Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadi calms rukhma, nisha says rukhma don’t worry verything will be fine, laxmi offers rukhma food, ramesh says nisha u don’t worry abt this its my duty to prove that rukhma isn’t culprit, n nisha u go prepare for ur interview n mom u don’t take tension as well.
Gayatri asks every employee how did nishas CV comes into file but she sees nisha n asks everyone to disperse n asks nisha why is she here, nisha says im here for interview, gayatri gives nisha a form n says if u wish us to call u for interview fill this form n get it signed by viraj today itself, nisha takes it n says i will get it signed from viraj. Nisha leaves n an employee comes n says to gayatri mam this form n sign on it is HRs duty , gayatri says oh shutup.
Nisha calls sourabh

n asks him where is he, sourabh says he wont be coming to academy today, nisha tells him abt the form n sign, sourabh says i knew gayatri would do something but nisha viraj sir is in academy just for few hours n will wont come for 5 days so act quick.

Jwala on call says i know but im feeling bad for rukhma she hasn’t robbed bangles but is treated like a criminal by mom, roopan comes n asks jwala who she was talking to jwala says frind, roopan says ok n goes, roopan goes n ramesh comes n says i know u weren’t talking to ur friend n finds that jwala was talking to suku.
Nisha tries to find viraj, she finds viraj but isn’t allowed to meet him, nisha tells the guard that gayatri is calling n goes into room where viraj is, she searches viraj she sees a statues n starts chatting with it, n starts dancing in front of it trying to relax, viraj comes in n sees nisha dancing n asks wats wrong, nisha says nothing i was trying to relax, viraj says by the way who are u, nisha says sir im the dog one, viraj sir why are u so weird when u find it out let me know, nisha says ya sure n i want u to fill my job application form, viraj says sure where is it, nisha gives him form n pen but the pen doesn’t work, nisha says will i get a new pen, viraj says good idea but get it in my cabin sharp at 5.30 pm. Nisha says ok, viraj says nisha u were trying a relaxation technique does it work, nisha says yes it does, viraj says will u show me, nisha starts dancing viraj smiles n leaves.
Ramesh goes to shop n asks suku wat is the matter, ramesh has some work n so couldn’t talk to suku, suku sees amanpreets dad with roopan bangles, suku runs to him n says oh uncle goos to see u here u must be here for umesh but he isn’t here, amanpreets dad says why are u so tensed suku chill im here to fix the screw of bangles n goes in shop.
Nisha waits for 5.30 , she borrows a pen n walks to virajs cabin, on her way she gets a call from dolly saying i cant bear anymore this marriage was the biggest mistake, nisha says dolly ur over reacting chill, dolly says im not listen to me.
Sham singh gives viraj a file to sign but the pen doesn’t work , sham singh offers other pen, viraj smiles n shamsingh says its time for flight, viraj says im expecting someone, sham singh says ok , when nisha doesn’t arrive viraj leaves, on his way gayatri says u look same as ur dad, viraj says thanku. Viraj looks at clock n says i guess nisha wasn’t so imp n i cant wait now.
Nisha reaches virajs cabin, shamsingh says ur late nisha boss left, nisha says but im= have arrived in time, sham singh says no u haven’t see the clock its 5.32 ur late.

PRECAP: to get the form signed nisha follows virajs car on bike.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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