Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj hugs nisha and requests her to call sham singh,nisha pushes him back,viraj says nisha u know dadaji was my everything,always used to be there for me,he liked u a lot and I always thought u will come n help my happiness get back,nisha says I shd leave now,viraj says how far will u go now,nisha says as much as I can,viraj says atleast tell me the reason,nisha says by always thinking abt the past ur spoiling the future,viraj says and u by forgetting our past spoiling our present,nisha says I don’t love u anymore,I am married to kabir now,viraj says I will be waiting for the movement when u will come back to me,nisha says I have moved on and will ask u to do so,viraj says why do u want that,nisha says bcoz I don’t want to see u like this and sir now the time

has flown away,viraj says no its not that I still love u and I am ur true love and kabir has to go away,kabir sees nisha and viraj together,viraj says kabir has to go and I will never give up,nisha sees kabir,viraj looks at him and says u shd have knocked,kabir abt to say nisha says don’t kabir.
Nisha goes out and says kabir dadaji is no more and so I was,kabir says I didn’t ask u any explanation its fine,kabir gets a call and says to nisha bunty Is missing,kabir n nisha run to gangwal house.bunty is hiding and is crying he is thinking abt how ramesh and laxmi have scolded him,ramesh calls bunty and laxmi is also searching for him,roopan sees bunty hididng and says good bunty is safe and now I will hide that bunty is here and then divert all attention on kabir.dolly and summit come home,dolly says theres no use of getting angry i have to get a job,summit says its all ur fault if u haven’t told kabir the truth I would have been In shop ahead of him and not as his assistant,why don’t u understand dolly its a bad phase and all will be fine if u agree for a kid and all will be fine and then u see we all will be fine together and hugs dolly.
Laxmi is crying thinking bunty is missing,dadaji says whats wrong with kids and laxmi why did u scold him,dadi says don’t scold her think abt bunty,laxmi says its my fault I shdnt have slapped him,vimla says calm down laxmi bunty will be back,suku is trying to find bunty by calling all his friends,jwala is helping him with numbers,virendra mohan are also finding bunty,roopan stands quite looking at all this,dolly asks laxmi why is she crying,roopan thinks that I will tell summit where is bunty and askshim to bring bunty and then he will be hero,but before roopan could call summit,virendra takes him along with him,ramesh says I didn’t see him anywhere,suku says I will see on terrace,roopan says no use terrace is locked.
Nisha and kabir come,roopan says see here is ur son in law,ask him who told him to tell bunty abt increasing marks,all look at kabir with surprised and confused expressions.roopan says this guy is spoiling kids,u shd be ashamed kabir bcoz of u now bunty is missing and I pray to god that my child is safe,nisha says enough aunty bunty will be fine,laxmi asks kabir is this true tell me,kabir says yes I did,all are shocked to hear this,kabir says I didn’t think that bunty will take it seriously,laxmi says now go get bunty its all bcoz of u,u hadn’t given him the idea,I wouldn’t scold and he wouldn’t leave,why did u do this kabir I treated u as my son then why did u do this and if something happens I will never forgive u,laxmi isn’t doing well.
Nisha even starts finding bunty by calling his friends,kabir goes to nisha and says nisha im sorry I didn’t mean to do that,nisha says kabir he is a kid how did u do this,kabir says I agree its my fault,nisha says but why did u give him advise,kabir says I was telling him right things and then I saw roopan aunty and so I started behaving like a bad guy and so,nisha says see kabir u did this for urself why,summit is spying on kabir,kabir says I promise nisha I will get bunty back but don’t u call me selfish and we both know this marriage is contract but I did this for u and I am selfish, I know im at fault but I will get him back,summit gets to know the truth behind nisha and kabir and smiles and says wow this is very interesting I have to find now what exactly is this contract.

PREACAP:roopan tells summit that bunty is upstairs on terrace u go get him down and then u will be the hero,summit says ok.kabir finds buntys shoe less on stairs and says I guess bunty is on terrace.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  4. Bfr that i wll just give u all a brief synopsis…. Kabir nd all the other cousins were searching bunty…. Kabir feels that bunty may not run from the house so he starts to search the house… He finds buntys shoe lace near the stairs nd goes up tp find him… Sry guys after ther ws power cut…. And latr kabir ws lying in the bed with wounds in his hands… All the other family members came der… And it seems kabir fall down from stairs…. Nisha had tears in her eyes…nd finally bunty admits his mistake…

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