Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadi tells umesh and aman that they have to meet panditji but nisha has to go as well now what to do, dadaji says im allowing nisha bcoz of umesh and aman being along with them,umesh says no dadaji nisha will accompany us.umesh says what this panditji why did he had to meet now,ramesh goes to umesh and says umesh show me the receipt I have a plan.
Dadi tells nisha go where u want to go and hope u will find peace, dadi tells ramesh that only one room is available what will nisha do,ramesh says nisha will stay at my friends place,dadi says who, ramesh says u don’t worry I will manage, nisha says bye guys take care,dolly stops dadi n says that let them go I have to talk to u.
Virendra meets panditji,panditji shows virendra some boys pics, virendra says

good nisha will meet mharajji, panditji says no nisha wont be visiting mharaj ji we could manage only rooms for aman and umesh. Dolly tells dadi that nisha isn’t going with aman and umesh,dadi says what why didn’t u tell me, dolly says we got scared so plz, dadi says u are fools. Virendra calls dolly, and asks her without any nonsense tell the truth,dolly says dad nisha isn’t going to mharaj jis place but is going to the trip on umesh and amans booking al alone, virendra decides to go and stop nisha.
Kabir has his new job at the trip where nisha is going but he is late to reach the stop, on his way he decides to help a women for a lift and sits in her car and requests her to drop him on bus stop, the lady gets angry at kabir and pushes him,kabir falls on virndras car and goes and sits in his car and pretends as if he has gun and says samosa unce without any mess drop me, virendra says plz leave me alone, kabir says leave me to bus stop and I will not harm u,virendra says ok I will u just don’t harm me.
Nisha reaches bus stop along with umesh aman and ramesh,nisha is unaware that she is going on trip and not with aman and umesh, aman acts as if she has forgotten her bag and says nisha u go me n ladoo will come later.on reaching bus stand kabir gets off the car quickly and disappears. Ramesh drops nisha to her bus,nisha asks ramesh where is umesh,ramesh gets umesh call and says uncle we are ok,ramesh says thanku umesh,umesh says uncle plz don’t say thanku just say bye to nisha and take care.nisha asks what is it dad,ramesh gets virendras call, nisha says pick its uncle,ramesh picks it up,virendra says nisha will not go,r amesh says she will go and sees virendra in front if him, virendra and ramesh get into argument,kabir comes from behind and scares virendra again and asks him to say yes,virendra says ok ok leave me nisha will go,kabir shows virendra the fake gun and runs,ramesh says brother plz nisha go its for her to get out of pain plz plz, virendra says ok.
Nisha sees her phone has no signal the bus starts,ramesh says nisha ur going alone umesh and aman wont be going leave ur life find ur path I trust u go for it,nisha gives ramesh flying kiss and thanks him. Kabir gets into the bus and sees nisha sitting he goes near her and says excuse me and falls on her and says wow ,nisha says get off u,he sneezes , nisha gives him a cold look and ignores him, kabir says so whats plane miss breakup I see all the signs in u like stage1 crying stage 2 running away,nisha says stop or else I will kill u,kabir says ur lucky to have me im the one who brings broken hearts close to eachother,nisha says get up,kabir gets off and sits back near her and sleeps on her shoulder, nisha says see don’t irritate me when u will have a breakup then shall we speak,kabir says oh really tell me why don’t u laugh.

Kabirs camera bag is robed by a guy on cycle,nisha and kabir shout and say stop that bag is very important.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. nisha

    nice episode,thanks for updating and you Mr.hg I think you will never like this episode. Any way I like it and think going to be interesting.

    • hg

      Hai yaayu,i totally agree with u.there is a site for voting for the best jodi for nisha.pls vote kabir.atleast the writers will make nisha and kabir couple.they make viraj free from witch and dracula

  2. nisha

    Oh Mr hg, your views about viraj is good and I of cause support it but you must remember one thing NAUC is a story of nisha aur uske cousins not viraj’s aur kabir’s ,so your valuable like for the show is needed OK

  3. nisha

    From 1 week on wards your comments about the show is awful. So please enjoy the show…I think you must be more interested in kabir than viraj for a change . The show could have any twist……

  4. hg

    Where is sourav?is he dead or in exile with repentence?nisha really needs this tour?why doesnt she continue her will teach her the world better

  5. hg

    It is strange.the entire circus supporting her still she wants to go out.she couldnt makeup her mind.Did she lost her crores in busineness or she was defeated in waterloo.she wants to be an explorer?what a father?Infact she needs treatment for her mental condition.comedian father immeture daughter.

  6. nisha

    guys,is’t craze I thought nisha would go with her cousins so that they could witness nisha’s the new romance having a bit of fight with the new hero.

  7. nisha

    oh hg I think it is a good idea that she is going for a trip. Don’t you think kabir and nisha should be with each other for a while . Entry of kabir and viraj’s jealousy would be interesting to watch.

    • hg

      Ofcourse,they can do anywhere.but why should viraj feel jealous .as a mature man he doesnt care din dekhna hee baki hag

  8. hg

    Yes nisha,she can restart her life.i have been watching from the beginning.she looks like tomboy.but she is always busy with boys.first ritesh,after viraj,now she is always busy in flirt with i feel i know what wil happen in upcoming epi.we wil discus later.but viraj should take break permanently

  9. Boss

    Hg!! I guess you r becoming seriously ill abt the soap…..get cool.all is gona end like what u want to.Don’t go crazy for a silly NISHA…..

    • hg

      hai boss.u r right.watching this unjustice serial i am really going crazy.if it continues in this way, i will be in mental hospital because of this pagal ladaki.

  10. veda

    Nice episode…funny too….nisha and kabir U suits friends and not couple….bcoz niraj is best…love U dear..nisha

  11. hg

    did u notice how ramesh likes kabir.only a comedian can identify another comedian.pls ramesh convince ur dughter marry kabir.ofcourse no need to convince/she herself makeup her mind to fall in love again.this time kabir is that bakara.

  12. hg

    now i also would like to conduct a poll for nisha with title”is nisha immature or amateur”?i am sure what the result will be .our innocent viewers never let her down

  13. hg

    hai sn and boss, with ur comments i rememer one incident.i used to watch ek mutti aasman in biewers are great fans of the girl character.i didnt participare in discussions until the last episods.but i used to read the comments.there is a lady,girija siva.she is married and also a mother.she is a huge fan of kalpana.after raghav marriage with pakhi not with kalpana,she went crazzy.she started fighting for kalpana.even she tweeted her views to the director.she said one sunday she didnt take food and lied on bed.her husband knows about her interst in the searil and he had to take her out to change her reading her comments everyone can understand howmuch she was attached to the character kalpana.atthat time i was not serious about the sometimes i also argued withher not to watch the show.dont getinvolved toomuch it just a dailysoap etc like what what u people r telling me right now.butw i underst

  14. hg

    ofcourse the show had many unnecessary twists.even after conducting the viewer opinion oollthe director did what she wanted to.everyday she used to say from today i am not going to watch this show.but everytime sje would be the first viewer to comment onthatday allseemed very funny for me.but after the show ended i read her comments in many sites not only in this onesite ,discussing the reasons why theshow failed,the site took her comments as the good criti comments.then i understand how the viewers attached to the characters

  15. Emily

    I think kabir is good as a friend of nisha’s to help her accept the rejection and also move on…..but as a couple Nisha suits with viraj the best….plz do something and bring Nisha and viraj back…we would like to see more of their chemistry…..they look awesome onscreen….

    • hg

      they can relate to eachother in anyway. the writers can give any twist.i know what is the next twist.they will definetely bring viraj to jaipur, and make him jealous and fall in love with our miss d.after love they show another phase of her life how she adopts the royal culture and how her weird cousins help her in al this because they are also like me as the great critic miss sanya said.

  16. hi hg no offence but if u dontt like nissha why dont u just stop watching it??? Y wasting ur time argueing with nisha aur uske cousin fans????r u that jobless??? Coz we r tired reading ur usless comments

    • hg

      Hai sanya,u r right.i am jobless.and i know this also that ur also jobless because ur reading my comments And responding welcome to avara batch buddy.

    • hg

      Sorry to dispoint time i will keep u in mind and try to give useful comments on the great miss dumbo and stupid cousins to avoid ur tiredness in reading my comments.happy sanya?

  17. hg

    after that,sekhar comes out of jail and makes viraj paralyz agin.then another phase of herlife how she will face it and organize academy with cousins support.even they may kill viraj to show the hardest phase Of dumbo she will come out of her lonelynes and widownes and how she moves on in her life.

  18. hg

    this is for sanya.i triwd hard to give usefuk comment on miss dumbo .afterall this the most important discussion in UNESCO meeting right?whatever afterthis i hope i wil getback respect from semkiw said that malala yousafzai is the reincarnation of helen keller .he might be wrong.our nisha might be the reincarnation of helen who brougjt her stubborn attide and unnecessary fighting spirit unlike helen from her previous incarnation to killed me while oraising dumbo,but i respect u and ur happiness than mine dear.

  19. get a life dude ‘hg’ were u born on earth to give that sh** lectures of urs about NAUC!! Plz no one is intersted to read them!!!

  20. get a life dude ‘hg’ were u born on earth to give that sh** lectures of urs about NAUC!! Plz no one is intersted to read them!!! Ur comments are to pathetic to be useful

  21. S5

    O ho control your gussa hg its not your real life be cool and stop being angry with everyone just for this show be cool OK!

  22. hg

    No s5,i am not angry with them.thew are angry at me. i am discussing about characters,but they r targeting me what can i do ? again sorry sanya,i started watching the show only after virajs entry.i wil stop watching it only after virajs exit.until then u have to bdre me.just skip my comments if u dont like mine.and get some bp tablets take rest

  23. hg

    Hai saniya and saaya, when did i say u people are interested in my sh- lectures.u both r educateds,dont u remember india is a democratic country.anyone can express their views in healty did i use any wrong word.why u both taking it personal.pls cmtrol ur anger.otherwise u people wil be alone in the world.both ur comments are very similar.are u both split incarnations?

  24. hg

    Saniya and sayaa, i really feel u both r very shorttemperted.u dont fit on this planet. why dont u both just slip ur time to another parallel universe where u can find ur gussewale soulmates and pls dont come back

  25. purvi

    Guyz,plz stop judging each other and comment on nauc.dont take it personal yaar.after all its all about a serial and its characters. all have their own point of view.if u guys cant respect it atleast dont insult it.

  26. I agree with you purvi. Plz dont comment on each other . It is just a discussion abt the sereal. So stop comment each other. Every one aatached with a different type of character of show. Plz tell me when will viraj come back. I just want niraj

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