Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kaira says to gayatri she isn’t liking all this , its not fair with viraj, gayatri laughs,kaira says if viraj knows abt this what will happen, he would never forgive me and u know it but still u want me to do this,gayatri says look u aren’t doing this for me but for urself and for ur problems to go away u need to marry viraj, kaira says viraj will marry me not bcoz of love but bcoz of jealously against nisha and kaira,gayatri says doesn’t matter go and get the yes for marriage, gayatri after kaira leaves says now viraj will be busy with kaira and I will find this virajs brother.
Ramesh tells kabir that he has found that photographers address, kabir thanks him and tells that he has invited some kids for classes so be ready and now I have to go its very

urgent. At shop a customer is fighting with virendra over designs, nisha and suku all see this, dadaji signs nisha to go handle the situation, nisha looks at suku and acts as if she is taking on phone and says oh hi u want jhumke for Canada wedding great oh but wait a minute,nisha looks at the customer and says u don’t need this right, virendra uncle the mr singhwal from Canada his wife loved these jhumke,suku pack them,the customer says no u cant these are my designs I want them and remember for an period of 6 months no other customer shd have it pack it for me,virendra says nisha these are our regular customers. Dadaji likes nishas idea and starts laughing everybody clap for nisha,virendra praises her,nisha says I learnt it from dad.dadaji looks at nisha and smiles, he picks up the magazine to read but kabir comes and says dadaji here is tea for everybody, dadaji says ok keep it here, kabir purposely drops it and hides the magazine, and says dadu im so sorry and goes to virendra and gives him tea.
Nisha calls him and asks him why is behind magazine,kabir has torn the pic page and shows it to nisha, nisha gets shocked,dadaji asks what is it, kabir eats paper and drinks water and says nothing dadu, dadaji says go now we need to work,kabir says ok dadu. Sumit requests dolly not to tell his parents abt job,dolly asks him why didn’t he tell them,sumit says u know my mom she is so irritating and I need ur help plz help me, dolly says ok I wont tell anyone and leaves,sumit calls his mom and says I will be staying here and soon the shop will be mine.
Nisha goes out to meet kabir, kabir says say thanku, nisha doesn’t say anything, kabir says ur so mean, see we think its joke but not ur dadaji and I hope u aren’t taking it seriously, nisha says oye u know im not, kabir says ok help me see father in law gave me this address help me find it, nisha says dare u call dad that again, kabir says ok sorry but I need ur help plz plz come with me, nisha says u are so bad iu always act cute and manage ur work, kanor says I know that now lets go, suku comes nisha is he troubling u, nisha says suku relax u do one thing go in and tell I will come after sometime, suku says ok but come in time till then I shall manage, kabir says oh nisha I love u and feel like I shd really marry u but I don’t like commiting suicide,nisha says stop lets go.
Viraj and kaira in a car, kaira holds virajs hand and says thanks for coming with me, kabir says to nisha I have to tell u something very serious it’s the three words I want to tell u and I will tell the truth today and it is amd holds nishas hand and says photo studio has come,nisha says kabir ur so k, kabir laughs and says lets see parking and then we will go, viraj tells kaira we have reached and lets find parking, both kabir and viraj arrive at same parking point face to face, kabir says nisha look big bro always comes in between, and see two cars one parking zone,nisha says kabir lets park somewhere else,kabir says no I wont kabir gets what is his, kaira says viraj lets go, viraj says no I will take what mine, both start the cars and drive ,kaira and nisha get scared, kabir parks the car in the zone and viraj couldn’t,kabir Says yes see I did it, kabir holds nisha and says come baby lets go.

Gayatri takes kaira to gangwals store and says this is kaira and I need one ring for virajs wedding .

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. angel

    Kabir plz marry nisha in front of everyone……..u know here, feelings…but that viraj will never able to understand here feelings…

  2. amyra

    killer looks+perfect attitude+understanding heart=KABIR!!! his character kills me every second i c him!!!! ooohhh….#kabir #BeMine !!!! I LUV U SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo!!!
    but saadd this can’t happen…. 🙁 nisha.. at least u b wid him foreva!!! 🙁

    • kanisha

      in the 14th comment amyra is right that nisha atleast shud be with kabir. BBBBut more than her I love him.

      • amyra

        all girls luv him kanisha 😉 …he simply is just too charming…a chick-magnet of sorts!!! XD 😛 i luv him to d moon n back….his cuteness tending to infinity!!!i just don’t have words!!! only one thing which i have for him is dis…. MMMUUUAAAAHHHH!!!!! :* :* :* :* (hugs n kisses to my sweet heart kabir!!!)
        but he is to b wid nisha…be wid her kabir…but if she doesn’t want u…m there baby!! 😉

  3. poooo

    nice episode. but now the serial is just abt Nisha, her love and her dad. its name is ‘Nisha aur uske cousins’ so there shud be some twist in between her cousins like jwala.

    • amyra

      yeah dats right….even i feel the same!!!!the story is now centered more on nisha…her luv n all other stuff…..i just hope summit ke problem se cousins aur unke unity par thoda focus aega…

  4. neenu

    kabir u r awsomm..soo cute nd u always understan her…nd viraj never understand her…viraj is not match for nishubro..kair is aas like nishu…so I want to wed kabir nd nishu….is kabir weds nishu ??

  5. garima

    waise gayatri ka sach abhi nahi nikalna chahiye kyonki agar nikalgaya to maza nahi aayega . ab har Natak mai villain toh hota hi hai na.

  6. pwd

    hello garima .
    after talking this much now u r telling dat epi. is nice
    bura na mano holi hai

  7. amyra

    duh…not a problem at all garima…waise meri hindi thodi si weak hai…thats y i prefer english over hindi… 😛

  8. kanisha

    yeah u r right amyra about garima . waise meri Hindi is good but english is weak . so thats y i write mixing (Hindi + english).

  9. kanisha

    oh! amyra now I read ur reply after my comment. whatever u wrote the same feelings are there in my heart.

  10. Nishi should love and marry the most lovable and affectionate Kabir, who will always keep her happy. Forget the much older moron Viraj, Nisha. Kabir is perfect for you. Why can’t you see that?

  11. amyra

    hahaha…thats so sweet of u..thank u sooo much kanisha :)…u seem to b really frndly too…btw..where r u frm???n scul or college??m frm mumbai….there was another girl here as well…ashmitha kulatunga….she was also really good….god knows where she is…woh toh ekdum gayab hi hogai jaise…she doesn’t comment much now-a-days….do u hve ny idea….??? u would hve seen her comments b4…

  12. kanisha

    tum logon ne suna ki India jeet gai yehhhhhh mai bahut khush hoon lagataar 6 times . mai chahti hoon ki kabir bhi hamari India team ki tarah viraj ke khilaaf hamesha jeete jaise car parking .

    • amyra

      hahahaa….such a hard core kabir-nisha fan… 😛 XD waise india jeet gai…dats really gud… 😀 quater finals me bhi vs. bangladesh hi hai….dats gonna be ez fr india too.. 😉 😀

  13. kanisha

    waise I’m from Gwalior MP. yes I have read her comments before but now vo kahi furrrrrr ho gai hai . an uske comments hi nahi milte.

  14. amyra

    yeah….my bad…m just too talkative.. 😛 nyway…den…will meet u today night…waiting for today’s epi!!! 🙂

  15. kanisha

    this page is for update comment but we( I and amyra) r giving comments to each other. what r we doing.??.

  16. amyra

    ohk fir…kal subah milenge… xD :’D ab bas…no more comments…nhi toh log ham dono ko hi maarenge… XD :’D 😛

  17. kanisha

    I got some time.
    today I saw the first jhalak of ‘manmarziaan’ kahi ye nauc ko replace toh nahi karega na . ab ye toh pakka hai ki ye aayega but Question is at what time. they can change the time of nauc but don’t end it plzzzzzzzz. its a request. plez, request. 🙁

    • nika

      I guys mein pehli baar comment kar rahi hu par sabi ke comment mainly i like amyra aur kanisha sorry mein apke naam le rahi hu. By the nika means(ni -nisha and ka-kabir)

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