Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha says viraj this past 10 mins u have proved that u don’t deserve me,viraj says that’s god and bye all the best,nisha says one minute here is ur passport and now u can go where ever u want to,viraj takes the passport and leaves.nisha seeing viraj going remembers all the moments she loved spending with viraj, and how viraj gave her the strength and then how he broke her heart.
Viraj leaves the lounge, the dj guy is looking at nisha,nisha breaks down in pain and sees a couple beside her celebrating and feels bad, nisha collects her cell and wallet and about to leave the lounge, the dj guy stops her ,nisha turns to him but he goes to another girl and says did anyone tell that u are looking very beautiful pointing towards nisha, nisha finds him weird,

the guy says we guys have problem when we see a cute girl we fall for her and also a bad habit of breaking their heart, and how many here are here with broken hearts but all aren’t here to break hearts ,some come here and break eachothers hearts, the guy says theres lot of place for love and here is a drink to each beautiful girl and gives it girls there,the last one he says this drink is for the girl who will break this glass and end her frustration and walks to nisha and hands it to nisha, nisha says I don’t need, the guy says plz take this,nisha gets angry and says don’t u understand I don’t want this.
The guy says to nisha u broke my heart and then starts laughing,nisha ignores him and leaves,the guy says enjoy guys and keep loving me kabir. He runs to nisha and says common yaar don’t judge me look at u ur so beautiful,nisha says stop all this nonsense,he holds nishas hand, nisha says leave and my heart isn’t broken, the guy says ur a coward cry u will feel better, nisha leaving, the guy says common yaar atleast pay me for my entertainment,nisha says here take ur money, kabir says relax chill,nisha says who are u, kabir says im kabir graphic designer finding job in jaipur, and see u shd try me I will be ur really good friend,nisha says ur mad and lz stop, kabir says oh u will really like me,nisha says u and kabir counghs,nisha forgets what she was saying, kabir says don’t worry it happens when girls meet me and remember laughing clears u and crying relieves u and break a glass u will feel better and leaves,nisha picks a glass and breaks it.
Ramesh is tensed for nisha, he gets a call from laxmi,laxmi says what all is this happening on tv what why are they doing to nisha and how is she,ramesh says laxmi relax nisha isn’t at faukt and she is fine,laxmi says she was just trying to help then why,ramesh says its not time to question but trust nisha,laxmi says and people are questioning that trust,ramesh says don’t loose hope we have to be with nisha and not let her fall apart.laxmi says ur right,nisha must be in pain,ramesh says don’t worry she will get over it,laxmi says I shd be there with her,ramesh says we all are here u take care of ur mom.laxmi says u too take care bye.
Bunty calls his friend and says all be there in time and we will teach lesson to virajs aunty,aman hears this and says bunty this is wrong gayatri troubled nisha and so now u shd concentrate on nisha and how will u help her,bunty says ya I neber thought of it,aman says that’s bcoz ur hungry have this milk and find an idea to cheer nisha and use this bat to play and not hit.
Roopan calls rukhma and says remove all dried clothes it looks like it will rain,she sees ramesh and says this nisha spoils everyones life and this time has crossed all her limits,ramesh ignores it and then sees nisha at door in tears and wer,nisha enters and calls dadaji,dadaji dadi and vimla come out,nisha says dadaji u were right and I was wrong and im ready to accept punishment,dadaji says its no use to punish u and im not upset that ur lying but seeing u struggle all the time and always listen to u ,u said I wont marry I said yes ,u said I want to work I said yes and this was bcoz I was giving u time to think on ur life but u used it for lying and now get changed orelse u will fall ill,nisha says dadaji,dadaji says go now.

Nisha crying says to dadi, I was scared,dadi says u lied nisha and that has cost u all this pain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Kabir u r fab.u teasd nishu na tht was grt nd cute.LOVE U MISH,NIRAJ.

  2. Love mishkant entry but want viraj nisha together

  3. just loved mishkat…..he’s so fabulous….but right nisha and viraj should be together and viraj should realise how much important nisha is in his life……:)

  4. Like the way kabir teased nisha so cute both of them look good together love you both

  5. thankz for the update…

  6. gud mrng sis.

  7. Viraj I know you are angry with her but reflection doesn’t see in boiling water… be calm and find out the truth… Really waiting 4 ur jelous feeling…niraj love U…

  8. Thanks for updates………… I like nisha and new guy kabir………

  9. thank u for update . nice to see someone exept cousins and family with nishateasing her 🙂

  10. kabir a frnd nd viraj-lover

  11. loved kabir’s entry n how he teased nisha they look sooo cute….but ya want niraj together…cant wait to see viraj getting jelous…hope viraj soon realises his feeings 🙂

  12. Monira janna ria

    We want nisha n viraj,plz cm back viraj

  13. Rly it ws nice…viraj will surly fnd d trth bcz mans goodns is a flme that can be hdn bt nvr extinguished y

  14. Nisha to seek loneliness in the coming episode of Nisha Aur Uske Cousins!

    Sukesh Motwani’s Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is becoming more engrossing with each passing episode and now with Mishkat Verma’s entry as Kabir expectations have increased.

    In last few episodes we have witnessed that Nisha (Aneri Vajani) is suffering a lot because of misunderstanding going on between Nisha’s family and Viraj (Taher Shabbir). But it seems that Kabir will be there to support her during this tough time.

    Our source says, “A lot has happened with Nisha in last few episodes, so to get away from all the hassles and to know herself better she will decide to go on a trip alone. While she is on her way to the resort Nisha will see that Kabir is also there. She will be irritated with Kabir for this and their entire journey goes in argument. Gradually in this trip they will know each other more and will come closer.”

  15. kabir is so cute and smart n
    i hate viraj in last two episodes

  16. viraj pls find a good girl for u.u rocked the show.only because of u trp i dont want to watch the show.taher good job.fabulous actor .

  17. infeact viraj does nt need anybody.he is self motivator.everyone loves him not only nisha.he overcome his peralasys.he can achieve anything .

  18. Wow super nice kabirs entry

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