Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj asks nisha to be sharp at 9 for interview in the academy, n then asks gayatri to relax n leaves, gayatri says i will not allow this girl in my academy.
Amamnpreets dad asks amanpreet to get some tea, when she leaves, umesh says uncle plz forgive me, trust me this wasn’t done intentionally, amanpreets dad says it wasn’t my fault but still i was treated as im at fault, n wat could i do, but now i have no respect for u umesh, umesh says but, amanpreets dad says stop umesh i cant let my girl marry a guy who liesto his own family, umesh says plz forgive me i did this bcoz im very serious abt amanpreet, amaanpreets dad says stop umesh u have crossed all the limits, amanpreet comes with tea n asks umesh where are her bangles, amanpreets dad says go get

some snacks as well, n then says umesh i know ur family will never accept her, umesh says plz give me some time i will surely talk to my dad n plz don’t tell amanpreet abt this i need one chance, amanpreets dad says ok but this is ur last chance, umesh says i will take a leave now, amanpreets dad says i will leave u lets go.

Nisha comes home, laxmi asks wat abt interview, nisha says its tomorrow, nisha asks vimla did she speak to dolly bcoz dolly called her n sounded tensed.roopan comes n says see i got my one bangle , vimla asks where was it, roopan says it was with the caterer who as at dollys wedding, looks like rukhma sold it to him, vimla says stop vimla u cant blame any one, roopan says plz n u know wat ramesh left him, ramesh says yes i did, bcoz i know him n he is very loyal person, mohan says yes roopan calm down, roopan says i don’t trust that man bcoz i saw him in dolly wedding he looked vey fishy must he involved in such type of robbers .
Umesh comes n says stop aunty, stop no one will blame Mr. Singh now, mohan says umesh wat is this why such tone, umesh says im sorry but the truth is it was me who stole the bangles n gave it to Mr. Singh, vimla says wat are u talking umesh u stole them, umesh says yes i did , i stole the bangles n gave it to Mr. Singh whose daughter is my girlfriend amanpreet, roopan says wat is this umesh are u in ur senses, umesh says yes im n i love amanpreet,vimla slaps him n says stop it umesh how dare u speak all this, nisha says aunty plz, vimla says nisha stop stay away from this, ramesh says vimla calm, vimla says umesh did u ever think wat will dadi dadji ur dad will think when they get to know u did this n that to for a girl who isn’t from our cast, umesh says i love amanpreet n i will marry only her or wont ,marry at all n roopan aunty u will get ur bangles soon.
Gayatri says priyanka come lets go, viraj says aunty plz, priyanka says bro im sorry, viraj says priyanka ur my responsibility n since im back now i will take care of u n aunty. Sham Singh comes n says viraj ur physiotherapist is here, viraj leaves, gayatri asks priyanka to leave n then from virajs moblie texts nisha that her interview time is postponed to 11 am.
Nisha tries umesh phone but he doesn’t answer, nisha receives virajs message, kirti suku come n ask nisha why is she so tensed, nisha says umesh bhaiya he isn’t receiving any calls, umesh comes all disturbed n lost, nisha asks umesh is all ok, umesh says amanpreets dad met with an accident n he is no more he is dead, i couldn’t face amanpreet, she is all broken isn’t speaking anything, i couldn’t even say sorry to her, nisha says calm now u go to amanpreet she needs u now , suku says yes go i will handle here, vimla comes n asks umesh where are u going, roopan comes n says bvimla first have tea i made especially for u, nisha says aunty umesh is going to amanpreets house her dad is no more, vimla says umesh u will not go right now u shd be here with ur family n not with a girl who isn’t ur family.

PRECAP: viraj says to nisha how dare u enter my cabin, nisha says u asked me to come by 11 for interview, viraj says i asked u to be here at 9 n not 11 n so u can leave now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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