Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dolly says nisha what is ur next plan,nisha says don’t know. Kabir is talking on phone and says he will manage being guide,though he is from dubai he surely can do the job and will bring loads of foreigners to shop, he knows how to survive but gets rejected on phone.
Virendra opens the store and sees pandit ji at the store he welcomes him and says dad had told that u will be coming and since dad isn’t here I will talk to you.kirti says nisha u should have a plan,dolly says even shopping needs planning,umesh says even me n aman need to do family planning, nisha says relax I have no plan but one thing is sure I will never fall in love stuff its not my cup of tea, kirti says but nisha u shd adopt a change like a new hair style , change in lifestyle,dolly

says go to ur grannies place ,umesh says take a break,nisha says good idea but what break.

Kabir goes to a local stall and picks a samosa,the vendor says keep it down, kabir says im just testing it, vendor says u need money for it,kabir says let me test one and u will have 10 more customers,the vendor says I don’t need this leave. Kabir sees in gangwals shop customers eating samosas and says looks like u get free samosas here, lets give a try.virendra asks panditji to find guy for nisha who is reliable. Nisha tells cousins she needs to go on vacation all alone and just have fun where she can relax an enjoy.
Kabir goes to gangwal shop and sits there looking at jewelries.umesh says so nisha u want to go on trip,nisha says yes if I have a change of place I will have a new thinking a new way. Aman says nisha are u sure,nisha says yes but all alone,ramesh comes and says what is cooking,nisha says dad I want to go on a trip.
The sell man asks kabir ghow can he help,kabir says I need to see rings,sell man says good will u have tea and samosa,kabir says ya why not, virendra realizes kabir is here for food, he calls the sell man and says make sure this guy has lot of food in his plate and says to pandit ji look at this guy he is surely here for samosas and will buy nothing,pandit ji says don’t worry nisha wont have such guy in her life.
Nisha tells ramesh she wants to go alone on a vacation and needs some time for herself and says do u remember when I was locked in store when I was kid I had struggled but from that time im not scared of night, and similarly I want to get locked and find my new way so let me go,ramesh says I understand what u wish,umesh says ramesh uncle who will ask dadaji for permission.
Kabir says ur kachoris are better than ur jwelleries get me tea now and show some more samples,virendra says the tea stall is opposite to our shop,kabir says I shd leave,virendra says no no stay have lunch, kabir says no I will buy this ring,virendra says 12000,kabir picks his bag and runs and says sorry uncle and I will come for tea next time. On the way kabir finds a job walk in and decides to give it a try.
Aman says I have an idea see we are going on honeymoon and we can take nisha along with us,nisha says its such a hopeless idea,dolly says stop nisha when they have no problem what problem u have,ramesh says u have to go nisha this is an order see u want a change and so,umesh says nisha me n aman are together bcoz of u so this is a thanku gift,aman says see we are married and so the whole life we will be together so u come with us,ramesh says I will talk to dadaji nisha u start packing.
Kabir calls the job interview and says I saw ur add and so wish to join and I can do anything,the interviewer says we need photographer,kabir says sure I can do anything,the interviewers says u look interesting do join us on the troop.
Pandatji calls dadai and says maharaji would like to meet aman and umesh since he is free now,dadi says ok let me see and I will contact u,dadai calls aman and umesh and says see I know u are newly married but u have to cancel ur trip sorry but u have to.

Dadi says to nisha I hope u find peace on ur trip,dolly stops dadi and says dadi I want to talk to u its very important.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thank u so much for the update…

  2. Thank u tanaya fr quick update……

  3. Thank u yaar for update.What an idea Kabir.Scene was so funny to Watch….and expression was too cute of tauji and Kabir..
    Waiting for the Trip Scene and Viraj to return…soon Love ❤ u NIRAJ and Mishkat……..

  4. sis,where r u…? are u fine…? really missing u…

  5. Kabirrr yua soon cute….and nishu u r jus stunning.. Loved d episode…

  6. Like this episode with kabir he is so funny n cute it will be nice to see he n nisha together for this trip it will be lots of fun

  7. good episode.asusual irritating.

  8. Nothing special. Hai hg

    1. hai s5.u r special

  9. Just come R just outstanding….and mishkat U R as usual cute….love U my dears….

    1. just come back with new hope and style…viraaj missing U lot…nisha U R outstanding and mishkat U R so funny…kabir is rocking the show…

  10. kabir is more mach for nisha

  11. nisha is not a shy character nd she is not go behind a man …
    .she is brave nd she have a powr full mind why the director change her character as like usual women..she is not usual..plzzz dont prolong story .nd plzz borred us..

    1. with out viraj it is hard to watch nauc.even a single frame with viraj is enough to watch.nisha and her circus family go to hell.bring mr.perfect back to the show.keep him away fromthe circus.afterall mr.perfect doesnt fit in circus.

  12. really the show is as borred and become usual as other seriel..I expected more..

  13. can anyone tell me when did starplua start the repeated telecast of nauc at 12 am

  14. Hai hg about 12 am i dont know but its their on 4.30 pm at evening

    1. hai s5.i know it is at 4:39 pm.but recently it tekecasts at night 12:00 am

  15. nyce episode but plz plz dont make nisha like normal girls as her tom boyish wild nature is rockzzz

  16. Boring episode

  17. if nisha wants to be tomboy then why she needs love.she should be like spiderwoman etc.

  18. we have been watching nisha and cousins from the beginging.i am bored.pls introduce a new face with good luck just for change with viraj in london.and keep nisha busy in her tour and her learning.howmany heros will be introduced for miss.dumbo.and howlong has she been learning new lessons from others.

  19. the director is trying yo highligjt the girl character who has no special in zeetv ema serial also samething went on air with in few months after her experiment.many viewers are disappointe

  20. in jan 10th episode as a drunker ,viraj gave wonderful was his best.

  21. Oh ho hg tum maan kyun nahi lete kuch bhi ho nisha and viraj are the couple spoilers se ham ye achi tarah se jaan sakte hai

  22. hai s5.i know viraj and nisha is pair.but sorry i dont like that girl especially from 1 week.

  23. viraj is her first crush.but did u see how she was arguing with him about his love with arti.she was trying to get love from viraj at anycost.her father d

  24. s5,seriously if i was viraj i would rather die than love her.i pity viraj

  25. i am sure the upcoming episodes will be boring until virajs return

  26. U are right hg upcoming episodes will be boring with out viraj

    1. S5,did u watch todays episode

  27. High. Don’t worry nisha will realize her unnecessary argument with viraj very soon & also viraj will come back. So it will be more interesting to see.

    1. Hai s5 , sonu,i hope nisha will realize .infact not only nisha her entire family should apologize viraj for hurting such a kind ,good heart person

  28. I agree with u hg….but it doesnt mean that u go on insult the family…..I know dadajis behaviour was bad….but still viraj too has mistakes
    and by the way if u dont like this program why do u watch….just stop watching……and even u know the correct timings of the show…..the story is about cousins and not about love story of nisha….just to drag the story they add such circumstances. …..

  29. hai sn.i rally dont know about virajs mistakes.can u explain it.and i am not watching for circus.i just dont want to miss viraj even a single frame.i am sorry.i cannt follow ur suggestion and cannt stop watching it until it becomes worst

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