Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir nisha reach their room and find it messed,nisha asks kabir is this a way to keep room,kabir says I didn’t its done by u,nisha says don’t lie, summit is hiding under the bed and his keys are near nisha,nisha picks it up and says this keys down ur so untidy,kabir says nisha plz lets not argue I am not well lets clean and go to sleep,kabir starts cleaning and arranging the stuff,nisha goes to change,even kabir is changing but is finding difficult to remove shirt,nisha comes and says let me help u and helps kabir,kabir and nisha again lost into eachother,kabir soon turns and nisha removes his shirt and puts an another one and kabir says thanku.nisha says kabir u sleep here I will go out.summit says now I will bring the truth in front of all.nisha says u didn’t

do and even I didn’t,someone most have come,kabir says no use he must have gone with nothing,kabir says oh see I have a mail my form is incomplete will have to go tomorrow,and u sleep here with me we will manage,nisha and kabir switch off the light and go to sleep and summit goes out.
Dadi sees laxmi sitting alone and asks her what is it why is she upset,laxmi says why did kabir give such suggestion,dadi says just bcoz they have married doesn’t mean they are mature may be he is little kiddish,laxmi says and also nisha got adjusted so well I am finding it fishy nisha doesn’t complain or nothing how come,dadi says relax laxmi I can understand but its fine let them be its just the beginning and if they are in trouble what are we for we will help them stop being worried.roopan listens to this and says oh kabir u will soon be thrown out and this trust on u will be vanished.summit comes home, and says I will go to dadaji right now and show him but he must be asleep i will show it tomorrow morning and kabir u are over now.
Kabir says I have to reach dance school but why did dadaji call us here,dadaji comes and asks kabir how are u now,kabir says I am fine,summit comes near window is listening all talks.dadaji says kabir with very little time u have blended with us, and the credit goes to u completely, and abt the publicity work u are handling I know u will do good,kabir says plz don’t give me credits,dadaji says u are a good person and so I have one more responsibility for u here it is see this file,it’s a project of jwellery factory and I want u to handle this work,kabir says to himself what all is this how will I handle it now,nisha says to herself dadaji is trusting kabir that’s the good thing but what will happen god knows.
Kabir says dadaji this all,dadaji says its part of marketing and no new thing,and nisha will be there with u too,so any problem,kabir nisha says no,dadaji says good so begin with all the needy things and I will give u the signing aunthority and go get going,nisha and kabir take dadajis blessings,dadaji blesses them and leaves,nisha says what now,kabir says don’t worry I wont use this factory project for our mission I will go to academy now.
Summit shows contract to roopan and says lets go and show dadaji the truth,roopan says no not now,we will use it during right time,summit says what do u know dadaji has given whole manufacturing unit to kabir and me I just get insults,roopan says calm down,if they know abt this they will stop kabir instead of throwing him out so stop,we will surely use this but wait for right time,summit says ok I just want everyone to see kabirs true colors after all its necessary for kirti and jwalas future,roopan says ur right,summit smiles and leaves.
Nisha says kabir don’t get tensed,kabir says what to do I try to do bad but I turn out to be good,kabir sees vimla and starts acting what Is this nisha I don’t like all this everytime new responsibility I don’t like it,vimla says kabir don’t do this if u have problem talk to dadaji don’t talk behind him ur part of this family ok,laxmi sees all this.

PRECAP:summit says i will now use viraj singh rathore against kabir and throw him out.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    y is sumit bhaving lyk dat he ws such a nyc man b4 yaar evry serual is trnng boring day by day awwwwww

  2. but i think laxmi will find out…she suspects something….and pls we dont want a more evil viraj…in his condition,he might agree to summits plan…its d easiest way to throw kabir outta nisha’s life

  3. Well laxmi is think why kabir give such wrong suggestion so that mean she suspects something is wrong just wish she find out what the problem and plz writer dont bring viraj in none of this current episode because he only make the show get boring and that summit n roopan should taught a lesson for minding ppls business

  4. Oh forget this
    Hey misthi no offence but why do you think kabir is a monkey which angles show you that he look like one
    Plz who r u to judge peoples i think he is cute loving n a caring person and nisha wouldnt get a better husband then him he is prefect i know the nothing like prefect but he is so sorry if i say something bad

  5. Yes guyana i know they are many peoples who don’t know Guyana is when i tell ppls from a other country that i live in guyana they will be like where is that located sometimes i say it in another planet

  6. richa

    hey aishu devu nd rani r there u all chat nd enjoy okm jjust take details abt guana frm rani……………..

  7. I am fyn aishu …. U enjoy ur vishu meet u later …. Me to have school byeeeeeee…..
    By eee to all nibirians…. Meet u all evening

  8. Guyz i tell something you know purvi arjun abha karan n radhika from those show all of them were in Guyana last year to perform

  9. papia

    disgusting episode.I didnt like it at all.Writters kaha le ja rahehe is show ko malum nehi.Boring and disgusting.Nibir kab ek honge??

  10. harsha

    Really kabir ur great,I think soon nisha will fall for him as well as other family members hate him

  11. happy [email protected]

    • all the best 4 ur [email protected]

  12. hi…… a festival….which is celebrated in the month of madam(hindu calender) .
    In this day young kids gets money(i got 500),new clothes,makes sathya….(kerala feast).
    in this day…we will see kanni…(wake up and sees first thing…)….

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    • SS

      angle jab koi bhi nahi rahta na tab tab bhoot ji aate hai or jab sab aa jaate hain tab bhoot ji chale jate hain ( bhoot ji actuaaly mai aapne aap ko bolti hu issliye sab mujhe bhoot ji bula rahe hain ) par aab bhoot ji chale gaye hain ss g aa gayi hain

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    hey guys in SBS I saw that today is bangali happy new year … so happy new year to all bangaliis… waise I’m not bangali

  15. Agar 9o se upper aaya to hi maths le sajte hain if not we hav to take comers or science if it come mor den 90 den also we can take science or comers

  16. hi guyz sorry for not replying my bro take off this wifi so i wouldn’t reply back
    so aishu you were saying if i ever visit india well no and what language is over here english
    oh yes i was saying not only purvi arjune n other even sonu nignam shilpa shetty n sherya ghoshal have visit guyana

  17. how was ur [email protected] & ss

  18. 2day with a lot of expatations i went for shopping but all the malls were closed due 2 whole day was useless.we searched many malls none is open.we reached home just now.

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    thanx aishu,liya these r enough for today i will practise it and our next class will starts on tomorrow

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    nyce dr nd [email protected]

  21. oh!in films-ranbir kapoor,siddharth malhotra and amir khan and [email protected]

    • richa

      ok i saw the reply nd yess i saw it just thought i vl discuss it with u nd gud u didnt see it was alll sumit plans 2day sooo a avg epi acc 2 me………..

  22. harsha

    Eventhough Serials which are airing at 10.30 also updated fast why nauc alone updated very slowly

  23. hey guys,i dont know whether it is true or not.anyway bollywood news named one stated on kyy pg that ranbir and deepika married and katreena is heartbroken.

    • Ya I saw 1st epi of manmarziyan … And in promo I liked tht line ” dhosthi ka rishta toh dhil chuntha hay na ?? ” … Mast line hey yar …. Aur ise sunke muje lagtha hey mere paas dhil nahi hey …

      • SS

        nice episode hai na maine 1st episode dekha tha usne usme add ke liye di thi ki “jab kosiso ke parr thak jayege tab pankh hame apni manjil tak pahuchayenge”

  24. “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins” fans have been divided in their opinion of who the perfect life partner for Nisha (Aneri Vajani) is. Ever since the entry of Kabir (Mishkat Verma), several hardcore fans of the Nisha and Viraj’s (Taher Shabbir) pairing have protested against it. And the protests grew after Aneri hinted at being more compatible with Mishkat in an interview. But there are other fans of the show who have liked the brewing romance of Nisha-Kabir.

    So we decided to do a poll and ask fans what they really thought. In the poll ‘Who is the prefect life partner for Nisha?’ conducted starting April 1, the results were also quite evenly matched. But it has emerged that Kabir has a slight edge over Viraj at the moment. While Kabir received 52.3% of the votes, Viraj got 47.7% votes.

    At the moment Nisha is getting attracted to Kabir but she knows he has to leave in three months, so she is trying to keep her feelings to herself. Soon the family will come to know about their contract marriage.

    Now, whether Viraj is able to win back Nisha or whether Nisha will continue to fall for Kabir, we will have to wait and watch.

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