Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, amanpreet gives the bangles to vijendra, mohan sees it n calls vijendra in side n tells that these bangles are the ones i gave to roopan, vijendra asks amanpreets dad from where did he find the bangles, ramesh says chill there must be misunderstanding, vijendra shows ramesh gangawal jewellers seal on bangles, ramesh says sorry Mr. singh but plz tell us from where did u get these bangles.
Nisha follows virajs car on her bike she sees a car over take n dashes over a tree , nisha misses virajs car.
Amanpreets dad says it is gifted, mohan says no u have robbed it, amans dad says why will ii m a chef i own the dhaba n i don’t need all this to do, ramesh says Mr singh is right, vijendra says lets call police, ramesh says wait n says Mr sing him sorry for

all this n u plz leave now, amanpreets dad says wat to do i trusted someone but he broke it n leaves. Vijendra says why did u do so ramesh, ramesh says we have the bangles with us n soon will the truth be known, vijendra says i think rukhma sold the bangles to him, ramesh says don’t blame rukhma n come to a conclusion so soon, u go for ur conference n i will handle this matter, vijendra n mohan leave,ramesh takes suku to side n slaps him n asks why did he sell the bangles n where is the money, umesh says suku isn’t the culprit its me.
Nisha goes to the car n sees a girl unconscious , she takes her cell n dials n number n asks the person to arrive at the accident spot.
Ramesh asks umesh n suku why did they do so, laxmi comes n asks why are u shouting, ramesh says sorry but i need to tell ur aunty wats the matter, ramesh tells laxmi, laxmi says are u kids mad why did u do so umesh, suku says me n jwala also helped him, laxmi says shutup suku, umesh says it isn’t his fault, i robbed the bangles for my girl friend amanpreet im very serious about her n her father wanted commitment from our family n so i gave them the bangles so that they shouldn’t arrange amanpreets marriage, ramesh says but why did u rob the bangles, suku says amanpreets dad wanted confirmation, n umesh wanted some time to talk to vimla aunty , so when i got to know from mohan uncle that bangles are rare piece we decided to rob the bangles which are to be deliverd to hongkong n later before the delivery date we will ask amapreet to give it back n place back to its place but when we went to shop we heard it was delivered so we robbed roopan auntys bangles n we asked jwala to do it , we thought we will show amans dad n keep it back by jwalas help, but till we arrange all back to normal all was a mess.
Laxmi says umesh if u would talk to me i would have given my bangles, ramesh says is this u kids learning now,ramesh says didn’t u think abt Mr singh he was insulted so badly today, rukhma knocks door n offers tea to everyone but no one takes it, rukhma asks wat happened, laxmi closes the door, umesh n suku say sorry to rukhma n tell her wat happened, rukhma starts crying, umesh says rukhma sorry ur like my sister, rukham says its ok but remember umesh before doing anything do think abt others as well.
Nisha says oh shit viraj sir must have left now, the girls relative come there to nishas surprise its none other than viraj. Nisha walks to viraj, but viraj walks to the car, he sees inside the car, n then asks so richa u called me, nisha says yes but its not richa its nisha, the girl is virajs sister n gayatris daughter priyanka. Viraj asks nisha will she help him, nisha says why not sure n helps viraj to get into his car,priyanka all drunk feels like vomiting, nisha helps priyanka feel better, priyanka looka at viraj n says im sorry, viraj says priyanka u aren’t ok now just get into the car, viraj asks driver to take priyankas car home n asks nisha does she hass some more time, nisha says yes i do.

PERCAP: Sourabh tells gayatri nisha is with viraj n priyanka n tells her that priyanka was so drunk that she couldn’t even drive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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