Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji says I am upset with what happened, ramesh says I think he was tensed,dadi says but ramesh this is not the way kabir shd have talked to ur babuji,ramesh says I am sorry on his behalf plz forgive him,and he respects us a lot and he respects u a lot babuji,dadaji says I know u like kabir ramesh and so ur hiding his faults, but listen to me don’t let him cross the limits or else later we have to face the problems now go sleep. Summit shows roopan that he has hide the contract here and says just wait for this contract to come out then we will see,roopan says but aren’t we doing too much,summit says no aunty don’t forget its for our future and just wait for tomorrow,roopan asks what are u doing,summit says u just wait an watch and u will know and also kabir

will know what price he is going to pay,roopan says ok lets have a good night. Laxmi and ramesh thinking why did kabir misbehave with babuji,laxmi says god knows what has happened to kabir,ramesh says I am surprised why nisha was quite when kabir was talking rubbish and that is fishy,laxmi says I will talk to nisha,ramesh says no use we have to keep a watch on them and find out what is it.nisha and kabir reach home tired,kabir says nisha come lets go to bed,viraj stops them by calling nisha and walks to her,nisha gives him a cold look,viraj says I am sorry for what happened plz forgive me I am very ashamed,nisha says its ok and leaves,kabir says by the way u shd be in ur limits,next time u want to meet my wife do ask me for permission,viraj says I will never,I can talk to nisha whenever I want keep that in ur mind,kabir leaves in anger,viraj says I wont nisha bear this pain of 3 months marriage. Virendra is getting ready to go shop,dolly comes and says dad have ur medicines,virendra says vimla ur daughter scolds me more than u,dolly says what are u saying,vimla says he is calling us hitler,virendra says vimla kabir shd have taken money,vimla says I know this but he has self respect and that is good thing,virendra says but he shdnt have spoken this way,dolly says may be he is tensed bcoz he wont do such think,rukhma comes with letter,dolly reads it and says yes I got selected for interview,virendra asks what are u doing dolly.dolly says I dont like how summit is behaving and so I have decided to do job and we can leave this house,virendra says this is ur house as well,dolly says I know but still,vimla asks does summit know this,dolly says yes,vimla says dolly remember one thing summit shdnt feel bad,dolly says I will take care of that. Dolly sees summit and calls him,she shows him the letter and says I got selected,summit gets upset and says do u have to do this,dolly says u shd be happy instead ur getting angry,summit says so u want me to dance and u aren’t going,dolly says I am not here for permission I am going and I am not like u sitting idle,summit says I go to shop,dolly says I know how u work there plz summit find a job it will be good for us plz listen,summit says I know what I am doing,dolly says I wish u knew i thought u would be happy,summit says dolly I would be happy if u agree for baby,dolly says oh how will we have baby how will we manage it when u are sitting idle and if u want to learn something learn it from kabir. At shop, nisha and kabir come,dadaji doesn’t greet them,kabir realizes all are upset,nisha goes to work counter,kabir says dadaji and uncle both look upset,kabir goes to work counter,nisha says kabir they wont understand why and till they u must have left so don’t feel bad and its according to our plan,kabir says I don’t understand why is ur family so good.summit calls goons and ask them to hit kabir very badly but not kill him, Kabir gets a call from shekhawat and he calls kabir with money,kabir says I will be coming,virendra gives him money,dadaji says virendra ask him to take car and be careful,kabir takes the money and goes to dadaji and says wont u wish me luck,dadaji says I would if kids didn’t think that elders are a pain,kabir still takes blessings and leaves.nisha stops him and says kabir be careful,kabir says meet u in evening. Kabir reaches the venue,and sees theres no one,he tries to call shekhawat but shekhawat doesn’t receive,the goons arrive at the venue.

PRECAP:nisha goes to laxmi n asks did kabir come here,laxmi says no he didn’t but why are u tensed,nisha says he isn’t home yet and not even receiving the calls. Kabir is been beaten and viraj comes there and keeps watching kabir getting beaten.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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