Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,dadaji calls kabir a hero,kabir looks at nisha and smiles,dadaji says kabir u have made me proud once again and I am very thankful to u,dadi says but roopan had said that terrace is closed then how did bunty come up,roopan says bunty how did u come up,bunty says door was open,roopan says rukhma u opened it,rukhma says no I didn’t and starts crying,vimla says rukhma don’t cry we aren’t doubting u go downstairs.summit says the good thing is bunty is safe and kabir don’t ever give such advise again,ramesh says no summit it isn’t all his fault,mohan says forget all this now he is a kid after all,virendra says bunty from now onwards study well,dadaji says bunty u shd always learn from ur mistakes,bunty says I will work hard now and make u all proud.ramesh says

bunty never lie and bunk now,dolly says kabir when is party now,kabir says first answer me who is party,dolly asks what,kabir says are dolly di party toh bunty hain,all laugh and go downstairs.
Kabir stops laxmi and says mom u wont forgive me,laxmi says I will never forget that u saved bunty but I will also not forget that it was ur advise and laxmi leaves.ramesh says she is very angry so best of luck.nisha applies ointment to kabir,nisha says kabir no more drama and u have to take injection,kabir says no never,nisha says shutup and starts applying ointment,kabir looks at her and both are lost into eachother,kabir says oh I will do it on my own and says nisha one thing good is laxmi aunty is very angry and that’s good for our plan,nisha says u are right now lets go.kabir says I got cash we will find new house,bunty comes and sits looking sad,kabir calls him beside him and asks what is it,bunty says dad wants me to go tuitions, nisha says so,bunty says actually I didn’t pay fees,nisha shouts u fool how did u u do where did u spend all money,bunty says video parlour,nisha scolds him u spent 9000 rs u fool have u gone mad,kabir says don’t scold him now or else he wont tell truth again,let me give me him money now.
Dolly prays god plz give me one job,vimla comes and says go call roopan ,dadi is calling.roopan and summit arguing,summit says good I didn’t reach or else I would have died,roopan says u are fool,summit says relax soon this kabir will be out I have a plan,kabir and nishas wedding is a contract,roopan says but how will we tell everyone,summit says we have to find that contract and expose them.roopan says wow this is great,summit says yes but contract,roopan says I will find that contract by finding it in nishas house.dolly comes and asks what are u talking abt.summit says actually my friend had called me and his mother and roopan aunty are friends and he is throwing party and has invited roopan aunty,dolly says oh really did he loose job as well,summit says I know u are angry dolly but soon the situation will change,dolly says enough summit plz go find job and dolly leaves,roopan says summit its just dolly today god knows who all will taunt u now,summit says not anymore u keep kabir and nisha busy and I will find contract.summit says to himself just be with me like this and soon I will take charge of this house and and shop and throw u all out.
Roopan stops kabir and nisha and says I have cooked dinner for u come lets have dinner.summit is searching for contract.kabir and nisha come home after dinner,nisha says thanku kabir,kabir says enough of it nisha,kabir says really tired come lets go sleep.summit is inside their room,hears nisha and kabirs voice and starts searching contract very fast,he finds the notepad nisha and kabir had signed.nisha and kabir get into the room and are surprised.

PRECAP:roopan looks at contract and says good job,summit says yes lets go to dadaji and show him this contract.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. oww cute scenes of nibir ……. but these brats ……… sppoill the scenes…….. hey u roopan and summit just get llost ….. if in any epi V r rid of this irritating irraj then these two brats r interfering in NIBIR’S LIFE………
    hate the precap…
    y this god always helps the evil’s plans to b fulfiled …….. 🙁
    cant he also bring happiness to the good ones in this world………

  2. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    While the family was fuming on Kabir for giving wrong ideas to Bunty, even Nisha scolds him calling him a selfish man. Kabir clears off the wrong air and tells her how hemarried her for her family’s sake, and he isnot selfish to use anyone for his motives. Kabir proves this by saving Bunty from the electric shock, by risking his life. While Nisha too helped Kabir recover from the shock, and then the couple gets back home. Nisha and Kabir spend some light moments, with Nisha being in her happy mood and Kabir at his humorous side.Kabir has impressed Nisha in few days and Nisha has started falling for him. Something has struck Nisha’s heart, and that’s Kabir simplicity and goodness. Nisha gets touched by Kabir’s efforts and gets a positive feeling for him. She takes back her angry words of doubting his genuineness and apologizes to him. Kabir asks her to chill as he knows her worry and love for Bunty. She thanks him and decides to forget Viraj, and move on with Kabir. Kabir is unaware of her feelings, and thinks to leave her after contract ends.They are good friends as of now, and he laughs to see her in his wifey frame. Though Kabir shows resisting feelings towards her, even he will be falling for Nisha in the upcoming track. We wonder where will Viraj fit in their love story. Will Kabir and Nisha realize their feelings?

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    mujhe na comedy vaali film bohot jaayada achhi lagti hai …………….vaise tumhara kon si hai

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  5. i think all r afraid of tu team due 2 a warning from them many of my frnd bolted the door of their room and are sleeping.

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    achaa liya tumhe nauc me kiska character sabse achha lagta hai ……………………..or kiska character sabse jayda bura lagta hai

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    oye…suno sab log…news hai ki kabir and nisha will join the gangwal shop soon…they will try to portray themselves unfit for this marriage and summit will also not leave any stone unsturned in troubling them….moreover when summit is about to tell dadaji about kabir-nisha’s contract marriage…roopan stops him telling that he may ask about he he got it…wagehra…so they donot reveal anything to dadaji…but soon…the contract will go missing from summit…..and dadaji is going to come to know about viraj staying with nisha-kabir as their landlord very soon…he will reprimand kabir about not signing the papers without reading properly…what will happen next we need to wait and watch.. 😉

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  13. I HAVE SEEN HERE THERE ARE 90% fan are of kabir but in fb page many wanted to come niraj,as main role,you should have appealed about that in facebook page,as you know now these days ,NAUC SAID AGAIN AGAIN ACCORDING TO VIEWRS CHOICE,THEY WILL Remove one,


  15. SUSI ME TOO.ARNAV AND KHUSI ARE THE BEST THAN OTHER PAIR ALL SERIAL OF STARPLUS.I MISD THEM,YAR,WHAT A SERIAL Was that,i remembered i didn’t miss 1 episode then,do you remember that part 1 ippknd

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