Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with kabir gets angry seeing viraj with nisha and says to viraj how dare u come to my house in my absence and without my permission, viraj says i think u forgot this house is mine, kabir says no u have given it to me on rent and so u can’t enter without my permission, viraj says i was here to take my things and nisha knew abt it, kabir says plz u got ur things u may leave now, viraj says offcourse I will and also u do great acting of husband and wife, kabir asks what do u mean, viraj says i know abt London and anyways I am leaving since I did what I came for and leaves.Viraj gets into car and sees vasu getting out of auto and leaves.
Leela and vasu meet at entrance, leela tells vasu that kabir and viraj had a good fight and so kabir is very angry now,vasu says

good job leela,leela says ur promise, vasu says u may leave now, leela leaves.
Nisha tries to explain kabir but kabir doesn’t listen to her and says plz nisha not now and just keep in mind viraj is very manipulative so stay away from him.Nisha says viraj sir can be anything but not manipulative, kabir says oh yes u know him very well and gets angry and leaves.
Nisha starts crying, vasu enters and asks nisha what is it.Nisha says kabir doesn’t listen to me and scolded me,vasu says i will talk to him, u do onething go meet ur parents u will feel better, nisha says thanks ma and leaves.
Kabir freshen ups and sees vasu in kitchen and asks where is nisha, vasu says she just went out somewhere and kabir I saw landlord and it’s not good to have him when nisha is alone, kabir says plz mom there’s nothing such thing vasu says i am just saying Bcoz in morning I saw him with nisha and I could see in nishas eyes the love for him and I didn’t see that love for u and I am sorry but kabir it’s true.
Kabir says mom ur taking nisha wrong there’s nothing between her and that guy I have warned him so many times not to come here but and mom nisha would never let us down trust me I really love her,vasu says and I am happ for u, it’s just that I care for u And I don’t want u to regret later so.Kabir says mom i don’t I trust nisha,vasu says in that case why don’t u shift from this house,kabir says good idea and leaves. Vasu calls leela and says u know what to do.Leela says yes yes.Leela asks jwala where is nisha, jwala says why do u need that leela says i was just asking.Nisha is with dolly and shares everything with her,dolly says everything will be fine such situations occur in husband and wife.
Dolly says nisha go talk to kabir and sort out, nisha says ok I will and thanku ur the best sister, and before I leave u have to finish all of these fruits, dolly says no.Nisha forcing dolly to eat,vimla and laxmi see that and smile, leela sees nishas mobile and slowly picks it up and msg viraj to meet at 8.30, viraj gets excited seeing it.
Leela shows concern for dolly and her child and says i am worried about sumit as well.Dolly says if u so miss him why don’t u join him, leela says dolly I am here to take care of u,dolly says here are lot of people who will take care of me and stop showing fake concern,leela start her drama saying this what was left now, I care for her but look and so I shd leave now, dolly says grt nisha go leave her till auto, laxmi says leelaji don’t be upset dolly didn’t mean what she said, dolly says i do u can leave mummyji,vimla stops dolly and says how can u talk to leelaji in this tone,nisha take dolly out for some time,nisha picks her phn and takes dolly along with her.
Vimla says to leela plz don’t feel bad abt dollys words u can stay here as long as you wish, This is ur house as well, leela starts crying and says she does this bcoz I am alone and don’t have my son here.
Nisha asks doll to relax, dolly says nisha i don’t know her,nisha acts like leela,seeing this dolly starts laughing. Nisha says keep smiling di and bye see u later.Nisha gets call from vasu, vasu asks nisha how is her mood,nisha says good, vasu suggests her to go for surprise dinner with kabir to make up with him,nisha likes the idea.Vasu asks nisha to book table at silvermoon cafe for 8.30 and she will send kabir there and nisha can surprise him.Nisha agrees to it and gets excited.

Precap: kabir reaches restaurant and sees viraj and nisha together and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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