Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, roopan follows bunty, mohan asks wat are u doing, roopan says quite just follow me n goes to bunty n says so ur the theif, bunty says no aunty im not.
Nisha says sourabh i wish everyone is so good as viraj sir, sourabh says if this was so they would also have an aunty like his, nisha says dunno wat is he gonna expect from me, sourabh says don’t worry ok i have just one work to finish n then we shall go home together, nisha says ok. Nisha sees viraj n follows him, viraj goes to his practice room n begins with his practice of shooting, nisha starts imitating him, sourabh pulls her n says nisha u mad its strictly prohibited to disturb him while practicing. Sourabh offers nisha coffee n says u are too much behind him, nisha says im his fan after all he is so

inspiring, sourabh starts laughing, nisha says don’t u laugh on girls here or else, sourabh says girl who girl oh u nisha, nisha says very funny see once i join this academy, sourabh says thats the point im worried abt ur job donot forget aunty, nisha says sourabh c’mon cant u help ur only friend, sourabh says ok but how, nisha says just do as i say.
Laxmi n ramesh ask bunty why did u rob the bangles, but bunty doesn’t answer, ramesh scolds bunty, bunty says im sorry it was just that i took it to school one day, roopan says u took bangles to school, bunty says no it was this saree, laxmi says wat saree n why, bunty shows roopans expensive saree n says im offered hidimbas role in a play n moms all sarees are cotton n i wanted silk n such sarees in house only belong to roopan aunty, laxmi says in that case u shd have asked us, bunty says i would but u all were so busy n tensed in nishas engagement n i was hiding it bcoz the saree got damaged, roopan says wats happening in this house first bangles n now saree why me, laxmi says bunty say sorry to aunty n never ever use anyoes belongings without permission, mohan says relax roopan , ramesh sees jwala n suku behind the window n asks wat are u both doing here , both give reasons n leave.
Sourabh says ok nisha for now fill this form. Gayatri calls priyanka n try convince her to join viraj as his assistant, but sourabh knocks the door so she ends the call,sourabh starts flirting with gayatri, he says u know mam i was going through ur beautiful pics, gayatri says oh boy may i see those plz, sourabh says its in my heart plz close ur eyes, when gayatri closes eyes nisha slowly comes in n keeps her form in file n leaves, sourabh says did u see them, gayatri says no, sourabh says must be network issue n leaves.
Gayatri goes to viraj , viraj busy in calls with investors, later she hands viraj file for the assistants post, viraj finalises nisha n says her cv looks good call her for interview i don’t have much time.
Jwala kirti suku n ramesh are tensed, nisha sourabh see them n ask wats wrong, nisha says no not yet this sourabhs girlfriend oh sorry aunty wont let me reach there, sourabh says u cousins have easy job option of shop , suku says oh don’t speak abt cousins, roopan starts scolding rukhma, all rush to rukhmas room, nisha tries to calm rukhma, roopan says don’t show her any sympathy she is theif, nisha says roopan aunty u checked her room but u didn’t find them, rukhma says plz don’t fight if roopan aunty thinks im the thief im ready to go back, nisha says no rukhma dadaji brough u here n aunty think abt dadaji wat will happen when he sees rukhma missing,roopan says i want dadaji to know wat this rukhma is she is theif, ramesh says roopan see right now u didn’t find anything now lets search again n if we don’t find we will complaint to police. Listening police suku n jwala look at eachother.

Gayatri hands nisha a paper n says get it signed by viraj today itself if u wish a call from us. Sourabh says nisha viraj sir is leaving for some work n he will be back after around 5 days.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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