Niraj Together Forever

it was raining…..niraj were walking, completely drenched……viraj, a handsome young man and nisha, a shy girl…..and then they spotted it, a hut made up of wood…..they went inside and found nobody…..nisha was trying to dry her hair but in vain…..and then she saw it and kept seeing….she saw viraj shirtless, with water all over him, his six packs, and he was wearing only boxers….and then viraj saw her, completely wet, her white top and little blue shorts glued to her skin….they had an eyelock…..and came nearer and nearer…..they had a liplock….nisha was pressing his shoulders and viraj caressing her back…..and then they broke it and viraj started kissing nisha’s neck still caressing her back and nisha now squeesed his chest……they were alone there, with noone to disturb them, every breath pouring intimacy in them…….then viraj made nisha lie on floor and continued kissing her neck…and then he opened all the buttons of her top, her front only with the camisole and a little bra…..he now squeesed her waist and she started kissing his face…..Viraj had now removed all her clothes nd his own boxers too….

Story by Elisa Carter Abbot

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  1. Nice storyline…….it made me horny too……Thanks elisa

  2. Awesome……i also got horny…….

  3. Tell me elisa will niraj have s*x?
    Story is good but i freffered nibir

    Post the next part soon and please with each and every detail of s*x

  4. Iska koi previous paet bhi h

  5. Sakshi pandey

    Cheee yuck thooo
    don’t post such things here
    having s*x and that too niraj

  6. It was good but too vulgur and unnecessary s*x

  7. Post next episode plz..

  8. hey pls dont post such stories !!!
    try to make it a positive story line avoiidng intimacy

  9. dont spoil nisha aur uske cousins serial pls

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