman thankz viraj.Nisha,umesh n ramesh takes aman to home…nisha makes dadaji realise that aman is perfect for umesh and all gives blesings to aman and umesh and fixes their marriage…on other side viraj is getting ready to leave india…

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