Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mohan asks virendra what is the matter, virendra says stop ramesh what is wrong with u,mohan says stop u two lets go talk to babuji. Dadaji says look at this weight balance when will it be balanced,ramesh says when u will remove that stone,dadaji says good look all of mine is of u three brothers and now for the purpose of balancing im retiring, from last few days I have seen my decisions are having some adverse effect and so this retirement and my decision is final,mohan says plz think again, dadaji says no I wont u people will have no more interference and can do whatever u want just stay happy,ramesh says is it bad to state our thoughts,dadaji says no its not actually im thankful to u, ramesh says u never understand me never.
Nisha wakes up on bus stop

and finds her hands tied,nisha looks at kabir and says are u fool,kabir says look its funny and starts laughing and says oh common have fun is there anything that can make u smile,nisha says im least interested in u,kabir says now it’s a challenge I will make u laugh,nisha says whatever.

Dadaji says I know I couldn’t be a good father and ramesh ur right I never understood u so now ur free so do what u wish, ramesh says last time u threw me out of the show and this time ur leaving and punishing me,for the first time I thought u will look to me as nishas father but u didn’t instead u made this agreement and increased the distance between us and im least interested in this property and so I wont be coming to shop anymore.
The bus stops,kabir and nisha get down, kabir says lets go,nisha says yes lets u go ur way and I will go mine,kabir says see u have missed place my bag so,nisha says I know and remember I will take all the money back from u that u will spend,kabir says oh u have no idea I had lot of cash, nisha says oh really im sure like ur head ur bag is empty, the girl who had steeped in the bus shows thebus attendant that nisha and kabir are her parents,the attendant asks them,kabir says oh yes yes,nisha after leaving the ateendant asks kabir why he lied,kabir says look at this girl she is so scared,nisha says ur right,kabir says lets check her bag they find her passport and find it she is from usa,the girls name is Chandra,chabdra scared hugs nisha,kabir says chandu don’t worry this aunty will help us, kabir and nisha see two kidnappers with gun and hide along with chandu,nisha says looks like these guys have kidnapped her ,kabir asks chandu are u hiding from them,chandu nods yes,nisha and kabir asks her questions but scared chandu answers nothing.
The kidnappers get a call asking where is the kid,the lady on call scolds them and asks them to find the girl as soon as possible.mohan is upset,roopan gives him tea and says hows it good should I get some snacks u know what is good this happened and now listen talk to virendra bhaiya and take the bikaneri shop to our side,mohan says top it roopan u fool ,roopan says oh this happened bcoz of ramesh and nisha and u scold me all this is rameshs fault,laxmi hears this and goes to them and says mohan bhaiya plz tell what happened,roopan says go talk to ur husband, and says its always ur family who makes blunders and we are the ones who have to bear the effects and other things talk to ur husband, mohan says to roopan its useless talking to u.
Nisha and kabir decide to take chandu to police,on way nisha asks do u have mother,chandu nods yes,kabir asks how abt dad,chandu nods no,kabir shows them see there police,chandu gets scared and points to the lady near the police(she is the one who had called the kidnappers)nisha says u two stay here I will go n talk, kabir and chandu hide,nisha goes to them and says my bag is stolen,the police asks her to stop meanwhile nisha hears that the lady is shanty and gives police chandus pic and asks them to find chandu,nisha sees that the police is corrupted and is on shanties side,the police and shanti leave,nisha realizes that chandus life is in danger.

Kabir says see nisha for the sake of chandus safety we need to act like we are chandus parents her mom and dad plz.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks fr d update

  2. I luv d precap!
    Chandu u r so cute!

  3. kabir is sooo cute…love u

  4. nyce episode n finally kabir got a place to stay n someone to pay for him with a strong reason……..

  5. I hope viraj enter soon.

  6. kabir is doing a good job

  7. Nice episode…but missing viraj very badly.come back soon viraj.

  8. nice precap

  9. viraj,pls comeback and save me from watchng this nonsense.So nuc fans r right.viraj r kabir in the show or nt.but dumbo and her family and some heart touching scenes wil b deenetly in the show.

  10. Whenever Miss d troubles others(to her family ,she is in trouble) she stands in the middle of the room with tears, saying pls papa let md figt.our comedian father says ,no nishu,enough u alrdy sufferd verxmuch ,i wont let u do.again dumbo says,pls papa,let me fight .i cannt live with guilt throught my life.ramesh says ok do as u wish,i just want ur oldman says,no ramesh i wont let u do .ramesh says,papa pls finally oldman says ok,u have my permission.i believe u.the three ganganwals hug their mother,all bahus at oneside,all cousins gather around nisha and gives a group hug.with a weird background music the scene ends.the story Continues.

  11. U blo*dy writers and directors,why did u introduce such a dynamic character like viraj and a handsome and talented guy like taher to ur weird,awful unworthy show to get trp rate.why dont u realize ur mistake and kil the entire ganganwals and end the show.u and ur blo*dy script,just go to hell

  12. U starplus,all ur shows r like the same,with full of shit.just close the channel and sit at home watching ur b**** shows.ek haseena thee was the shouldnt have been telecastded in this channel.u wasted my time .

  13. UUU…. starplus,ur shhhhit….,My foot…..

  14. Hg plzzz..maint ur words…

  15. hg..if u didn’t lyk this show,,,then y r u watching…..u r disgusting….

    1. Wil u pls shutup?and dont replx me.u want to give ur cmt,giue it on show,and u too disgttsting.

  16. just control ur emotions hg

    1. Tx for ur suggtion.i am trying

  17. Nice episode

  18. nice episode

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  19. Guys,one more new entry to be introduced in nauc which is none other than nisha nagpal as kaira…

  20. And source says that kairas and virajs marriage will get fixed and it will break at tge last moment due to some reasons…

  21. Oh…thats a gud means that viru will be back soon.waise bhi i am sure ki kabir aur kaira ke wajah se nishu aur viru apna pyar realise karege.akele viru ke jealous hone se kuch nahi hoga so nisha also have to be jealous aur us kam karne keliye aarahe hai kaira.

  22. cool girls,concentrate on ur own comments

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