Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha tells vasu to inform her if she needs anything and leaves, kabir asks vasu what is her past, vasu says my real name is vasundra and my dad and nemi uncle were very good friends,ramesh tells laxmi that he and vasu were very good frnds,vasu tells kabir that me n ramesh were not just frnds but a lot more than that I could do anything for ramesh and did that too,everything that two loved ones do,and ramesh is my first love,I loved him since childhood and he loved me too and as we grew up our love grew and when my mom passed away and nemi uncle took care of me and ramesh was my support,ramesh tells laxmi that vasu took his frndship as love but he never loved her and laxmi mohan bhaiya is the proof for that and then laxmi I went Mumbai and then meet u and fell in love

with u.kabir asks vasu why didn’t she tell him,vasu says after ramesh dumped me I went to dubai to get over my pain and run from the past and didn’t want to past affect my future and present, ramesh tells laxmi that after he rejected vasus love vasu ranaway and married some guy of other cast and her father didn’t like this step of hers and laxmi I just love u and no one else,laxmi says how could u hide such big truth.
Vasu says to kabir I didn’t knew u came to india and marry the girl whose father ruined my life and if u don’t believe kabir see this letter by ramesh to me see read it,kabir reads the letter,kabir hugs vasu who is crying,kabir says mom I am with u always and I will never leave u,vasu says I am sorry kabir go near nisha I am ok,kabir says no mom I will be with u plz,kabir rests vasus head on his laps,vasu says to herself this is what I want kabir that u n nisha will never get close and for that I will make 100 such fake stories.
Sourabh shows dolly last weaks sales details,dolly asks him not to bother her as she isn’t feeling well,sourabh goes to a book and reads it which says to give lemon ,sourabh puts lemon in dollys mouth,dolly says I am feeling better now but how did u know,sourabh shows her a book on pregnancy and says this book will help u feel better and get over all odds,dolly goes in tears and says why did sumit did this to me why, if he wanted money he could have asked me I would have spoken to dad but he fell so low for money,why did he do all this, and sourabh in this condition a girl always need her husband and see my husband,sourabh says see dolly we cant change what happened and u don’t be tensed ur parents ,cousins and even me we all are with u,dolly says thanks sourabh,sourabh says dolly ur baby is ur present don’t let the future be spoiled by past and I am always with u,dolly says thanku.
Nisha sees kabir and vasu and smiles and goes to kitchen.hearing the noise kabir wakes up,he gets up and goes to nisha,nisha asks kabir what he wanted to say,kabir thinks abt vasus past,nisha asks kabir is he fine,vasus phone rings and she wakes up,she picks up its mohan and he asks vasu to be at shop for lease renewal,vasu says yes yes I will be at the shop,nisha comes with tea,kabir says mom don’t worry all will be fine ,vasu says I am fine and what abt the dance school when are u leaving,nisha says I will join u later and leaves,kabir says mom I don’t want to go London this year,vasu says what is this kabir how can u not go,kabir says I know what I am doing mom but mom I love nisha and I haven’t told her yet and I want this marriage to work and spend whole life with nisha and so mom plz understand me and u know what is it to be in love,vasu says ok kabir as u wish,kabir hugs her and says thanks mom,vasu says to herself I have to do something to stop jojo.
Leela enters kabirs house,nisha asks her why did she come here,leela says actually I didn’t talk to vasuji yesterday so I came now and here are sweets for u so that our relation always stay sweet,kabir says aunty actually some relations go so bitter that no sweets can cure it.

Precap;vasu in front of dadaji virendra and says I will sign on one condition,dadaji says vasu ur dad gave this land to start shop what do u want in return of lease renewal, vasu says I will sign the papers only if u give me 60% of profit every year.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. richa

    wat iff kabir turn negativ nd revenge on nisha nd his sweetness is superficial……… noooooo this cant happen….. well dont b ngy frndss it was just my wild imagination 😉

  2. richa

    well saurab r neem hakim as v say in hindi 🙂 nd vasuuu 60% iss a way too much…. u r rathore u hv much more

  3. richa

    maanu???? dr plss huh m not lying dr nd if u cant post it here u can get mine 4m 10 april update pg okk ndd byy gtg tc

  4. maanu

    Good Night Friends 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉
    sweet Dreams 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 sleep well.

  5. How many lies with Ur own son vasu ….. This is too much u r selfish only thinking about u and not ur own blood …. No real mum wil think of doing so ….. Chee shame on u …..
    For ur happiness u r stopping ur son’s happiness …. ?

  6. maanu

    s……….. 🙂
    su……………. 🙂
    sus…………………. 🙂
    susi………………………… 🙂
    🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 🙂
    sorry susi dear.i am busy with my record writing.sorry dear 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. nhnh

    viraj is nishas exlover though he likes her.the truth is that kabir and viraj have blood relation as vasu is actually virajs mom.

  8. nhnh

    nd by the way – theres a gramatic mistake in your sentence.there is no r between kabir and brothers

  9. frooty

    hello and good night sorry i dissapeared suddenlyy but i had fractured my right arm so unable to comment…..

  10. I thought kabir mom will be a nice person but it the opposite she out to ruin kabir n nisha lifes over her past life
    Maybe sometime she join hands with leela to do bad things to nisha families cuz she hate the nisha families just like how this big eyes leela hate them this leela can turn she against them in any mins by telling her wrong things about how them put kabir behind bars for nothing n so on

  11. Janny dear

    Kabir nd viraj ar blood relations,hw wil viraj,kabir nd nisha emotionally react when dey got to know dat viraj nd kabir ar siblings.nd viraj loves nisha alot

    • Shanaya

      Was star parivaar awards there on star plus on Sunday 7 June? It wasn’t there on Star plus middle east n I guess they air all these award shows earlier on the Indian channel. Pls reply

  12. rosy

    It wud be good to see hurdles b/w da lovers as more u stay away more u fight da more wud b da strength nd passion in dat love…nd hurdles wl only let nibir realise der love….

  13. Susi

    Gud morning frndzzzz… need to say sry Mannu nd bii….have a thought full Thursday….??….

  14. Susi

    Everything at once
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    As quiet as a mouse , as big as a house

    Aaaaaaaaall I wanna be,all I wanna be,ohhh,
    All I wanna be,is everything

    As mean as a wolf,as sharp as a tooth
    As deep as a bite , as dark as the night
    As sweet as a song , as right as a wrong
    As long as a road, as ugly as a toad

    As pretty as picture hanging from a fixture
    Strong like a family , strong as I wanna be
    Bright as day ,as light as play
    As hard as nails,as grand as a whale

    Aaaall I wanna be ohhh,all I wanna be ,ohh
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    Everything at once
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    As women as the sun ,as silly as fun
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    As old as time ,as straight as a line
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    Aaaall I wanna be ohhh , all I wanna be , oh
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  15. hg

    Richu dr,tum mujhse naraaj ho kya?kal tum ne mujhe angry icon post kiya tha na.mene kuch galat kaha kya?

    • richa

      naahi yaar aise hi post kia tha accc 2 cmmnt dr main kyaa kabhi tum se yaa kisi se naarazz ho sakti hoon kyaaa…. ans h nahi

  16. trespasser

    I tink ds comnt pge is 4 frnds chatng i mean u guys shld comnt on de epi not on de persnl tings:-/

    • richa

      tresspasser g v cmmnt on the shw alsoo chk 1st pg ok g and uthink itss not 4 personal chatting isnt it

  17. hi,
    i just wanted to knwn d repeat telecast of nisha aur uske cousins , show at noon times …plz let me knwn i go fr wrk i miss 8.30 serials

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  19. richa

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    • richa

      Please donot belive in whatever starplus is saying.. they want us to stop trending, mailing & calling them. so whatever mail you get that the show is ending is Autogenrated mail. so please mail & call starplus. yesterday i sent a mail full of gaalies to starplus i got same reply! as everyone got! dont worry about anything just keep sending mails

      we are trending #keepNAUC today we changed the trend
      . @ 9:30pm IST [email protected] [email protected] spread the word

      Donot give up! we still have hope! we will fight until the end.

    • richa

      ‪#‎Repost‬ from @vajanianeri – Our Last scene together wid him ! Vl Miss u Taahherrrr !

  20. richa

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