Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha says dolly di I have decided I will meet viraj sir, nisha collects virajs passport she had snatched from him. Roopan says to mohan virendra dadaji and ramesh that even we will held an press conference, dadaji says no we will not, roopan says even I have two girls and bcoz of nisha, dadaji says u don’t have to worry about it, mohan says roopan that is very selfish of u leave.
Dolly informs cousins that nisha is going to meet viraj, dadi hears this, nisha about to leave dadi stops her and says nisha but till then ramesh calls her,dadi pulls nisha in side, nisha says dadi plz, dadi says nisha go just take care of urself bcoz I don’t want u to ever regret on this, just go,nisha hugs dadi and leaves.
Viraj looking at his moms bangle says I was

fine with ur memories but I thought I shd give love a chance but I was wrong,gayatri comes and says viraj the media is here I tried to stop them but they are,viraj says just leave I don’t wish to speak to anybody, gayatri leaves and sham singh comes and says viraj the manager from lounge had called and said the arrangements are ready,this reminds viraj of the day when nisha had proposed him and wore the white dress and also dadajis slap.

Nisha reaches the lounge,she sits on the table viraj had booked for arti with white lilies, nisha looks at the flowers and sees a card beside it which reads viru and arti and is in tears,nisha some how controls her emotions and waits for viraj to arrive, she keeps looking at the entrance with the hope that viraj will come, nisha remembers the day when she had first had a sandwich with viraj and the day he saved her and all the lovely happy days when she was close to viraj.
Nisha looks at her phone waiting for virajs reply and says I think I was wrong viraj sir wont arrive, nisha looks at virajs pics and says u didn’t even tried to know what the truth is and belived the world who never was with u but I was and nisha closes her eyes and says I want a miracle to happen and wait for viraj sir for 10 more mins just 10 more seconds,nisha starts countdown, and as she says 1 she sees viraj walking towards her,nisha runs and hugs him and says sir u scared me I thought u will never come,thanku sir u didn’t let me loose hope all u saw was a lie tryst me all this is a misunderstanding and I know u will trust me and sir I love u plz forgive me.
Nisha hears clapping sound and turns and sees its viraj and the person she is hugging isn’t viraj, the guy leaves and nisha says sir I don’t know this guy trust me,viraj says brilliant actor miss nisha I thought but I was wrong,nisha says sir I dint do all this,viraj says then who did all this and what do u want me to do, I trusted u but u broke my trust and now just leave, nisha says sir nisha will leave but atleast arti,viraj says all is over, nisha says sir if u loved arti even I loved u and this cant end like this,viraj says u broke the trust.
Nisha says sir I always tried to tell u the truth,viraj says two months u must have had lot of fun to see me like this bcoz I rejected u miss nisha but u know what when no one trusted u I had trust u as an employ as a friend and now get lost, the guy is the dj of the lounge he feels bad seeing this,viraj says this is artis shirt and ur goodluck charm but and all other things u already made it public and don’t ever make fun of anyones feelings for the first time I shared my feelings,nisha says sir I did nothing plz,viraj says im happy this rubbishness is over and now I just hate u,nisha says no sir I love u,viraj says what love is it where u have to give urself a new name and I think u don’t know what love is,nisha says enough sir ur crossing ur limits and im not liking it, I always loved u and that was my strength and the person in front of me isn’t the one I loved bcoz ur the one who isn’t ready to learn the truth but seems like u love ur lonliness and u have no right to insult me without knowing the truth and after this 10 min talk it is sure that u don’t deserve me.

Nisha says to viraj here ur passport and u don’t have to look back,the dj guy looks at all this and is confused and feels bad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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