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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha goes to dadi and says dadi it was a very big mistake,plz scold me for my fault, im ready to accept any kind of punishment,dadi says nisha who are we to punish u, when u urself have punished urself with such huge mistake, nisha says dadi I was scared,very sacred,dadi says I know that u were scared, u were scared that when will viraj will know that u and arti are one he will reject u once again and this fright of urs stopped u from telling him the truth but dear this lie of urs will trouble u throughout ur life n I guess this ur punishment and what else should we punish u with and now go get changed,dadi turns and nisha starts crying very badly,hearing nishas voice cousins gather,nisha says kirti always remember do anything u wish but never never lie, bcoz

lying is like sin the biggest sin,dolly says nisha are u alright,nisha says off course I am, what can happen to me and nisha starts crying again,looking at this aman dadi and vimla have tears in their eyes and so does kirti.ramesh is seeing all this and doesn’t like to see his daughter breaking down.
Nisha crying falls on ground and says to herself who told u to lie nisha, ramesh goes to nisha and gives her his hand,nisha looks at him, ramesh says don’t say anything, just hold my hand and lets go,nisha holds rameshs hand and getsup,ramesh takes nisha to her room makes her sit on bed and with a towel wipes her hands and dries her hair, nisha sits still with no movement and just keeps crying,ramesh removes her sandals, wraps towel around her and gives her clothes and asks her to change.nisha goes to change when she leaves ramesh starts crying dadi comes and hugs ramesh and says ramesh don’t,ramesh says what did my daughter do why is that always she is the one in trouble after such long time she was trying to live her life but got betrayed again.

Nisha listens ramesh crying from inside her washroom and says to herself nisha control urself bcoz when u fall week look what happens to ur dad,so for dad control urself.bunty comes and asks dad where is nisha di,ramesh says she is changing wait, nisha comes out,ramesh says nisha call ur mom she is very worried,bunty says im going to talk to nobody,ramesh says bunty come here ur big boy now so look after ur sister and so go get haldi and milk for ur sister and nisha go see if he gets haldi go,nisha smiles and follows bunty.nisha leaves and ramesh starts crying again and says mom im feeling like I have failed,dadi says no crying isn’t a sign of failure but the sign that u have someone who loves u a lot,ramesh says does that mean nisha shd always be in pain,dadi says its just a bad phase which will teach her what are strengths are and don’t worry nisha is a strong girl, ramesh says what about the world didn’t u see what kind of phone calls we are having after that incident, dadi says forget them just remember everything happens for good and we have to fight this bad phase and we will win this phase.
Cousins are together,umesh says don’t call,aman says I think we shd call viraj once bcz its an misunderstanding even umesh gets upset with me and then doesn’t talk to me for 3 long days,see we have to clear misunderstanding between them,kirti says I think aman bhabhi is right,umesh says no after all that happened at the lounge we shdnt contat him let him go to hell,aman says stop umesh viraj bro has helped us a lot, how can u talk abt him like this,umesh says bcoz he broke my sisters heart,aman says yes he did bcoz they are in love and he will heel her heart and for that we need to contact him.
Viraj is at his home thinking about what all happened at the press conference, sham singh gets virajs luggage, viraj says ok then I should leave now, sham singh says do u have to go. Aman offers suku to call viraj but he denies ,kirti says give here I will call, kirti calls viraj the phone rings but umesh snatches the phn from kirti and says I told u no one will call.
Viraj looks at the missed call,sham singh asks viraj are u ok,viraj says I have no choice other than being fine, after sso many years I have the same feeling af the loneliness and looks like I will always be alone,sham singh says don’t lose hope life has its own ups and downs, viraj says hope what hope,when I was kid mom left me, and then it was the gangwal family and now even my faith has left me alone, and yes if nisha calls just cut all calls I don’t want to hear anything from her and about her.the door bell rings,sham singh opens the door, its gayatri at the door,she looks at virajs luggage and says are u going some where viraj,viraj says im going to London and u take care of urself and priyanka,viraj gets a call and says hello thanku for helping lakshya academy even after this huge scandal and ur investment wont get ruined I will monitor all the lakshya academies working and activities from London.viraj picks up his luggage,gayatri says viraj if u wont mind me and priyanka will shift in this penthouse u know so that we can look after the academy more nicely, viraj hands penthouse keys to sham singh its ur house dadaji till im in London take care of it,sham singh hugs viraj and says take care.
Next morning dolly kirti aman and umesh go to nishas room to give her surprise,umesh says guys keep smiling,kirti says this is so fake,umesh says whatever we have to do this ,aman says yes after all we have all her favourite things,umesh says remember even if nisha cries we have to keep smiling,aman opens nishas room door and all shout surprise and get surprised to see nisha burning letters, nisha says good morning cousins,kirti asks what all is this nisha,nisha says does ur life has any meaning no right similarly this doesn’t have any reason come in have a sit,all enter nishas room, nisha says this world is sad and so lets hear my sher but what will happen when a real sher(lion) will come,no one laughs at this joke except nisha, nisha says oh common relax guys nothing has happened see I thought a lot and then I decided what is the use of crying now but there was a good part as well now nisha gangwal is famous personality.
Dolly says that’s true u know nisha ur popular on social networking as well, kirti says even famous then me,nisha says don worry,dolly says thank god nisha u left all the sad things behind and we all pray that u keep smiling always but tell me one thing what is ur next plan,nisha says without planning so many things happened so some kind of foolishness it is to plan things,kirti says oh common nisha on a serious note what is the plan.
Dadaji is searching his spectacles in his room, dadi comes with tea and says here is ur specs its with me, dadi says u left it out near the newspaper,dadaji says oh I forgot it now a days the things are infront of me but I cant see them,dadi says theres nothing like this, ur vision is so clear that u easily find diamonds out of the stone heap, dadaji says ya but for that sake there has to be diamond, dadaji says in that case u will make diamond out of the stone,dadi says I know ur thinking abt nisha and im happy to see the way u handled all this situation, dadaji says its just that,dadi says u stood for her in front of the world and then explained her where she went wrong im proud of u.
Dadaji says ok give me that panditjis number,dadi says which one, the kundali one,dadaji says yes.

Kabir goes to gangwals store and says oh nice here u get food along with jewelry nice.kabir enters the shop and sees some necklaces and says see get me a cup of tea and show me some rigns,virendra comes and says see the tea stall is next to our shop and u already ate or samaosas,kabir says no im buying chain how much it costs,virendra says 12000.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. thankz for the updte…

  2. nice episode….Precap is gud

  3. plz if u dont mind can i say something plz update it on time the way other serials are done coz sometimes ur really late than we have to come again again to check!!!plz its a request!!

  4. Like the precap its good

  5. i am watng fr Precp.nd pls dn’t let kabir left d serial aftr NIRAJ LOVE.WE WANT HiM.

  6. Tmrw hvng a fun to wtch Kabir cmedy.nd watng fr Dr gona be fun.

  7. i am really confused how nisha can expect love from viraj.she is out of her mind.and from the beginning i have a feeling that gangalwals are selfish.oldman slapped viraj instead of nisha. and his wife praised him for doing it hiding his granddaugjters blinder and pointing viraj. what else he expect from viraj.

  8. from the beginning it is showed viraj is a true humanitarian sensious and reserved.the title is on nishas name but sorry to say she doesnt deserve the prince viraj.she can select her friend sourav or kabir who also has the same attitude like her.seroisly she and her fathers overaction is so irritating .her father treats her like she is bearing the whole world.she has no desency no can she expect a groom from prince family. she is trying to take the advantage of his lonelyness and tries to come closer to viraj.

  9. Kabir *_*

  10. now viraj is leaving for london.i am happy.he should learn from his mistakes. dont trust others toomuch.eventhoughu helpthem they support their own not us like nisha the show is focus on nisha and her weird attitude and her stupid cousins and one more joker kabir.writers i beg you. u showed viraj very high.pls dont let himdown.he should come back and organise his lakshya academy in his own way without others intetference.dont let nisha in his life again.neither nisha nor kabir can compete viraj in handsome look or character except in irritating others pls make nisha love kabir and let her marry kabir.then only she leaves viraj in peace.

  11. nisha and kabir are really made for eachother.both are ugly.kabir has big teeth.dont laugh kabir.nisha is very thin.she has no good body infact kirti looks better than nisha though she is also thin.she is right.viraj doesnt desever her because he deserves sooooooooooooooo better than ugly nisha both in personality and character.prianka is right.her brothers taste is not thatmuch poor to select nisha.writers pls give a good end to viraj character. send him from this serial with dignity and focus on the stupid storyline and stupidity etc.i really love viraj sooooooomuch.taher shabbir took this role to heights with his fabulous acting skills.i just love uboth viraj and taher.salute u no need to waste my time in watching this nonsense.enough reading updates.

  12. Who the hell you are hg? How dare u said such nonsense about nisha

  13. why viraj feels loneliness.if so he should recruit some lady servents.they will takecare of him like samsingh does.he wants to
    love the girl whois genuine and friendly to him .thatone is either nisha or someone else he would have accepted her.he is always mr.perfect.this silly girl made his life miserable.let himdown infront of society.we should select friends carefully.otherwise we should pay for that like viraj did.what i expect from the show is introduce a new girl who is worthy to be virajs lifepartner or say bye to viraj in good way.why r u showing that everyone supporing nisha only.not only her own family also virajs brother.ifhe is really virajs brother he should learn from ganganwals that he should support his own brother.i really hope nisha and family,and virajs aunty go to hell.stop showing highlighting nishas heart break.

  14. hai s5.u r need to say nonsense about nisha. she herself is a nonsense.sorry i hurt u. its just my opinion. ulike nisha i like viraj

  15. we should have morals and ethics. we shouldnt leave them under any circumstances.i watch the characters only .not addicted to the actors.viraj character is designed with all these good qualities. i cannt watch the writer ruins his one own creation. this viraj role is the best role i have ever watched in moviesor tv until now. i take and follow those qualities from this character.the actor potrayed his i always love u and support u viraj.nothing personal

  16. Sad episode. I understand hg you love virajs character that does n’t mean you insult nisha like this. Both are main part of the show. I only need viraj &nisha not any one else.

  17. hai sonu i liked ur comment.both are lead roles.and i also like nisha until 3 days before.but now i dont like her and her family.she should realize her mistake instead of demandng and arguing love fromviraj. then only she will be the lead role.when we want to get a special person we also should be special then only we will be strength for eachother.otherwise it ends like viraj said they dont even deserve eachother.iliked nisha and viraj.but i cant bear her family selfishness .

  18. Nisha did all this for viraj…..not to cmplt her love ..she is not selfish..viraj loves arti with out seeing her..then what happens when he happened to know that nisha is arti ..if he really love arti he has to accept nisha….dadaji slapped viraj bcoz he is insulting nisha with out knowing the reality…

  19. viraj didnt insukt nisha.he supported sourav and nisha infront of media.but nisha admitted she forwarded mails to sourav .anyone will react like viraj.still he didnt speak ill aboutnisha.his aunty said.h stoped ramsh.why did thw oldman slapped him.he had to do it with nisha.she lied to him.he should slap her infront of media.he believes her because she is his doesnt mean everyone should understand her intentions.whaever her intentions are she was an elder ganganwal should have punished nisha onthe spot.selfish fellow.

  20. its easy to hurt others.when it comes to his own family he savd her granddaughte.viraj really loved aarti bwcause she encouraged him with openheat.when he came to know it was nisha why should he accept her and lie.his love also ended with that female account closed.

  21. Which lie u r talking about hg?viraj knew very well that ewf is hiding her real identity.but he accepted her as arti knowing that it is a lie.then why is he reacting like this?why dont he think that aarti can be any girl even nisha.but agree that what dadaji did was wrong.he dont had to interfear in this matter.but it was not in nishas hand so how can we blame her?and i am not at all blaming viraj.i love viraj and nisha and want them together forever…

  22. I cam understood it hg but anyway iam sorry to say that Niraj is the couple

  23. thank u s5.viraj imprinted on me.i cannt stop supporying doesnt mean i insult nisha and his family.i really felt that viraj was punished toomuch though he is innocent.i couldnt take it.coming to arti he trusted nisha.he didnt expect this from her.she should have told him that she is arti.then he decides he shoukd her or not.he is a cekebrity not an ordinary person.he supports girls.he has some goals .everything ruined .atleast he got funding.i always wanted viraj and nisha together.but not viraj said everything changed.they fell down ineach others eys.who wants to get a girk from a family like ganganwals.they supported nisha though they know she was wrong.if viraj marries her they use third degree whenever she cries.i cannt see him in it.ganganwals dont deserve viraj.they like liers like dolly husband and ritesh.everychild in that family does something wrong like thefting blaming and cheating including elders.

  24. Gud comments…hg…be cool…aftr all its a stry…i liked all ur comments….great hg…u r gr8(but then u said nothin personalden why did u say abt kabir’s teeth..;-p

  25. so i dont know the script.but i really hope nisha should be out of his life.if they want to highlight nisha noproblem pls send viraj from this show with respect.or they want to show them both then find ms.perfect for my mr.perfect.i request the viewers who has deep concern for viraj request the writers to do so. and find a guy for nisha either kabir or someone else.

  26. sorry boss.i felt that he doesnt apt for tha role.i read that kabir role is charming.. etc.i dont like this actor not only in this stoty also in zee serial i forgot the serial name

  27. i know its just a story.thats why i have been reading and watching the comments without giving my comment from last december. everything changed from the last three days.the viewers who mentioned that they like viraj started blamming viraj and supporting nisha. either it is story or reality we should stand for truth.that what i believe in and aslo i couldnt stop myself writing all this.we should judge by character not by selffi.ok boss.

  28. anyway boss thougj u critisized i didnt mind.asusual like nishas irritating behaviour ,let me remind u again “nothing personal”.ok boss

  29. Ok buy hg,see uat the next update.and hai sonu had u stopped watching Meri ashiqui tum se hi?

  30. Hi.did u guys see today epi??? Pls discuss abt it.and s5 i am still watching matsh.

  31. Sonu today’s written update is posted.

  32. in matsh, ishani is so cute.she has beautiful eyes.

  33. Nisha the way U cry ..yaar its difficult to act…hats off to U…viraj , ur heart got broken but don’t leave Jaipur …after all ur dream is coming TRUE…it is quite hard to watch u both hurted anymore…love u niraj…

  34. Ok hg….:-)

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