Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vimla asks kabir not to behave like this,laxmi hears this,kabir looks at laxmi and feels bad,laxmi offers him tea,kabir picks the cup and so does nisha and laxmi walks off and vimla as well.kabir says I don’t like when ur mom gets upset with me,she is very nice and I respect her a lot and I don’t like hurting her,nisha says u are very nice person,kabir says u go talk to mom and make her ok,nisha says relax she will be fine.dolly sees bunty playing and says bunty finish ur milk and go to tuitions,bunty says I want to play game plz, dolly says this is nishas phn u are forget it have milk and go classes,bunty says ok ok I will.dolly is finding nisha to give her phone,summit asks her what is it dolly,dolly says this phn I have to give it to nisha,summit says give

it to me I am going shop I will give her,dolly says summit I am not liking u going to shop, this job isn’t by ur capability but just to help me they gave u job,summit says plz they have given kabir job as well,dolly says kabir got it and u begged for it,summit says I will do as I wish,dolly says don’t shout,summit says then let me do as I wish,dolly says then see now what I do.
Summit sees virajs call on nishas cell but nisha comes and takes it,summit asks nisha does he call u yet,nisha says yes sometimes but its not an issue bye.summit says grt now I will use viraj against kabir as viraj still loves nisha.
Summit calls his mom,and says mom my plan is working and roopan aunty is helping me,leela says don’t trust her too much,summit says I wont I am just using her to throw kabir out and when I will do that I will push her out as well and now I just have to achieve that jwellery project given to kabir then I will make fake jwellery and sell it as real ones and the profit will be ours and slowly all gangwal project will be mine.
Virendra and mohan congratulate nisha and kabir on factory project,virendra says kabir u have a grt responsibility don’t let us down,mohan says and don’t worry nisha will be there with u always,mohan and virendra start discussing the project,nisha says kabir don’t worry I will manage all,mohan and virendra leave for factory,nisha calls shekhawat and asks him when will he reach and to make it quick,shekhawat has joined hands with summit,summit says shekhawat don’t take full payment ,take it in chaque and in half installments and then we will show that kabir has made fraud.
Kabir and nisha are waiting for shekhawat,nisha says u relax kabir,kabir says today we will manage what abt tomorrow,nisha says don’t worry I will never let anyone come in ur dreams,shekhawat comes to shop,shekhawat says I have seen the place right now I need advance chaque and other payment in cash,kabir says ok what amount chaque u want,shakhaway says 2 lakhs,nisha says ok,kabir signs a chaque of 2 lakh,kabir says ok I will like to meet the party,shekhawat says ok today I am in rush we will talk later,kabir says ok I will leave,nisha says here Is lunch,kabir says thanku bye,sourabh comes and sees nisha and says u are truly in love with him,and u are a total house wife now,nisha says sourabh don’t irritate go.
Shekhawat calls summit and tells I have chaque, summit says ok good.summit goes to meet viraj,viraj says oh summit ur dollys husband plz come,summit says viraj I am here for help,no one knows I am here,but I know only u can help me,I know u love nisha a lot and so I want u to see this,summit shows viraj the contract,viraj starts reading the contract.viraj says what all is this,summit says nisha did this for her family,but kabir isn’t a trust worthy and dadaji has given kabir factory responsibility and I don’t want him to fool gangwals,viraj says what do u want,summit says u plz some how join dadajis project and help everyone see kabirs true color and nisha will also get impressed,viraj says but nisha doesn’t even talk to me even after living together,summit asks what,viraj says yes the house she lives in is mine,summit says nisha has always helped u and now its ur turn and nisha will surely come back to u and do talk to nisha and plz don’t tell my name,viraj says don’t worry,summit leaves.
Summit says now the real show will begin.

PRECAP:nisha opens the door thinking its kabir,but sees viraj at door and soon laxmi and roopan arrive there.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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