Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vimla says i know amanpreet is in pain n i pray to god that she gets strength to get over it but umesh wont go n if he goes with wat relation will he go, nisha says whatever but amanpreet is his friend as well, roopan says stop nisha vimla didi is right, vimla says umesh u will not go there, umesh says stop its my life n i will decide wat to do n i will go to amans place, vimla says go then wat do u care abt for a mere girl who is just a daba persons daughter ur fighting with ur family is that wat ur brought up with such culture, mohan says umesh see its right we people will never get along with them so just finish it off , ramesh says vimla u come along with us n no one will go anywhere, nisha says but dad, ramesh says nisha not now.
Umesh says i don’t

care wat will anyone thing right now amanpreet needs me n i will be with her, kirti says umesh we all with come with u. Vimla sitting alone in her room, laxmi says vimla didi don’t get tensed, vimla says wat to do here umesh is behaving this way n nisha says dolly isn’t doing well with her inlaws, laxmi says wait i will call dolly.
Leela scolds dolly u how dare u, dolly says u are taking me wrong. Laxmi calls her dolly says aunty i will call tomorrow n forgets to cut the call, laxmi listens dolly n her mother in laws argument, vimla asks laxmi wat happened, laxmi decides not to tell vimla right now abt dolly n says nothing dollys cell is busy.
At amanpreets house, umesh says i wished my family members where here n would help amanpreet but i feel so lonely, ramesh comes n says don’t worry im with u kids, nisha goes to amanpreet n says don’t worry we will always be with u n never leave u alone, amanpreets uncle looks at umesh n says so this the guy n u see im taking amanpreet along with me to jalandar, umesh says u cant do this, amanpreets uncle says i can n i have fixed her marriage as well n u forget her, nisha says uncle plz calm let amanpreet get over her pain atleast, amans uncle says see im not here to listen ur lectures u can leave. Ramesh says plz calm its not the right time to discuss these thing aman we are always there for u n says kids lets go now. Nisha says to ramesh can i stay with aman for today, ramesh says ok take care of aman.nisha says umesh don’t worry u did the right thing.
Nosha next morning on her way back sees umesh, umesh asks nisha how is amanpreet, nisha says she just slept she was crying whole night, umesh says ok go home n slep now, nisha says no i have to go academy for interview, umesh says ok all the best.
Nisha goes to academy by 6 am, a peon says u are too early academy opens at 8.30, nisha says i know i have an important interview plz let me sit till then i wont disturb, he says ok. Nisha goes to virajs cabin, n starts practicing her interview, n while doing so sleeps on his chair.
Viraj comes to academy, he sees gayatri n asks how is priyanka, gayatri says she is fine, he sees sourabh n says u are the manager gaurav right, sourabh says im manager but my name is sourabh, viraj says keep working up to date n i will surely remember ur name as u see i don’t forget mine. Sourabh says i will sir. Viraj says gayatri aunty investors will be here n i want priyanka here by that time , gayatri says ok, viraj says where is my assistant she shd be here for interview, sourabh says sir u called her at 11, gayatri says wat nonsense sourabh interview was at 9 n she shdnt be interested we will appoint some one else. Viraj n gayatri go to virajs cabin n sees nisha sleping, viraj says aunty plz wake her up, gayatri says u girl wake up, nisha says oh rukhma let me sleep i have interview at 11, viraj says samiksha get up, nisha says oh this viru in my dreams also takes wrong name its nisha, viraj says miss nisha wake up, nisha wakes n says sorry sir actually i thought i will be late so arrived early, viraj says sleeping on my chair isn’t arriving early.

Nisha tries to sit saying sorry sir, viraj says who asked u to sit, nisha says sir last night i was with aman n couldn’t sleep, viraj says im least interested in u n ur boyfriend.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Cute episode
    Bt srsly viraj?? At times Richa, isha n nw sameeksha

    1. Luv u VIRAJ <3 <3

  2. Nisha is such a simple n easy name,god knows wat wil he cal our nisha in d coming epi!
    Jo bhi ho bt it wil b fun! 😉

  3. Umesh dont move back…nishu u r just awesome…

  4. On one side they r taking umesh’s story as per kabhi khushi kabhi gam…. And on other side Nisha’s story as per new khoobsurat movie…. Silent hurt prince-Vikku Virru…. Khadoos rani sahiba/ gayatri aunty….misguided sister/ priyanka, old servant/ shamsingh… And then entry of bindaas healer… Nisha to change their boring life to a happening family….

  5. I agree with u Navpreet!
    Nisha wil make evryones life rocking!

  6. Goddd..
    such a crap show..
    the hero has nothing in him..not even an expression..

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